The common tapping sequence for complex trauma has been proven time and time again, both in research and worldwide humanitarian relief. Extreme childhood abuse can manifest in later life into many debilitating symptoms and emotions, like panic when driving to later life depression.

The following two cases are from our recent Algorithm practitioner graduate, Sharon Russell. These are both examples of how simple it can be to change someone’s life for the better. What a gift.


TFT-Algo Course Case Studies:

For Sharon Russell Case Study 1: Client A

Female, age 67, with history of extreme childhood abuse. Presenting with extreme panic when driving on open highways/freeways. She recently moved seven miles away from the nearest grocery store and wants to be able to drive comfortably (free of fear) on the road.

She used to have agoraphobia and conquered it years ago – all except for when driving. Tuning into ‘driving on the highway,’ she rated her SUD as a 9, which I had her write down to deal with possible Apex.

Started with the PR Karate Chop tapping, as just thinking about driving seemed to make her eyes glaze over. Did the algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt (eb – e – a – c – tf – c – if – c), since she had this phobia/panic since in her mid-20’s, and felt it must be tied into her childhood traumas. Also, she has to drive to function in life, but the panic while driving re-traumatizes her every time. Checked SUD and it had dropped to 6, so did the 9 Gamut, and repeated algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt.

Next SUD was 3. Asked her if there was another aspect to work on, and she said that just thinking that she MIGHT panic while driving was making her very uneasy – SUD of 7. So we did the same treatment while she tuned into ‘possible panic while driving.’ (PR Karate Chop spot, Complex Trauma with anger and guilt, 9 Gamut, Complex Trauma with anger and guilt).

Asked her to rate the thought, and her SUD was down to 4. She said she kept visualizing this one spot on her drive to the store, sort of like a snapshot, so we did the same tapping treatment on that. Then she said that the snapshot visual was dimmer, but it felt like a ‘haunting.’ (She didn’t know how to define that precisely, it was just the word that came to mind.) SUD was 6.

So we did the whole treatment for the ‘haunting,’ and afterward she looked surprised and said the ‘haunting’ was gone, and she had a hard time thinking about panicking while driving.

I asked her SUD, which she said was now a 1!

Finished by doing the floor-to-ceiling eye roll. Follow-up: A few days later her husband had driven her to the store. He asked her to drive home from the store so he could eat his fast-food lunch on the way home. She admitted that she expected the panic to return, but was thrilled that it did not. She said she felt just a bit ‘nervy’ (SUD of 1), but she actually drove with ease, keeping up with the flow of traffic, even driving in the fast lane!!

So, the whole TFT-algo process took about 40 minutes and a 40 year old phobia was gone! Amazing


Case Study 2: Client C

Female who describes herself as a Senior Citizen. (“Age? What’s that got to do with it? Just put down Senior Citizen.”)

Presenting with chronic recurring depression. Raised in a family where her father was often verbally and physically abusive, and her mother was extremely depressed. Said she’s suffered from depression off and on since childhood.

When she tuned in to her current feeling of depression, her SUD was 5. Since this is basically a lifelong issue, I chose to start with the PR 6 tapping. Her SUD went down one to 4.

Did the algorithm for Depression (g-50 – c) tapping on both hands. She said she now couldn’t tune into depression, so the SUD was 0. BUT, she now felt ‘spacey,’ which sounded like Environmental Toxins. She said that made sense, since there was a lot of smoke in the air from recent fires.

She tuned into breathing in the smoke and feeling ‘spacey,’ and the SUD was 6.

So we tapped the algorithm for Environmental Toxins (if – c) on both hands. Her SUD went down to 2.

We did the algorithm for Depression once more, just to be sure. She then said she could not tune into feeling depressed, exactly, but still felt ‘not right – not happy.’

Since it seemed that this had its roots in her childhood, I asked her to locate where she felt this ‘not right’ in her body. She said her chest and back of her neck, with an SUD of 6. We tapped the algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt (eb – e – a – c – tf – c – if – c).

Following that algorithm, she visibly relaxed and sighed – good sign of release! SUD lowered to 3, so we did the 9 Gamut tapping, followed by Complex Trauma with anger and guilt.

Another big sigh! Her SUD was a 2, so we did the floor-to-ceiling eye roll, tapping both hands. Again another big sigh, SUD of 0!

