TFT Power Tools: The “Causal Diagnostic” Protocol

This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” talks about the heart and creativity of TFT, the “causal diagnostic” protocol, the process from which all of TFT was developed.

Watch below to discover the way these power tools were developed and how we can now use this same diagnostic process, with specificity, in the meridians, chakras, and dan tian systems.

This diagnostic process empowers us to access our higher self and subtle dimensions, helping us to heal traumas from past lives and our ancestors.

As I shared with you in the first five videos in this series, there are some power tools in TFT, that we can all use, no matter what healing modality we are currently using.

In this series you will gain a deeper understanding of the development of these tools along with a glimpse into the broad clinical applications for their use. You will see how these tools can be used to dramatically improve the quality of life for those struggling with chronic problems, promote the body’s natural healing process and reduce suffering from trauma and other daily stresses.

Enjoy these videos and gain an understanding of where tapping came from and how it was developed. Please feel free to share them with anyone interested in tapping and helping themselves or others.

Yours in well-being,

Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

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