TFT Power Tool – Get Aligned with Your Goals

Are you living the life of your dreams and achieving all of your desires, or, do some things always seem out of reach?  Do the people and opportunities that come your way reflect your true desires or just the way it has always been?

As I shared with you in weeks one and two, there are some power tools in TFT, the original source of ‘tapping’, that we can all use, no matter what healing modality we are currently using. This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” teaches us how and when to use ‘collarbone breathing’ to assist in maintaining balance and peace within our chaotic lives, and align ourselves with what we truly desire.  By aligning ourselves to our desired state-of-being or end goal, we smooth the path to that goal and transcend what we perceive to be ‘in the way”.

This brief, 3-minute procedure is actually a set or group of 40 treatments that Dr. Callahan developed when he was working with George Goodheart, DC in the early years of applied kinesiology (AK).  I will share this brief history with you as well as teach you applications for your life now.

The collarbone breathing can be easily integrated into or added to any current energy modality or healing practice, and is free, brief, and provides you with an explanation and detailed instructions for use, whether you are a practitioner or an individual who just wants to help themselves.

In this video, I describe what collarbone breathing is and how it was painstakingly developed over 30 years ago.

If you find you would like more in-depth application of these tools and how to combine them for the most effective tapping protocols for your self, family or your clients, then join us on our monthly Well-Being webinars.  Following the first two power tools videos, we will learn how we are attracting what is currently in our lives and how we can change that course. Click here to join us: March 13 – Are You Attracting What You Desire?  What is your vibration level?

Yours in well-being,

Joanne Callahan

2 replies
  1. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    Hi Joanne, you may remember me complaining bc I couldn’t hear the first video, but this one was fine. I’ve used TFT and CBB for about 20 years (In Australia), but had not heard the total explanation of how it works so that was very interesting, thank you. Kathleen.

  2. Serge ZOMBOU
    Serge ZOMBOU says:

    Well! Actually, I am doing well. I am grateful for all what I am receiving from you.
    It’s real empowering. My relationship with my partners in minitry and the people with whom I interact is quiet different now.
    People are more open and happy to be with me.
    Yet, you still have to teach me how to use it to help others. And I think the best way is learning well.
    Thanks very much Joanne.


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