She looked very relaxed, with a slight smile. She said she felt at peace and even slightly hopeful!

Follow-up: She told me later that day that she was surprised to find herself singing out loud and dancing all by herself in the kitchen when putting away the dishes – What a dramatic change!!


In today’s post-pandemic world, we are all experiencing the effects of trauma, including anxiety and depression.

We realize this is such an important topic our next Well-Being webinar will provide TFT’s powerful trauma relief tools…

To join us this Saturday, the 11th, in this live webinar CLICK HERE.

I hope to see you there,

Joanne Callahan
President and Co-developer of Thought Field Therapy®

P.S. I also offer private consultations, if you can’t make the live class, where we work together to design a customized healing sequence for you, and identify your blocks to improving your health and well-being, as well as help you find the tools to facilitate your success.

I am often asked if TFT can work with this modality or that field of healthcare so I want to share the following sets of case studies with you.  They were submitted by two of our recent Algorithm Certification level graduates and represent excellent examples of how easily and seamlessly TFT integrates with and supports a wide variety of other health care practices, addressing a broad spectrum of conditions and problems.

Licensed Accupuncture, NAET and Japanese Medicine Reflexes

  • Back Pain
  • Fear of Covid
  • Rape trauma
  • Infertility
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression

Case 1

  • A brief history of the client and their problem

The patient is 55 years old. The medical background is atopic dermatitis, which she has been suffering from for several years and is being treated by biological therapy.  However, the patient came to treat lower back pain that appeared on both sides a few days ago, the day after her partner flew abroad.

In the questioning with her, it emerged that she was afraid that he would get infected with Corona during the flight, come back and infect her as well. Then the pains started

  • The algorithms you chose to use and why.

Fear, stress and anxiety algorithm

Since this was the dominant emotion (the patient has no background of depression and the back pain is not chronic but the result of an episode of fear and anxiety

  • Baseline and intermediate SUD(s)

SUD is 8 at the beginning and after one round it dropped to 4.

  • Occurrence of PR (if any) – how you knew it was present and at what level

I asked her to tap on the karate chop point, since, among other things, she consumes a biological treatment.  Additionally I used the SORE SPOT on the left side

  • Final SUD(s) – 1
  • Any identifiable toxin problems and how you resolved them?

I am still going through the diagnostic course so I have not used toxin neutralization.

Since I am certified in the NAET method in muscle testing I discovered that the biological treatment is a toxin for her. That’s why I instructed her to do a toxin sequence at home.

  • Client comments (if any – including any indicators of the Apex Problem)
    She was surprised at how quickly the intensity of the back pain decreased, especially after suffering from it for several days
  • Your own comments on the case described

Since she is a regular patient and sometimes suffers from mood swings, I was debating whether to use the chronic pain and depression algorithm.  But after questioning and realizing that it was due to a specific fear, I decided to use their allegory for fear and anxiety

Case 2

  • A brief history of the client and their problem

34 years old. Trying to conceive for several years without success.

From a physical point of view, she was examined and there is no medical background or problem in the reproductive system.

At the age of 25, she was raped by her partner and had to have an abortion.

Since then she felt a constant tightness in the chest area and difficulty breathing.

In the conversation, she said that she was a “murderer” because she killed the fetus, and that’s why she doesn’t deserve to be a mother

  • The algorithms you chose to use and why.

Trauma, fear and anxiety

The rape and subsequent abortion are particularly traumatic for her

  • Baseline and intermediate SUD(s)

SUD is 10 at the beginning.  After one round it dropped only to 8. Then I asked her to do a 6PR sequence along with Collar bone breathing exercise.

  • Occurrence of PR (if any) – how you knew it was present and at what level

Since there was no significant progress after the sequence and since she is exposed to a lot of toxins in her diet, I asked her to perform a 6PR sequence with the eliminating toxins seq.

  • Final SUD(s) – 1
  • Any identifiable toxin problems and how you resolved them?

I am still going through the diagnostic course so I have not used toxin neutralization, I DID instruct her to perform the toxins sequence + 6 PR

  • Client comments (if any – including any indicators of the Apex Problem)

Her face lit up and she started laughing – she was shocked that the pain disappeared from her chest after many years after a few minutes of treatment.

