New TFT RCT Trial Published

Long-time TFT trainer and VT practitioner, Ayame Morikawa, PhD, just announced the publication of their Randomized Control Trial in Explore. Dr. Morikawa has been the leader in TFT in Japan, founding and running the Japanese Association for Thought Field Therapy (JATFT). She has been instrumental in having TFT recognized in medical centers, Universities, Corporations and humanitarian relief.

We are grateful for her and the other author’s diligence and hard work on this publication.

The Efficacy of Thought Field Therapy and its Impact on Heart Rate Variability in Student Counseling: A Randomized Controlled Trial…/pii/S1550830721001907

• Thought Field Therapy (TFT) reduced college students’ negative emotions.
• A 36-minute session significantly improved heart rate variability.
• TFT could improve psychological issues for students who need counseling.

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