Become a Licensed TFT Trainer and Add the  Power of Thought Field Therapy® to Your Career

New Online Training Makes It Easy to Become Licensed to Train Others!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of professional growth?

Imagine having the ability to use Thought Field Therapy to alleviate emotional distress, manage anxiety, and enhance well-being—and train others to do it, too—all while being part of a global community of dedicated practitioners helping millions with this powerful modality.

New Online Training Let’s You Become Licensed Without the Time or Cost of Travel 

For nearly four decades, we’ve quietly taken select therapists, medical practitioners, and others in the healing profession under our wing and not only trained them in person to use Thought Field Therapy in their work, but also certified and licensed them to train others in this powerful modality.

Today, with the advantage of webinars and other live online events, in-person training is no longer necessary. In fact, it’s created a unique opportunity for you to become a highly sought-after trainer in TFT—without ever leaving your home or office.

Meet the Current Demand for Non-Invasive Mental Health Therapy

It’s no secret that demand for stress reduction, mental-health therapy, and less invasive anxiety and medical cures has skyrocketed over the past few years. More and more, Thought Field Therapy is attracting individuals who are looking for a better way.

That’s why we need YOU (and the practitioners you will train) to expand the availability of TFT practitioners worldwide.

No longer will you need a country-by-country license or onsite training to join us in making “tapping therapy” a modern-day breakthrough for millions of people who aren’t yet familiar with this safe and effective method.

Train Others to Become Certified by Callahan Techniques® And Use Tapping Therapy in Their Own Work

Imagine training thousands of your followers, students, readers, and peers in helping their own clients overcome anxiety, manage chronic pain, or enhance performance and focus. TFT excels in unique situations where conventional approaches fall short. It's the tool that empowers practitioners to make a lasting impact on lives.

Becoming a licensed trainer in tapping therapy—then teaching others to diagnose and deliver the exact tapping algorithm for any situation—will give you an edge as a trainer, practitioner, and leading authority in your field.


My name is Leandro Percário, I´m from Brazil and I have been so fortunate to meet Dr Roger J. Callahan and Joanne Callahan, the founders of TFT, in 2012 when I organized their first official TFT training in São Paulo! My life has been blessed and changed so much since I met them and started to practice TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

At first I was searching for TFT to help myself to treat depression and traumas that I carried since my teenage time and it really helped me a lot to overcome it. But the greatest Joy that TFT brought to my life is bigger than that!

In 2013 I myself started teaching the official training at the Algorithm level and continued to promote Joanne´s trainings on Diagnostic and Voice Technology levels since them.

For this last 11 years I have worked very hard to promote this amazing tool to all Brazil and today we have more than 3.000 official TFT practitioners and literally millions of views of the free videos on YouTube!

It is an amazing joy to ready the testimonials my students submitted under the YouTube videos and hundreds have recorded their testimonials on video and sent them to me! People who have overcome many different types of problems such as depression, fear, panic, anxiety, trauma, physical pain and much more and started a completely new life after brief TFT treatments!

This joy to help others is even greater than the relief for treating my personal issues, which was important too of course. I believe that both things work together: Do your personal work and help others at the same time.

We don´t have to be perfect and neither do we have to treat all our problems before we can start to help others. You don´t need to help millions of people if you don´t know how to get to them through the internet because each person you can help is as important as everybody else. You can and should start practicing for yourself and offer without pushing your help to those next to you!

I am sure that when you have the first experience of helping other people to change their life with TFT. You will feel that amazing joy too! For me it is like to collect good memories that will always continue to make me feel good for ever and every time and remember any person I could help! It is a Joy and satisfaction that can only grow bigger with time!

And today my Greatest Joy is to know that after 11 years of hard work by the grace of the universe, or God, or lucky, whatever you choose to believe (for me I believe it was Grace since the beginning). It has been given to me the opportunity to teach TFT in a official University in Brazil, called Anhanguera University, and we finally will have a certification on TFT Trainings that is recognized by the Brazilian Government Education Ministry!

That brings more credibility for the TFT society with more people opening their mind to try and experience the beautiful transformation TFT can bring to their lives!

So, with much gratitude and happiness I share this message with you!

Keep tapping and be happy!

Founder of TFT Brasil Institute

Three Ways to Become Certified and Licensed to Teach Others

Option 1: 
Algorithm Level Trainer

Live online trainer event:
December 2-3, 2023 

NEW Lower-Cost Licensing Fee: $1,999 

This is a savings of over $2,000 and over a 50% discount from our previous algorithm licensing fee and includes the 2-day train-the-trainer program. 

Since it includes a live trainer’s training, it is no longer necessary to have completed the Diagnostic (Dx) level to attend.

What it includes:

  • 2-day live online train the trainer program
  • Your class listings on TFT training event calendar
  • Listing on TFT website Algorithm Trainer’s page
  • Offer certification and ongoing benefits to those you train. Just $49 per student certification and royalty fee provides access to the official online algorithm training materials and a Callahan Techniques, Ltd. official certification
  • Eligibility to advance to a TFT Diagnostic level trainer.

