Listen in to discover how to empower yourself and help others with our all-new online TFT LifeStyle Coach certification program…

Do you want to play a role in helping yourself and others thrive and find purpose?

It may sound too good to be true, but it is true! You can turn your passion for well-being and your strong desire to help others into a rewarding profession.

Look around you, is there a need for increased mental health and well-being services?

Children’s Health Defense, in the Defender, reports that a new analysis of U.S. health insurance claims by the independent nonprofit FAIR Health reveals a sharp increase in mental health-related illnesses among teenagers since the onset of the pandemic.

The data show that the need for mental healthcare skyrocketed — making it safe to say that America’s teens, our families, are not OK.  Similar data was reported on suicide rates of pre-teens.

At the beginning of the pandemic in March – April 2020, mental health claims among teens increased as a percentage of all medical claims by 97% and 103.5% over the same months the previous year.

The last three years confirm this rising need for mental health and healing services.

Yes, there is a need!

The data is a reflection of the state of health of the adults surrounding, teaching, parenting and serving our youth.  This suggests that we, as adults, are also suffering.  We need additional tools and support.

Couple this with the fact that our average longevity in the USA has declined, suggests that we need guidance in lifestyle and health care along with mental health support.

As a valued member of our TFT community, I want to share some important news with you about the exciting changes in our ever-evolving dynamic healing modality of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Learn To Survive and Thrive in Today’s Chaotic World:
Tools for Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

Since my late husband, Dr. Roger Callahan, made his life-changing discoveries nearly 40 years ago, our underlying goal has always been to support personal healing for the masses and facilitate greater collective well-being, through sharing powerful tools and information with all.

When beginning our trauma relief work back in the late 1990’s, we learned that not only was it possible to teach TFT’s powerful tools to the general community, but the results they achieved in helping others in their community was on par with results achieved by licensed professionals.  This made it possible to provide effective healing for the masses in a short time. Since that time over 30,000 Rwandans have experienced the healing power of TFT.  Those community leaders were trained in 2-day trainings.

This kind of mass healing and sharing of tools has been done for nearly 3 decades around the world, following wars, genocides and natural disasters.  Now, it is needed throughout the entire world.

Since many of the changes in the world have impacted our ability to plan and hold live in-person events, we recognize that it is time to serve our community, sharing Dr. Callahan’s teachings in new ways.

Our goal is to train and support TFT educators and coaches around the world so they can continue to share Dr. Callahan’s healing legacy. The first of these new options is here.  So, if becoming a TFT trainer, practitioner or lifestyle coach is something you’ve considered, read on.

Your first opportunity to both acquire the tools to help yourself and your family in today’s chaos, and also become a new certified TFT LifeStyle Coach, is coming in a live, online, event on November 25-26.

Our past live training events have all been gatherings where attendees have experienced life-changing transformational healing, connection and inspiration.  This new event will offer the same opportunity.

Almost every person who attended one of our training sessions over the last 30 years, first came to help themselves, and then perhaps to help others.  We will address this focus head-on, first working on your personal challenges and concerns.  The best way to truly understand the power of TFT is to first experience it yourself.

Join us and learn age-old wisdom and modern-day tools to help modern-day symptoms, whether for yourself, your family or your community.  Empower yourself and help others with our all-new online TFT LifeStyle Coach certification program. 

We will begin the course with a brief look at the big picture of our times.  Understanding the age or our times with it’s limitations and opportunities can help us find hope and healing.  We will look at:

  • Humanity at the precipice
  • Consciousness creation as the field of relativity
  • Why are we here in these times?
  • What is the process that drives all life here?
  • Why is survival an issue these days?
  • If survival is indeed on the immediate horizon, why would we even want to stay here for this kind of an experience?
  • The world is as you see it – the transformational tools around us reflect the times in which we live – the grand awakening.

How so?