  • Your own comments on the case described

The patient was instructed to avoid some foods and environmental toxins (I also tested her with the NAET method) and after several months she became pregnant.

Case 3

  • A brief history of the client and their problem

30 years old. Generally healthy. Suffers from chronic headaches that appear in the temples.

Claims not to be in a state of stress (I confirmed this with Japanese medicine reflexes to test the sympathetic system and also by muscle testing)

I noticed that his mood was not good and I asked him about it. He replied that his mood has been low for several years following an unrequited love

  • The algorithms you chose to use and why.

Chronic Pain and Depression.

All the signs indicated that his mood is low and he often shuts himself up at home and rarely meets friends. In addition, the pain is chronic and did not start as a result of trauma or extreme stress

  • Baseline and intermediate SUD(s)

SUD is 8 at the beginning (Headache). After one round it dropped to 4, then to 2 and finally to 1.

  • Occurrence of PR (if any) – how you knew it was present and at what level

In the first stage, SUD was down to 4, so I asked him to tap on the karate point. After that he went down to 2 and because he mentioned that there was unrequited love I asked him to think about the problem and massage the SORE POINT. After that there was a decrease of the SUD to 1.

  • Final SUD(s) – 1
  • Any identifiable toxin problems and how you resolved them?

I am still going through the diagnostic course so I have not used toxin neutralization, but by muscle testing it was clear that wheat is not good from him, So I advised him to avoid it for few weeks.

  • Client comments (if any – including any indicators of the Apex Problem)
    His look changed, before the treatment he was pale and at the end his face was pinker. He left with a smile
  • Your own comments on the case described

It was evident that mood and chronic pain are related to each other so I decided to use this sequence and let him practice 6PR at home along with the sequence of pain.

Chiropractic Practice

  • Chronic Shoulder Pain
  • burning sensation in bilateral feet
  • chronic depression/anxiety
  • fibromyalgia
  • Severe phobia 

Patient 1

Patient 1, male 45 years old came in for a chiropractic treatment with chronic right-sided shoulder pain which has been present for the past 1 year. The nature of the symptom has had an insidious ocurrence with no prior known history of trauma to the shoulder or neck. Over the last 1 year the patient has had difficulty abducting their arm past 90 degrees with excruciating pain in the deltoid and right arm. The patient has been under chiropractic manipulations for the past 1 month with slight improvement in pain but hasn’t really gotten the expected result as one would normally get after1 month of chiropractic manipulations to the neck and shoulder.

Beginning SUD was 8/10. I chose the pain algorithm to begin the treatment because the patient was having limitation in their mobility of the right shoulder and excruciating pain when the arm was attempting to lift up. After performing the pain algorithm sequence before the 9 Gamut, the Sud dropped from an 8 to a 7.5/10. I then had the patient do collar bone breathing while thinking about being pain free in the right shoulder.  After performing the collar bone breathing the patient re-attempted the pain algorithm sequence and noticed a drop in his SUD from 7.5 to a 4. I then had the patient tap the 9 gamut spot and complete the sandwich to which then the SUD dropped to a 3. The pain had come down significantly for the first time in 1 year and the range of motion was about 110 degrees with mild discomfort. I proceeded to have the patient tap for a mini reversal and do the pain algorithm sequence once again and the SUD dropped to a 2 and the range of motion was at 145 degrees abduction. I then had Patient 1 do the floor to ceiling eye roll to complete the treatment.

No known identifiable toxins involved that I was able to correlate at the time but I am continuing to monitor and check for laundry detergents and household cleaning products as the contributing factors in creating a blockage in healing for the patient. I have Patient 1 rub the sore spots throughout the day to keep the healing unblocked.

Patient 1 was blown away from the results in less than 10 minutes of tapping. Nothing had come close to the relief that TFT provided according to the patient. Currently the patient’s SUD ranges between a 1.5 to 2 and I believe with continued usage of daily collarbone breathing for 2 weeks along with rubbing the sore spots throughout the day the patient will be below a SUD of 2.

Patient 2

Is a 61 Year old female patient suffering from burning sensation in bilateral feet, chronic depression/anxiety, and fibromyalgia. The patient has a very high level stress in her work environment which triggers her symptoms and also intensifies them on a day to day basis.