Prerequisite: Must be a TFT Algorithm Level training graduate

Option 2: 
Diagnostic Level Trainer

Live online trainer event:
December 9-10, 2023

NEW Lower-Cost Licensing Fee: $1,499

This is a savings of over $2,000 and over a 50% discount from our previous diagnostic licensing fee and includes the 2-day train-the-trainer program.

Since it includes a live trainer’s training, it is no longer necessary to have completed the Optimal Health or VT level to attend.

What it includes:

  • 2-day live online train the trainer program
  • Your class listing on TFT training event calendar
  • Listing on TFT website Diagnostic Trainer’s page
  • Offer certification and ongoing benefits to those you train. Just $149 per student certification and royalty fee provides access to the official online diagnostic training materials and a Callahan Techniques, Ltd. official certification

Prerequisite: Must be a TFT Algorithm and Diagnostic Level training graduate

Option 3: 
Complete Training & Licensing 

Includes all benefits of the Diagnostic and Algorithm Level programs for just $2,997

—less than half the cost of our previous trainer’s licensing package at $7,500.

Plus, it also includes:

  • All licensed trainers will receive the new recordings and updated training materials as they become available
  • Trainers will be licensed to offer live, in-person, and online events as part of their TFT practice
  • Trainers will receive a 10% commission for any of their students who take the Optimal Health and VT trainings
  • Each trainer will receive two 30-minute support sessions with Joanne Callahan to help with their clients and trainees

SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS: Previous trainer licensing programs were more expensive and did not include current benefits:

  • Algorithm Trainer: $4,000   (one-time nonexclusive license fee; no royalties)
  • Diagnostic Trainer: $3,500
    (one-time exclusive license fee; $149 royalties per attendee)
  • Previous license did not include any live training, only assisting roles at two live trainings, demonstrating their skill and knowledge
  • Previous license did not include support with Joanne Callahan.

Invest in Your Future as Others Have Already Done

Around the world, in countries like Brazil, South Korea, France and elsewhere, our licensed TFT training partners have helped bring tapping therapy to unique situations—and trained others to do the same. What do they say about TFT’s impact on their careers, businesses, and students?

What Else Could You Do Once You’re Certified and Licensed to Teach TFT?

Train Others to Become Health Coaches

Nearly 30% of the world’s population are overweight or obese. Still others have chronic conditions which cause 70% of deaths each year. Yet recent research has found that health coaching helps patients improve health outcomes and manage chronic conditions.

Why not train aspiring health coaches to utilize TFT in their coaching work?

Train Social Service Workers to Use TFT with Constituents

High anxiety, poor nutrition, and chronic health conditions are a reality for millions who receive social service assistance—a reality that charity workers, case managers, and social workers face every day. TFT can give them another tool for alleviating the distress of their constituents.

Train Community Responders to Use TFT in Crisis Situations

From terrorist bombings to refugee camps to natural disasters, trained TFT practitioners have acted as on-the-ground, first responders using TFT to calm the stress and anxiety of injured, displaced and terrified victims of real-world crisis situations. Why not train and certify aid workers, medical personnel, and others to use TFT in the field—just as it’s used by British Special Forces, international charities, and so many other responders.

Train Alternative Healthcare Practitioners

Thousands of practitioners in the fields of functional medicine, NLP, reiki, massage, yoga, herbalists, and other non-traditional health practitioners are enthusiastic adherents to the benefits of tapping therapy. By formalizing their training at the Algorithm and Diagnostic levels, you can become the go-to source for new certifications that will boost their careers.

Train Your Peers and Colleagues

In your current professional market, there may be other practitioners who need to know about the benefits of TFT and learn to use tapping therapy in their work. Become a standout in your industry by training your own peers in this important method.

Together, We Can Make a Global Impact

Certified Thought Field Therapy practitioners are needed worldwide. Don't miss out on the opportunity to change lives and be part of a global movement. Enroll now in our comprehensive online training program and take the first step toward becoming a certified and licensed TFT trainer. Join the league of certified TFT trainers who are already making a difference in clients' lives, communities, and the world.


Joanne Callahan, MBA
CEO of Callahan Techniques and
Co-Founder, Thought Field Therapy®


Is TFT Tapping safe?

TFT Tapping has been safely self-applied for over 40 years with no reported case of harm. It has been safely shared among people around the world . . . from orphans in the Rwandan genocide to school children in Mexico and elsewhere—providing relief for tens of thousands of people over the past four decades.

What do I have to do to become a certified and licensed TFT Practitioner?

You will receive TFT Certification: (1) upon completion of the training and all course work, (2) upon successfully passing a comprehensive knowledge test of what you’ve learned, (3) and after submitting three case studies of you using TFT in your work.

Is tapping therapy proven to work? How do I know?

Tapping has a very high success rate: over 80% at the algorithm level and over 90% in our advanced Voice Technology levels. It has been in use for over 40 years, and has shown to be evidenced-based.

What can I do as a TFT Certified Trainer and Licensee?

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