This is your opportunity to get advanced training in Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy, as well as become a Certified TFT Lifestyle Coach:

Some of the self-empowering tools and skills you’ll learn:

  • Advanced TFT Skills:
  • Objective Self-testing
  • Resonance Testing
  • How and Why to Achieve Heart-Brain Coherence
  • What are we attracting into our lives
  • Toxin identification and Neutralization
  • Identification and correction to blocks and self-sabotage
  • Clear blocks in our Dan Tians as well as our meridian system

How to identify, neutralize and mitigate what is harming you:

  • Toxins
  • EMF’s
  • Emotional toxicities
  • Trauma
  • Stress

How to recognize and successfully help modern-day symptoms such as:

  • Heart problems/racing heart
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Bad habits and addictions
  • Fatigue
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Neurological disorders
  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • Obesity
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Chronic health challenges

How to successfully address what you are currently dealing with…

  • Intense Emotions
  • Sleep Problems
  • Hypervigilance
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Addictions
  • Suicidal Feelings
  • Memory Lapses
  • Holding a Job
  • Sexual Challenges
  • Trusting Others
  • And Maintaining Relationships

*Studies show that the root cause of these and other serious challenges can be caused by lingering traumas or Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s).

Listen in for answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Whether you want to incorporate better health habits into your own life, or create a business to support others, the options are endless.  You can turn your Health Certification into a successful business or expand your current career.

If you have attended one of our events in the past, you know the synchronistic magic that happens at TFT well-being retreats and trainings.  We’d love for you to have a chance to experience it one final time.  And if you’ve never been to one of our events because you’ve been waiting for the right time….I urge you to come and experience the power of this healing community in person.

TFT-LC Certification.

When you complete our new LifeStyle Coach course, take the online test and provide 3 case studies (that you’ll easily accomplish using your learned TFT tapping protocols and resources), you’ll be sent an Official Callahan Techniques TFT-LC Certificate. You’ll also meet the qualifications for our Voice Technology level live training if you should decide to further your TFT knowledge in helping others.

Is Certification Necessary to be a Coach?

Legally, no.  There isn’t a legal entity in the coaching market that controls what level of competency you need and what curriculum you must learn.

To impress potential clients with your certificate or credentials, no.  They don’t care.  They just want results in their life, not a coach with a shiny certificate.  And, if you tell them where you got your certificate, they don’t know what the letters mean anyway.

To attract clients by being a GREAT COACH, ABSOLUTELY.  You need to go through a certification program for your SKILLS, and your own confidence, not for your credentials.  Clients will come to you if they believe you can help change their life.

I have coached and worked with thousands of people, over three decades so I’m answering this question from EXPERIENCE, not theory.  TFT, the modality, has been helping and healing people around the world for 4 decades.  It has been proven, safe and effective many times over.

I have been asked if I have a license or certification from maybe a handful of people.  They weren’t client prospects but were other modality practitioners interested in comparing credentials.

Not once has a potential client ever asked.  Ever.  What they care about are your abilities to understand them and help transform their lives and change their behavior.

Increase Your Coaching Certainty, Competency, Confidence and INFLUENCE

To have a successful coaching business in today’s world, you have compassion and awareness of the new challenges they are facing. You need to be somebody who has the tools, competence, confidence and certainty to help people actually change their embodied behavior patterns and identify their blocks to succeeding in their health and well-being goals.

You must understand human psychology and behavior at a deeper level than past coaches did, who are only equipped to tell people what to do intellectually, rather than help them truly shift the deeper beliefs and patterns that cause a long-lasting breakthrough in their results.

Once you embody that level of coaching certainty, their results can be staggering.

This course gives you the tools, and knowledge to help yourself and others meet the challenges of today’s world and begin to thrive.  Attendance is limited in this live event as we will address each individual’s personal challenges and concerns.

Bonuses for live participants:

  • Infertility Webinar (one of today’s fastest-growing challenges) ($37 value)
  • Toxins: How to Identify and Neutralize What is Harming You ($297 value)
  • The Five-Minute Cure for Public Speaking ($77  value)
  • One full year of Well-being webinar monthly mentoring classes ($300 value)
  • Healing concentration meditation (healing frequency specific) ($200 value)
  • Private Consultation with Joanne Callahan ($197 value)
  • Access to the class replays (Priceless)

2-Day TFT LifeStyle Coach Certification Program

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