I started off by having Patient 2 do collarbone breathing while thinking about a time in her life when she was calm and in control of her life. She has been on prescription medications for depression, diabetes, anxiety, muscle relaxants and painkillers over many years and I knew it would be wise to start off collarbone breathing to get her neural circuitry balanced first. I then proceeded to have her rub her sore spots while saying out loud 3 times, “Even though I feel anxious and stressed due to my work environment, I love and accept myself completely the way I am.” I then had her tap the 6 PR sequence while thinking about her work environment and how it makes her feel to really key in the emotion. Once the first three steps were completed, I continued on to the anxiety/fear/stress algorithm.

Beginning SUD was 9/10 for anxiety/stress with a SUD of 7/10 for painful muscles in low back, legs, shoulders and neck and a SUD of 8/10 for depression.

After completing the first sandwich of the anxiety algorithm, the SUD dropped to 5/10. I had her do a mini reversal tapping on the side of the hand thinking about work and perform another round of anxiety algorithm to which the SUD dropped to a 2/10. I ended with a floor to ceiling eye roll while having the patient think about having the feeling of anxiety and stress in the workplace leave her body and go high up in the sky far away.

Next I proceeded to have Patient 2 do the depression algorithm and noticed that after having her do half sandwich before the gamut, her SUD dropped to 5/10 but then she mentioned that the feeling of depression moved from her chest to her stomach. So I had her focus her attention on her stomach and have her rub the sore spots while repeating thrice, “even though I feel sad and depressed, it’s okay, I love and accept myself completely.” The feeling of depression in her stomach significantly reduced to a 2. I then had her re-do the depression algorithm sandwich to which her SUD was a 0. We finished off with floor to ceiling eye roll while imagining her feeling of depression going up high in the sky.

To my surprise, once Patient 2 was treated for anxiety and depression, her fibromyalgia pain reduced to a SUD of 4/10. I had patient 2 focus her attention on her painful areas in her body while tapping the pain algorithm to which her SUD dropped to a 2 once the sandwich was completed. From there I had her focus on her pain leaving her body and going up towards the sky as she did the floor to ceiling eye roll to finish the treatment.

The Patient realized that her emotional state directly influenced her pain. Treating this patient along with chiropractic treatments has really helped this patient undergo a transformation.

Patient 3

Is a 37 year old female with cockroach phobia. Case 3 female lives in Singapore where there is a tropical climate all year round which makes the region a favorable one for big cockroaches to be present in the environment. Case 3 female when she sees a cockroach becomes extremely fearful to the point of paralysis and unable to move or walk past the cockroach unless it was killed and disposed of in front of her. This phobia has really affected her day to day routine where she refuses to go out at night alone, or move into a building unless it’s one of the highest floors. She won’t wear open toe sandals or shoes to prevent any self exposure to the insect.

I began the treatment with collarbone breathing while thinking of feeling completely relaxed in her environment and in public places walking confidently. Then I had her tap the 6 PR focusing on releasing her phobia of cockroaches. Next she told me her SUD of cockroaches was a 10/10 when she imagines one in her mind. I had her think of the insect and then had her tap the phobia algorithm to which we got a drop in SUD to a 8/10. I had the female perform a mini reversal and then perform the phobia algorithm and the SUD dropped to a 6. I had her now tap the 9 gamut and rechecked her SUD which was now a 5. She felt the fear in her stomach and so I had her focus on the feeling in her stomach and had her rub the recurring reversal spot while stating out loud thrice, ” even though I am terrified of cockroaches, I love and accept myself exactly the way I am.” Her SUD dropped to a 3 and then I had her repeat the phobia sandwich algorithm to which her SUD was now a 1 when she thought of cockroaches.

The case 3 female was now more comfortable walking alone by herself without needing assistance when outdoors. She felt much calmer and in control. At the end we completed the treatment with the floor to ceiling eye roll while imagining the feeling evaporate into the sky very high.

Case 3 female didn’t expect a phobia to dissipate so rapidly from tapping a few points. She was extremely grateful and learned the phobia sequence and decided to use it whenever she felt she may encounter a cockroach and it has really enabled her to gain her confidence back and start living more freely after a very long time.

Dear TFT Community,

My name is Leandro Percário.  I´m from Brazil and I have been so fortunate to meet Dr Roger J. Callahan and Joanne Callahan, the founders of TFT, in 2012 when I organizid their first official TFT training in São Paulo!

