TFT Tapping for Trauma Relief is Not Just for Humans

We have all heard of the many thousands of trauma victims around the world who have been helped with TFT from all types of traumatic events, the aftermath of wars, natural disasters, and man-made events. (From Trauma to Peace). But we often forget the profound healing effect we can have on our best friends in the animal kingdom.

One of our long-time TFT practitioners shared this trauma relief story. I wanted to share it with our entire community because so often, the animals of disasters get left behind. It is important to share our simple and safe tools with our beloved pets and animal friends as well. Thank you Rudy for sharing this with us. It certainly brings love and a smile to my face.

Joanne Callahan


This amazingly strong dog was one of 25 I had the great pleasure to work on and help post-hurricane Michael in Florida. These dogs had been “surrendered” which is the polite way of saying abandoned by their owners who fled the disaster. I worked with the whole crew of them and this one pictured [I call him Michael] was as strong as a train at full speed. He was out of control with anxiety and coupled with his strength he was a risk to the staff, handlers, vet and myself.

I had to get him settled enough to do some bodywork on him to release the Traumatic imprint which was fresh in the entire refuge. I was there within days of the hurricane.

Tapping to the rescue!

From strong wild beast to engaged and cooperative with 3 rounds of: eb – e – a – cb.

Truly a FAST and amazing way to get him focused and more compliant. His strength became an asset and no longer a threat. I taught the staff and handers this sequence to apply for him and the 24 other big fellas abandoned…they shared a large tent where they were kenneled. So the repetition and reinforcement, I believe, also helped the pack/group dynamic of what they had all gone through together.

Thanks Joanne for helping us bring this fast & fabulous work into the world!

Much love,

Rudy Hunter
Retired Touch For Health Instructor & Dog Rehabilitation Enthusiast

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