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In the current age of pandemics, mandatory lockdowns, masks and injections, the ever-increasing electromagnetic radiation, air pollution, and the documented glyphosate contamination of everything we eat and drink… our stress levels have become over the top and our health is in constant jeopardy.

Is your barrel full?  About 30 years ago, environmental allergist, Dr. Doris Rapp, shared the concept that we all have a total load of stress or barrel, that the body can handle before something breaks down.  We have been sharing it in our advanced level training for nearly 25 years.  It has become even more important in our current age, than in the past, for us to be able to understand this concept and identify ways to give us more room in our barrel.

This can be done by identifying key things, toxins, that can easily be eliminated or changed, thereby freeing up space in our barrel, giving the body the reserves it needs to deal with healing a chronic condition or just handling daily life.

Many of the current researchers and thought leaders are all coming to the conclusion that all chronic disease is due to toxins.  These leaders like Gregg Braden, Dawson Church, Lynne McTaggart and Bruce Lipton even include cancer in this list of diseases caused by toxins.  If this is the case, it is imperative we gain a clear understanding of what is toxic specific to us, what the toxins are affecting, our mental, emotional and physical health, and what we can do about them.

My late husband, Dr. Callahan, was a pioneer in the field of psychology, first in hypnosis, then cognitive-behavioral therapies, and then of course developing the first tapping modality.  Over 30 years ago he discovered the profound effect toxins have on our health. He then began the process of finding out how to specifically identify what toxins were relevant for each individual.  He followed with developing a process to neutralize their effect on our bodies.  He was decades ahead of his time with ground-breaking work.

Now it is becoming accepted knowledge – toxins affect our health and well-being.  However, there aren’t many other simple, safely self-applied protocols to do this.  In our recent well-being webinar on toxins, I was surprised at the level of interest and need for a more in-depth class to share these profound tools.  They are relevant to everyone, no matter where you live, your age or gender, we are all being affected by toxins.

This Special 4-hour online class with Joanne Callahan is taught at the algorithm level, and will teach diagnostic self-testing, allowing you to specifically address your toxins and neutralize them.

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Instant-Access Online Class:
Toxins – How to Identify and Neutralize What is Harming You

In this class, we discuss the wide variety of toxins and how you might be able to make some simple changes to reduce their effect on your health. You will also learn about how these can be “individual” to you. Even healthy items can be interfering with your health.

  • Food and drink
  • Household and office cleaners
  • Personal care items
  • EMF’s
  • Molds, dust, fungus, and mycotoxins
  • Environmental chemicals and contaminants

I will share some of the many ways we have helped our friends, families, and clients over the years mitigate the effects of toxins in their lives such as:

  • Healing protocols
  • Energy devices
  • EMF protective devices
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Releasing blocks to healing
  • Supplementation
  • Diets
  • Cleanses and detoxes

Register Today and You’ll Also Get These Bonuses:

  • “Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways”– PDF. You’ll read stories from the TFT practitioners themselves who, every day, treat clients from all walks of life.
  • Thought Field Therapy Resource Library to help you learn how to use Thought Field Therapy to overcome specific challenges.

Most importantly, we will teach you the process of identifying what is toxic for you and is damaging your health and well-being.   Then you will learn the process of neutralizing them.  This simple, two-step process can greatly enhance your quality of life.

I speak from a very personal understanding as I too have experienced the effects of toxins, from allergies to toxic medications during my period of healing from Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Many of the same things all of you face, from childhood trauma, and losses, to chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, even financial loss, divorce, and the death of my life’s partner – the same things we all face as part of life.

I have been able to overcome all, living a joyful, productive life and I will share some of my success tips with all of you this weekend. Over the years we have seen some miraculous things happen in people’s lives, with some simple changes. We had one client eliminate 20 years of panic attacks by getting rid of the Tide laundry detergent and another ended 11 years of asthma. The changes can be simple and profound.

Sign up now and I will help you unravel the “complexity” of toxins and your health.  We’ll have interactive demonstrations and will also cover specific case studies.

I will share the many kinds of toxins that are affecting us today, how to identify exactly which ones may be harming you, and how you can mitigate or neutralize their effect and decrease the level of your barrel. 

Learn one of the most important concepts for your health today. 

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