From Cancer to Special Needs – TFT Can Offer Immediate Relief

Since we have created our Diagnostic Level TFT online course, I am amazed at the case studies our students have turned in.  It is heart-warming to see the kinds of things they are able to help with their families and clients.  The following case studies are an example of challenging situations and the kind of difference we can make in the lives of those with cancer and disabilities.  These differences not only help the individual but the entire family.  Thank you to Terri for sharing these cases with our TFT community.  I hope they will inspire others to use TFT for challenges in their lives.


Terri Smith, Owner, Peaceful Heart Yoga  Case Studies TFT-DX Certification

  1. Client A is a male (61 years old). In addition, to dealing with brain cancer, he learned last week about some heart issues. He has anxiety over this since heart issues run in his family. He has been on the Ketogenic diet since 2017 when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is supposed to reduce inflammation in the brain but now a routine CT-Scan of his heart shows high calcium score which needs to be addressed.
  • We started with the CB to relax him before we started.
  • SUD6 Problem: Anxiety over recent CT-Scan that shows high calcium score for heart.
  • Calibrate
  • Muscle Tests for specific PR levels
  • Corrected Levels 3 (tapped chin), Level 4 (tapped MF) and Level 6 (tapped collarbone).
  • Muscle Test was weak so tested alarm points
  • Tested Alarm Points- I started at the bottom and worked my way.
  • 9 Gamut Series with treatment points (EB, IF, E, A, C and Chin)
  • SUD – 4/Muscle Test strong
  • Test for Mini-PRs and corrected
  • Muscle Test was strong but SUD 2
  • Considered toxins and asked him to tap IF and side of hand and retest okay. After tapping, he said he felt better. The tapping worked. His face flushed. We could not find anything else that would affect the treatment, no watch, cell phone, computer or anything near him. Clothes were cleaned with 7th Generation and we tested for that again to be sure. All was okay. He really liked the tapping and it was the first time I could visually see his body change that dramatically.
  • Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll
  • SUD 1 – He was visibly calmer. His face was flushed when we were done and his body appeared to be less tense. While I was typing my notes, he said that what we did helped. He felt “more relaxed”. That was a big realization for him. He is very calm on the outside so being able to communicate that he is calmer on the inside was progress.
  1. Client B is my daughter with special needs. She is 27 years old and is a twin. She is multiply- handicapped and needs 24/7 care due to an infection that caused a brain bleed and hydrocephalus. She suffers from complex migraines that cause seizures. We used my husband as the surrogate. He touched her with his right hand while he thought about her migraines and I did the muscle test with his left arm. She actually was experiencing a migraine when we worked with her so it was the perfect time for us to do this. Initially, she was fidgeting but as we progressed, she fully cooperated, remained still and was really listening to everything we said too.
  • We started with the CB to relax all of us!
  • SUD7 Problem: Complex migraines/chronic pain (We did the muscle test to see where her SUD was. The first question was “Is her SUD 7 or greater?” It was strong. Then I narrowed it down by testing each number 7 and above. The number 7 was the only strong arm. We also re-tested the SUD with Dave doing the self-test with his arm. Again, 7 was the number. It was long/strong. Everything else was short/weak.
  • Calibrate
  • Arm muscle test while her father focused on her migraines/pain and touched her with his right hand. His left arm was strong when I tested.
  • Muscle Tests for specific PR – two tests, “I want to be over the migraines” was long/strong and “I want to keep the migraines” was long/strong. (Level 1 PR-tapped side of hand 15 times)
  • Muscle Test while he was thinking of the problem was weak so tested alarm points
  • Tested and treated necessary Alarm Points-
  • Muscle Test while thinking of problem strong/tested for Mini-PR – all good/strong.
  • 9 Gamut Series with above highlighted treatment points (EB, E, G, IF) While my her father touched our daughter with his right hand, I tapped his G point and IF on his left hand. She was cooperating with his touch. We did not want to alarm her with tapping on his hand/finger that was touching her. It really worked. She was paying attention and extremely calm. Usually when she has a migraine she gets hyper. Thankfully, it never progressed to that point during or after we did the tapping.
  • SUD – 1 We tested for specific SUD number. We initially asked if it was 3 or under. Then we tested specific numbers, 3, 2, 1, and was amazed when the number was 1! My husband was really surprised too. I believe he was trying extra hard to resist me and was shocked whenever his arm was weak.
  • Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll
  • My daughter is a challenge. However, tapping really worked for her. We are grateful to have something new to help her with that is non-invasive and not a prescription. She was extremely calm afterward, smiled, and never required her migraine cocktail of pills the day we practiced this. I do believe my husband staying connected with her helped a lot. Ever since our daughter has been reaching out for his hand and placing it on her arm. She must have really felt the benefits because if she did not like it she would have fought us and pushed his hand away.


Follow-up permission and update:  I am okay if you mention her. She is my greatest teacher, so I have been getting braver and mentioning her more lately, especially in a manuscript I am working on to help others. Both my husband and I are amazed at how well TFT works for her. I just used it on her today when she was in the middle of a meltdown. It is the only thing I can do sometimes to calm her when she has migraines.

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