TFT Power Tool – Get Aligned with Your Goals

Are you living the life of your dreams and achieving all of your desires, or, do some things always seem out of reach?  Do the people and opportunities that come your way reflect your true desires or just the way it has always been? As I shared with you in weeks one and two, there […]

The Power Tools of TFT – The Source of Tapping Part 2

The first, and probably most important ‘power tool’ of TFT is what Dr. Callahan termed ‘psychological reversal’.  This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” is on how to correct psychological reversals and remove blocks throughout our multi-dimensional being. This simple correction was actually used in a study in 1988 by Dr. […]

The Power Tools of TFT – The Source of Tapping

As TFT has grown and developed over the last 40 years, there have been numerous offshoots and versions of ‘tapping’. Due to the degree of testing and critical development of the original tapping modality, the many spinoffs have also been very effective as well. However, some of the early “power tools” of TFT have been […]

We Are Witnessing An Alarming Increase in the Rate of Suicide: Especially In Our Youth

There have been numerous recent reports from around the world about the increase in suicides of our youth, especially in those under 18.  The lockdown, isolation, school closures and loss of loved ones are all contributing factors and is continuing.  Children’s Health Defense  reports on this sharp rise in an article on 2/3/21.  They give […]

TFT Has Successfully Eliminated the Side-Effects of Necessary Medications for 20 Years

Over the last 20+ years we have been successfully eliminating the negative side-effects of necessary medications, without interfering with the efficacy of those medications. I know from personal experience as I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in January of 2001.  I have been cancer-free since March of 2003.  During my healing process, I […]

Anxiety, Fear and Depression – Simple Tools to Ease Their Toll

Mental health challenges are on the rise around the world.  News, politics, restrictions feed these fears daily. They are not limited to age, sex, or demographics, affecting rich and poor.  As this trend continues with the current restrictions and health challenges, it becomes more important than ever to have solutions.  At TFT, we have some […]

New Research Compares TFT Tapping & CBT for Trauma

Residents in the region of Kurdistan, Iraq, have experienced genocide, chemical attacks, displacement, and more. Pegah Seidi is a psychotherapist who has been using Thought Field Therapy to help relieve the trauma they experience and has published a small research study of some results. Read a quick recap of the study in our recent blog […]

TFT Success with a Difficult Population – Recovering Addicts

I am regularly asked, is TFT successful with recovering addicts?  It is a challenging area for any modality, not just TFT.  But I have seen Jim MacAninch continually help them, and share his success with the greater TFT community.  He has been working at SpiritLife, recovery center, almost four years, driving 125 miles a day […]

Tapping Away Our Children’s Fears

Just stop for a minute and think about the difference we can make in children’s lives if we can quickly tap away their fears and traumas, as they occur.  Fear is a negative, contractive state which attracts more of the same.  Many suffer from this state every day and the number is increasing substantially. They […]

Online TFT Training Can Help Trauma Sufferers Exponentially – Communities Healing Themselves

I recently assisted our Kuwait trainer, Abeer AlOsaimi, to provide TFT algorithm level training for nearly 800 Lebanese trauma relief workers for the Nehna Haddak project supporting the survivors of the bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. I am personally reviewing all of their case studies, 3 each, for their certification at the algorithm level.  If they […]

Give the Gift of Healing by Sharing TFT

The recent bombing in Beirut left many dead, injured, and traumatized.  The after-effects of this kind of event can be far-reaching and long-lasting.  Sharing TFT’s trauma relief tapping sequences can begin the healing process and dramatically improve the quality of life of all those affected. Our TFT Algorithm and Diagnostic level trainer, Abeer AlOsaimi, from […]

Coping With Covid With Calm And Conviction

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created a “panic-demic” of epic proportions fueled by chaos, confusion, conflicting information, and politics interfering with scientifically-based health and safety policies and procedures.   Even generally very calm individuals with no prior history of anxiety or panic attacks are experiencing symptoms which are exacerbated by uncertainly and reality-based concerns. Prolonged high anxiety […]

Toxins Can Block the Flow of Healing Energy

The blocking of the healing process can be caused by simple things that we all have around the house.  Something as simple as laundry detergent or cleaning products. I know this from personal experience.  In 2001 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL).  I have been cancer free since March of 2003, with […]

A Man and A Therapy Before Their Time

There is not a day that goes by where I am not extremely grateful for my late husband, Dr. Roger Callahan’s, gift to the world, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT has been providing a healing tool to the masses for over four decades.  It is evidenced-based yet simple and safe to self-apply. TFT has been […]

Avoiding Depression: Lifting our Mood

Many people are experiencing low moods, discouragement, and even depression during this time of imposed isolation and quarantine. I have been asked by numerous people to provide a simple set of tapping tools for lifting our mood. I have done a brief YouTube guiding us through TFT tapping to first align us to our desired […]

The Warden Tried To Blame It On A Dangerous Dog! TFT Helped Win The Day

TFT Doing Amazing for Prisoners and Dogs. I want to share this amazing story with all of you.  I have been so heartened to see the many TFT practitioners around the world stepping up and helping others who need assistance.  They are helping children, health care workers on the front line, and even free sessions […]