Does This Sound Like You, Or Someone You Know?

Case Study Reflecting Today’s World
(shared with client permission)

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

A client was referred to me back in September 2020 asking for assistance with the following symptoms (a partial list) :

  • Not functioning well at work and became immobilized
  • ADD – lack of focus
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Time management and organization problems
  • Poor impulse control (binging on TV)
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of people and authority
  • Frequent headaches and migraines

In his own words:

“I am 58 years old and single. I was not functioning well at work and went on short-term disability seven weeks ago. I am working as a credit risk manager at a large bank in a major city. Before the pandemic, I was struggling but after the pandemic, I became immobilized I have always felt that there was something wrong with me and I do not function well. I have attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression. The symptoms of it are time management and organization problems, poor impulse control (binging on TV,), procrastination, not knowing what to do even with simple projects., problem in prioritizing and being unable to do sequencing. I also have fear of people and authority. I feel that I don’t have a Voice to express myself, to advocate for myself, of to defend myself. Accordingly, I haven’t been able to connect with colleagues or my managers and don’t believe I can get support from them. Recently I went through a series of medical tests to see if there were any medical reason for my problems. I discovered that I have decreased hearing in both ears. One is worse than the other and there are balance issues as well. Reading is more difficult and it hurts behind my eyes. I am under neurological testing for frequent headaches that are possibly migraines. An MRI of the brain found a small congenital cyst above the pituitary…….

This collection of symptoms is becoming more and more common. Many are struggling with similar situations. We began addressing past traumas and releasing blocks and fears around going back to work.

Because of the symptoms we also identified toxins and discussed ways to mitigate some, eliminate others and neutralize still others. We identified a strong effect from EMF’s, hair gel, some foods and even some medications (which we were able to neutralize the side effects).

By the end of October, he was feeling confident to go back to work. But in mid-November he contracted COVI. Pneumonia. We were able to facilitate the healing and ease the discomfort as he healed. He was able to go back to work in mid December. Then in January and February we worked together on a new big project at work. His brother commented on how happy and comfortable he was, saying it was better than he had been in years.

Then, in June, he had his apartment sprayed for moths. He was set back to 6 months ago. We had to begin neutralizing the toxin, airing out the apartment and everything in it, and he had to move to his sister’s to begin feeling better and healing. However, she had just painted her apartment so he was unable to tolerate it and moved to his brother’s house. He was totally overwhelmed as all the old symptoms returned.

We are now working on regaining his balance, strength and focus. Even the old lung symptoms from when he had pneumonia surfaced. Regularly neutralizing the toxin quickly eased those symptoms but he needs regular tapping and a complete clean out of his apartment and its contents, which he can’t even do, as it makes him so sick feeling. He has hired someone to do it for him.

Now I realize this case may sound a little extreme, and in the past I would have agreed with you on that. However, this same kind of scenario is occurring more and more frequently. And, most are lost on how to address these toxins long-term.

So you see why I believe we all need to increase our awareness of what is around us and how to identify what is most relevant to our own health and well-being, DAILY!

In TFT, have been addressing toxins and their effect on our mental and physical health for well over two decades. So, we know where to look and what to do in these kinds of cases.

In the past, the diagnostic protocols of specific toxin identification and neutralization process have only been taught in our advanced level trainings. Due to the great need and increased interest, I have designed a new class specifically for this purpose, and it’s open to everyone.

Join us for the special 4 hour class and discover how you can address toxins in your lifePlease note that the special savings expire on Monday, so register soon.

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