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TFT Continues to Evolve – Zero Point Energy Products

As in the past, TFT, is a dynamic and evolving healing modality.  The application of TFT helps the individual to more fully utilize and expand their own innate healing ability – returning our body’s healing capacity to function as it was designed to – living in a non-stressful environment.

TFT and the tools we use must change and evolve because a non-stressful environment is a thing of the past.  Both biology and technology are forms of consciousness and together are shaping our growth and evolution.  With the use of both together, we are fulfilling the intention of becoming more intelligently and consciously aware.

As we use these tools to become more aware and balanced, we are also facilitating our healing process.  The current developments in TFT and the new healing tools provide us with a more intelligent, interactive and sophisticated process for self-healing.

As we move forward, we are now combining the properties of quantum physics and zero-point energy with naturally occurring minerals to create passive healing and polarity tools to support our tapping.  The first of these is a natural carbon mineral, Shungite, which has been described by Russian scientists as “We have something natural to protect life”.

There are over 20 years of Russian research supporting the healing qualities of this natural stone.  You can read about this more fully in the book, Shungite:  Protection, Healing, and Detoxification.

By placing these and other natural products into a Zero-Field converter, we can enhance and substantiate the healing qualities and frequencies of these items to support our health and well-being.  The zero-field converter neutralizes and improves the energy of any object that is placed into it.

My late husband, Roger Callahan, discovered and developed TFT through much study and work.  He believed very early on that quantum physics was key to understanding and expanding TFT.  He avidly studied the works of many in the field from Feynmann to Planck and Heisenberg.  Richard Feynman “calculated the zero-point radiation of the vacuum to be an order of magnitude greater than nuclear energy….”  Pretty powerful stuff.

As Roger did, we continue to test everything we use with TFT, by running pre and post Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures.  This is a simple and standard test to measure a current state of health and the improvement due to a therapeutic intervention.

The following products have been tested and clearly demonstrate their ability to improve our overall state of health and well-being, including having the properties to correct negative polarity states.