TFT “taking care of those who take care” VERSUS COVID19

By Edna-Pereira, Brazil Last Friday 03/20/2020 I had an insight and in my mind, I figured it out how we could help. I called Marina Haniuda also a TFT Voice Technology therapist, my course partner (TFT) since Boot Camp in 2018, who became like a sister to me as we have already shared a lot […]

The Safety Net of TFT in a World of Chaos – Coronavirus

Last Saturday I led my monthly interactive webinar.  Our topic was Releasing Stress and Anxiety in Today’s World.  Prior to the class I received so many requests on how to tap for the fear of the Coronavirus, and how to boost our immune systems, that I devoted the entire hour on tapping sequences specific to […]

Tapping to Relieve an Allergic Reaction

During our morning walk, on our lovely beach near our home in Costa Rica, we took our morning swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. Occasionally, there are jellyfish present and I experienced some stings from them. The stings are mild and create, what I thought would be a mild reaction, itching and stinging of the […]

A Key to What Might Be Contributing to our Overall Level of Stress and What We Can Do About It.

When Dr. Roger Callahan began developing TFT and tapping, he studied many fields and combined the knowledge he gained from all of those fields to develop this natural healing system.  Robert O Becker’s book The Body Electric was one of his favorite and early studies.  I still have his copy, marked excessively with notes and […]

New TFT Protocols are Enhancing the Positive and using New Measures for Vagal Tone

In our Optimal Health and advanced New Era courses, we have an increased focus on enhancing the positive and aligning us to our goals, achieving greater well-being. We are now using a new HRV program, the Health Body Analyzer, to measure improvements. This new system measures Vagal Tone as well as our usual parameters of […]

New Study Mentions TFT

John Freedom shared the following with us about a new study that mentions TFT. A newly published meta-analysis by Mukdarut Bangpan, Lambert Felix, and Kelly Dickson entitled “Mental health and psychosocial support programmes for adults in humanitarian emergencies: a systematic review and meta-analysis in low and middle-income countries,” has included a TFT research study by […]

The Value of Learning and Sharing with the Experts

We just completed our first Optimal Health program in our new training center in Costa Rica. We were very fortunate to welcome back two of our long term TFT practitioners and trainers, Suzanne Connolly and Nora Baladerian.  They each have a wealth of experience in the field of Trauma, having both participated in the TFT […]

Life-Changing – Transformational – Empowering

These are some of the words former attendees used to describe their training in TFT Voice Technology in the Optimal Health course. Why is this course different, not only from other TFT courses, but from all other types of training programs? For a start: We use and teach the newest protocols in TFT, including those […]


Joanne Callahan Explains the differences between EFT and TFT in this Interview:

Exciting News: New TFT Healing and Meditation Center in Costa Rica

Last week I posted an article on our blog site that had appeared in Lynn McTaggart’s What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). It quoted a recent study showing that just two hours per week in nature, the forest or beach, provided increased health and well-being. The alpha waves in nature lead to a more balanced […]

Announcing All New Energy Medicine Yoga

Our upcoming Personal Healing Retreat in Costa Rica will be launching one of the first programs teaching Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga). Caroline Avant, who taught and shared yoga with us at our past Synchronicity and Wintergreen Resort Well-Being Retreats, has completed her education/certification in the new Energy Medicine Yoga and will be joining us in […]

A Small Man with a Large Dream and a Large Heart

How a Small Man with a Large Dream and a Large Heart Helped Change His Country “Come and help us—we need you to come,” the voice on the phone demanded.  Alone in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, I was taken aback. I was leaving Kigali in two days. “We will send a car for […]

The Effects from EMF’s and cell phones

I have been speaking of the effects from EMF’s and cell phones for some time now.  I attended a presentation by Dr. Beverly Rubic and she had some amazing research. Below is a slide of the effects of a cell phone on our brains. Here is an article below that came from WDDTY today.  Wi-fi […]

As the New 5G Networks Arrive, Cell Phone and EMF Radiation Protection is More Important Than Ever.

Current research documents that more and more individuals are being affected by EMF radiation.  The recent article we posted about the research and protests about the new 5G networks is a prime example.  We too have seen an increase in TFT clients that are very sensitive to EMF’s.  Because of this, we have been testing […]

Overcoming the health effects of EMFs

According to Professor Olle Johansson in the film Generation Zapped, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have increased 1 quintillion-fold over the past 10 years – that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000! EMFs cause indisputable adverse health effects Research shows that official Safety Level Legislation is far from adequate. There have been no safety tests involving multiple frequencies from multiple sources We […]