Where’s the Research?

The research on TFT and other energy psychology methods continues to grow.  We have compiled many studies on our TFT Foundation Resource Library page, http://www.tftfoundation.org/category/researchboth , both scientific and anecdotal since the mid 1990’s   Recently, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) updated their research section and John Freedom and David Feinstein created a Quick Facts.  […]

From Cancer to Special Needs – TFT Can Offer Immediate Relief

Since we have created our Diagnostic Level TFT online course, I am amazed at the case studies our students have turned in.  It is heart-warming to see the kinds of things they are able to help with their families and clients.  The following case studies are an example of challenging situations and the kind of […]

Do you Treat PTSD? If So, Read This Information

Long-time TFT practitioner, Terri Perry, share the following information.  She said it was originally posted on www.geoengineeringwatch.org by Susan V. Ferguson. \ Terri saw the post and thought immediately of TFT people being asked to treat soldiers who may be affected by the drug rather than full-blown PTSD. She also felt it might be worth […]

A New Review Which Includes the Connolly & Sakai Study

A new review that includes the Connolly & Sakai study: This is an important new review that includes the Connolly & Sakai study. Click here to download. I think anyone wanting to do research with TFT should look at the criticisms of the study in this Cochrane review as it helps avoid similar pitfalls. The […]

The Effects of a Thought Field Therapy Stress Reduction Protocol on the Stress and Empathy Levels of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

You are cordially invited to attend a presentation of the findings of an exciting study on Thought Field Therapy on Friday, September 24 at 8:30 am Pacific time, 9:30 am Mountain time, 10:30 am Central time, 11:30 am Eastern time. The abstract of the study and information about connecting to the call via Zoom are […]

Does This Sound Like You, Or Someone You Know?

Case Study Reflecting Today’s World (shared with client permission) Hi ~Contact.FirstName~, A client was referred to me back in September 2020 asking for assistance with the following symptoms (a partial list) : Not functioning well at work and became immobilized ADD – lack of focus Anxiety Depression Time management and organization problems Poor impulse control […]

TFT Included in Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

I am excited to announce the online-first Systematic Literature Review which includes three randomized Thought Field Therapy studies.  Other intervention modalities in the review were various forms of CBT, various forms of psychoeducation, interpersonal therapy, and narrative exposure therapy. Criteria for being included in the review were that it had to be a mental health intervention conducted in a low or middle-income […]

TFT Tapping for Trauma Relief is Not Just for Humans

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~, We have all heard of the many thousands of trauma victims around the world who have been helped with TFT from all types of traumatic events, the aftermath of wars, natural disasters, and man-made events. (From Trauma to Peace). But we often forget the profound healing effect we can have on our best […]

To heal a nation! TFT IZERE RWANDA

Dear TFT Community, I want to share an amazing, well-done video, from our TFT IZERE Center friends in Rwanda.  The TFT Foundation has been working with them since 2006 when we began treating the orphans from the genocide. There have been several studies resulting from our work there and much improvement and healing with the […]

TFT Power Tools: The “Causal Diagnostic” Protocol

This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” talks about the heart and creativity of TFT, the “causal diagnostic” protocol, the process from which all of TFT was developed. Watch below to discover the way these power tools were developed and how we can now use this same diagnostic process, with specificity, […]

TFT Power Tools: Find and Neutralize Toxins

This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” talks about how we can find the toxins in our life and neutralize them. We are well into Spring now and allergies are on the rise.  There are multiple new medications with adverse reactions and new studies are showing us the extent of toxins […]

TFT Power Tools: The 9 Gamut Protocol

How is your year going?  Are you achieving all of your desires, or, are you coming up short in life? TFT, the original source of ‘tapping’, has tools that can help remove the blocks to success, align ourselves to our goals, begin our healing process, and help us to live a more fulfilled life. As I shared with you in the […]

TFT Power Tool – Get Aligned with Your Goals

Are you living the life of your dreams and achieving all of your desires, or, do some things always seem out of reach?  Do the people and opportunities that come your way reflect your true desires or just the way it has always been? As I shared with you in weeks one and two, there […]

The Power Tools of TFT – The Source of Tapping Part 2

The first, and probably most important ‘power tool’ of TFT is what Dr. Callahan termed ‘psychological reversal’.  This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” is on how to correct psychological reversals and remove blocks throughout our multi-dimensional being. This simple correction was actually used in a study in 1988 by Dr. […]

The Power Tools of TFT – The Source of Tapping

As TFT has grown and developed over the last 40 years, there have been numerous offshoots and versions of ‘tapping’. Due to the degree of testing and critical development of the original tapping modality, the many spinoffs have also been very effective as well. However, some of the early “power tools” of TFT have been […]

We Are Witnessing An Alarming Increase in the Rate of Suicide: Especially In Our Youth

There have been numerous recent reports from around the world about the increase in suicides of our youth, especially in those under 18.  The lockdown, isolation, school closures and loss of loved ones are all contributing factors and is continuing.  Children’s Health Defense  reports on this sharp rise in an article on 2/3/21.  They give […]