TFT Tapping and Dental Fear

tap away dental fear

A New Study Confirms TFT is Effective in Relieving Odontophobia (Dental Fear)

A dentist and TFT practitioner in Saudi Arabia recently shared the following article with me for our TFT community.  It is just another confirmation of what Dr. Callahan found to be true over 30 years ago. TFT is effective for relieving fears and phobias.


Background: This study aimed to evaluate the moderating effect of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) on dental fear and to compare this therapy with other non-medical fear-reduction methods.

Materials and Methods: We enrolled 160 Saudi women who had presented to King Saud University College of Dentistry Primary Clinics for restorative dental treatment. The participants were randomly assigned into four groups of 40, each of which was subjected to a different fear management treatment: TFT; Tell, Show, and Do (TSD) technique; Control Shift (CS); or negative control (NG) in which no fear-reduction method was used. Each participant completed a pre-operative questionnaire and a post-operative questionnaire immediately after the dental procedure. Both questionnaires measured dental fear, pulse rate, and blood pressure. Data were collected and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences program.

Results: The dental fear survey score for the tested sample was 44/100, indicating moderate dental fear. The TFT group showed significantly low dental fear (p < 0.05) after treatment, whereas the TSD and Control Shift groups showed significantly high blood pressure and pulse rate (p < 0.05). Approximately 65% of patients in the TFT group would recommend this method to reduce fear; 57% patients in the TSD groups were satisfied, and 55% of patients in the Control Shift group were satisfied. Only 25% of patients in the negative control group were satisfied (25%).

Conclusion: TFT was more effective than both TSD and CS in reducing dental fear.


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