Well being Retreat

An Inside Look at our TFT Well-Being Retreat

Since we launched our new Well-Being Retreats, many have been asking me, “What can I expect at a Well-Being retreat?”  So, at the suggestion of one of the attendees, and with the help of our recent attendees, I will share a few highlights from this recent life-changing week. Each day contains a bit of exercise, nature, peace, good food, training and treatment with TFT and the use of the latest technologies to assess our current state of health. We began our day with a walk through the beautiful Virginia woods, with spring all around us, flowers, deer, and birds singing.  When we arrived at the Meditation Environment we all set our personal intentions for healing and began our healing circle meditation with specific vibrational technology to facilitate our health and well-being.  Immediately following our meditation, spent a brief time, using TFT to balance our individual and group emotions and energy.  …

Thought Field Therapy – The Original Tapping Therapy

For the past 35 years, a simple technique called Thought Field Therapy has been rapidly healing trauma, anxiety, pain and disease for people who are desperate to regain wellness and normalcy in their lives. What started as a simple therapeutic treatment to stimulate the body’s own healing systems through tapping on various points of the body—much the same way Chinese physicians use acupuncture to do—has become much more mainstream, launching the fields of energy psychology and energy medicine in the western world.

Exploring More Worldwide Possibilities for TFT

It seems our TFT community is making yet another connection with am NGO connected to the United Nations.  The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) includes a department that specifically engages with NGO’s that meet their criteria, and are working to make a difference in the world.  I recently blogged about Dr. Ayame Morikawa’s new appointment with an NGO, World Human Facility (WHO-eu) recognized by ECOSOC. Just a few months ago,  Jenny Edwards, a TFT Foundation Board member and a professor at Fielding University, introduced me to women working with an NGO affiliated with Fielding; The Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment (WNGE).  This group works with programs in low and middle income countries that are making a difference for children, with a special focus on young women.  This group also, is recognized by ECOSCO and has consultative status, a high status for an NGO affiliated with ECOSOC. Not long …

The Magic of Brazil and TFT Well-Being Retreat

I just returned from a truly magical trip to Brazil where we had our first Brazilian TFT Well-Being Retreat.  It exceeded our greatest expectations.  It was the perfect mix of training, treatment, exercise, meditation and amazing excursions. We visited some of the most beautiful waterfalls and hot water pools you can imagine.  And, we did all of this in the area surrounding the heart chakra of the earth. Everyone experienced healing and life changing transformations. They all left with the tools to continue their healing journey.  We are already planning next year’s event in this beautiful country. The beauty, energy (a base of deep quartz crystal) and some of TFT’s newest tools created a spectacular experience for us all.  I am now getting ready for our next Well-Being retreat in another magical place, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  And, I brought back a special healing tool from Brazil.  Watch ...

TFT Gains More Recognition Worldwide

TFT practitioners and trainers, Jenny Edwards and Suzanne Connolly, are busy making plans to attend the induction of their TFT colleague and friend, Ayame Morikawa, MD, as World Human Facility-EU (WHF-EU) Vice President in Charge of Psychological Health in the Philippines, where  Dr. Morikawa‘s  work,  using TFT in the Philippines, caught the attention of this human rights organization.  The ceremony will take place in Tokyo, Japan this February, and will be attended by many members of Japan Thought Field Therapy (JTFT). Jenny Edwards will be accompanied by her husband, Bo Edwards, and Suzanne Connolly will be accompanied by her husband, Bruce Connolly.  This recognition of Dr. Morikawa‘s work coincides with Thought Field Therapy being recognized in the United States as an evidence-based practice by The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), which is a searchable online database of mental health and substance abuse interventions. The NREPP is a service …

TFT Foundation Board Position Available

Dear TFT Community, The TFT Foundation has had a board member position become vacant.  Mary Lou Dobbs has left the board and we thank her for all her contributions and support over the last few years. The board has a vital need for someone with fund raising skills.  If you or someone within the TFT world have these skills or interest, and would be willing to join our board, please email me, joanne@tftrx.com If you haven’t read the most recent issue of Tapping For Humanity, please take a quick look.  I am confident anyone with humanitarian interests would be pleased to work with us.  You can download your issue here:  Click here to download your issue of Tapping For Humanity . Thank you for your help in filling this position. Joanne Callahan, MBA President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd. www.RogerCallahan.com Creating Peace One Heart at a Time – Please visit the site …

Dr. Ayame Morikawa appointed as Vice President of United Nations World Human Facility European Union Philippines

Dr. Ayame Morikawa, chair of the Japanese Association for Thought Field Therapy, was appointed as Vice President of United Nations World Human Facility (WHF) European Union (EU) Philippines. It is the scientists and researchers community of the UN and EU cooperation. They engage in coordinating projects based on scientific research to promote human rights.  http://unwhf.webs.com/ Dr. Morikawa will engage in psychological help but does not know the project in detail as yet. We congratulate her on her appointment and are very grateful to her for all her years of dedicated work to further TFT in Japan and around the world.

High Tech Meditator’s Toolbox

  By Caroline Avant When people first start to meditate there are 3 common initial reactions that I have heard time and time again in my role as a meditation facilitator.  In this post we will explore the first point which is: Am I doing it right? I hear this in the inverse too, ‘Am I doing it wrong’?  Rest assured that you cannot do it wrong!  Yes, you heard it here folks, you cannot do High Tech Meditation wrong.

Introducing Our New Office Manager and Customer Service Specialist Caroline Avant (and Diesel)

I am delighted to introduce our new office manager, Caroline Avant.  I am grateful she has agreed to join us and am sure you will all feel the same as you experience her calm presence and attention to details.  Her email address is:  Caroline@tftrx.com . I asked her to give me a brief bio of herself and she has shared the following with us.  Please join me in welcoming her. “Born and raised in England I immigrated to Australia at 23 whereupon I returned to University and Studied Social Science and Community Development.  I met my spiritual mentor soon after and devoted my life as a monk to a holistic lifestyle which included yoga and meditation as a vehicle for deep inner exploration.  My roles over the years were creating and running a holistic retreat center in Byron Bay Australia and then upon my move to the Synchronicity Sanctuary in …

The Passing of a Wonderful Woman – Christine J. Trautner

Christine (Chris) Trautner passed away on November 17, 2015. Chris had retired last June with a diagnosis of COPD. According to her husband, Andy, Chris had lost consciousness a day before and never regained it but lapsed quietly Tuesday night.  She is survived by her husband Andy, their two beloved Aussies, Bandit and Brandie, and her sons and Rusty and Tom and daughter Angie and 7 grandchildren. Please hold her and her family in your thoughts and blessings. She served so many of us in the TFT community for many years. We will miss her tremendously.