Discover How to Use TFT to Eliminate Bad Habits and Extra Weight

May 13 at 11 am EST

While weight gain and other addictive behaviors have always been a challenge in our modern day society, they have become an even a greater challenge over the last 3 years.  Many of us have picked up some unhealthy habits like too much fast food, an extra beer or glass of wine.  And, we are finding it increasingly difficult to shake those bad habits.

The pandemic created the perfect environment for a pandemic of another sort: Drug and alcohol abuse. Cooped up in their homes, out of work, facing potential financial ruin without the support of family and friends and perhaps suffering from bouts of anxiety or depression, People around the world turned to drugs and alcohol in shocking numbers.

How much better could you feel, or happier would you be every day, if you could just tap away your negative feelings rather than reach for the double shot expresso Mochachino or the Krispy Kreme donut or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol?

What if you could release the grip that anxiety and addictive cravings has on you, dissolving anger and guilt, or quieting your mind from worry and obsessive thoughts? And, what if you could stop negative thoughts and feelings and those self-sabotage tendencies when they start, or even before they happen?

The experience of calm and peace with control over your emotions is possible.

With daily tapping, you can begin and end your day balanced, reducing stress and anxiety, and eliminate undesirable habits or cravings. You can begin your rest cycle balanced as well. Maintaining autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance helps restore peace and joy to your life along with improved health.

In this week’s zoom class we will take the TFT tools we have to address anxiety and stress, cravings and compulsions to give you back the control over what you eat or drink.

TFT’s simple tapping has become a lifestyle for many of our long time and advanced level practitioners, allowing them to maintain the weight they desire, and eliminate bad habits, even in today’s world.

This class will assist you in reaching your desired weight, or eliminating unhealthy behaviors by helping you develop your own daily tapping protocols, and most importantly, show you some simple ways to help eliminate self-sabotage and negative thinking, the two biggest obstacles to achieving our goals.  We will also help you identify toxins that are interfering with your success.

We can eliminate those bad habits we acquired during the last few years.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The real cause of overeating or smoking or any other addictive behavior
  • The connection between your anxiety/stress levels and your cravings
  • How self-sabotage originates and how it can be eliminated
  • Six simple methods for removing blocks to healing and success
  • How important toxins are to achieving and maintaining optimum health
  • How your heart rate can help you pinpoint toxins
  • What is the Barrel Effect and how it effects our health
  • How a Food/Mood Journal can provide important details
  • How to increase your patience for reaching your goal
  • How to correct body image distortion and gluttony
  • How to end guilt and increase self-image

The class includes assessment tools to help you along your path of healing:

  • Level of Addiction
  • 21-day program
  • Food-Mood Journal
  • Pulse Test

See for yourself how important the ability to eliminate daily stresses and blocks to health can be to gaining control of your emotions and bad habits.

Participants will also have the opportunity to have their own individual case addressed. These requests need to be submitted in advance.

Join us this Saturday for only $37

(Video Replay will be sent if you miss the session)

This is an interactive mentoring class so if you submit your challenges and/or goals in advance, I will guide you in the best use of TFT to ease your path.

Discover How to Use TFT to Eliminate Bad Habits and Extra Weight

May 13 at 11 am EST

You can also choose the low quarterly rate of $75, just $25 per monthly life-enhancing class… see below:

What is a Zoom Webinar?

A Zoom training is a video online conference where you’ll see the host and can ask questions. You can connect via smart phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world via the Internet. It is easy to use and we will record all sessions, so if you miss one, you can watch the replay.

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses:

  • Voltmeter and PR PDF– how to find additional blocks to healing.
  • Special Class Bonuses – case studies and downloadable guides.
  • Access to the Thought Field Therapy Resource Library. It includes videos, audio and specific charts and guides to download to help you learn how to use Thought Field Therapy to overcome your specific challenges.

Improve Your Well-Being With Thought Field Therapy

Commit to Your
Well Being and Save!

 Only $75 Every 3 Months

And, as per requests from last year’s attendees, completion of the year’s series will include the option of certification at the TFT-Algo level.

Topics Include:

  • June 17: Maintain Balance: Regular Releasing of Negative Emotions
  • July – Healing Our Past from Trauma, Loss, and Grief
  • August – Release Your Social Anxieties and Fear of Speaking in Public
  • September – What is your Sleep Experience, deep-level restorative sleep or Insomnia?
  • October – Toxins and What is Harming You
  • November – Managing and Healing Chronic Health Conditions
  • December – Releasing the old and Bringing in the New

This year’s series will include the following:

  • an updated algorithm-level manual
  • relevant case studies
  • class PowerPoint presentation
  • the opportunity to ask questions
  • receive guidance in addressing personal challenges and resolving complex cases