My life has been blessed and changed so much since I met them and started practicing TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

At first, I was searching for TFT to help myself to treat depression and traumas that I carried since my teenage time.  TFT really helped me a lot to overcome them, but the greatest joy that TFT brought to my life is so much bigger than that!

In 2013 I myself started teaching official TFT trainings at Algorithm level and continued to promote Joanne´s trainings at the Diagnostic and Voice Technology levels since then.

For this last 11 years I have worked very hard to promote this amazing tool to all Brazil and today we have more than 3.000 official TFT practitioners and literally millions of views of the free TFT videos on YouTube!

It is an amazing joy to read the testimonials my students left under the YouTube videos and hundreds have recorded their testimonials on video and sent them to me!

People who have overcome many different types of problems such as depression, fear, panic, anxiety, trauma, physical pain and much more have started a completely new life after these brief treatments!

This joy to help others is even greater than the relief for treating my own personal issues, which was important too of course. I believe that both things walk together: Do your personal work and help others at the same time.

We don´t have to be perfect and neither have to treat all our problems before we start to help others and you don´t need to help millions of people if you don´t know how to get to them trought the internet because each person you can help is as important as everybody else.

You can and should start practicing for your self and offer without pushing your help to those next to you!

I am sure that when you have the first experience of helping other people to change their live with TFT Help you will feel that amazing joy too!

For me it is like collecting good memories that will always continue to make me feel good for ever and every time and I remember any person I could help! It is a Joy and satisfaction that can only grow bigger with time!

And today my greatest Joy is to know that after 11 years of hard work by the grace of the universe or god or lucky, whatever you choose to believe (for me I believe it was Grace for sure since the beginning) It was given to me the opportunity to teach TFT in an official University in Brazil, called Anhanguera University and we finally will have a certification on TFT Trainings that is recognized by the Brazilian Government Education Ministry!

That means to have more credibility for the society and more people will open their mind to try and experience the beautiful transformation TFT can bring to their lives!

So with much gratitude and happiness I share this message with you!

Keep tapping and be happy!

Founder of TFT Brasil Institute

P.S. We are also doing an Optimal Health Traning on Oct. 27-29 OH with Portuguese translation… click here for details.

A New Study Confirms TFT is Effective in Relieving Odontophobia (Dental Fear)

A dentist and TFT practitioner in Saudi Arabia recently shared the following article with me for our TFT community.  It is just another confirmation of what Dr. Callahan found to be true over 30 years ago. TFT is effective for relieving fears and phobias.


Background: This study aimed to evaluate the moderating effect of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) on dental fear and to compare this therapy with other non-medical fear-reduction methods.

Materials and Methods: We enrolled 160 Saudi women who had presented to King Saud University College of Dentistry Primary Clinics for restorative dental treatment. The participants were randomly assigned into four groups of 40, each of which was subjected to a different fear management treatment: TFT; Tell, Show, and Do (TSD) technique; Control Shift (CS); or negative control (NG) in which no fear-reduction method was used. Each participant completed a pre-operative questionnaire and a post-operative questionnaire immediately after the dental procedure. Both questionnaires measured dental fear, pulse rate, and blood pressure. Data were collected and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences program.

Results: The dental fear survey score for the tested sample was 44/100, indicating moderate dental fear. The TFT group showed significantly low dental fear (p < 0.05) after treatment, whereas the TSD and Control Shift groups showed significantly high blood pressure and pulse rate (p < 0.05). Approximately 65% of patients in the TFT group would recommend this method to reduce fear; 57% patients in the TSD groups were satisfied, and 55% of patients in the Control Shift group were satisfied. Only 25% of patients in the negative control group were satisfied (25%).

Conclusion: TFT was more effective than both TSD and CS in reducing dental fear.


Since we have created our Diagnostic Level TFT online course, I am amazed at the case studies our students have turned in.  It is heart-warming to see the kinds of things they are able to help with their families and clients.  The following case studies are an example of challenging situations and the kind of difference we can make in the lives of those with cancer and disabilities.  These differences not only help the individual but the entire family.  Thank you to Terri for sharing these cases with our TFT community.  I hope they will inspire others to use TFT for challenges in their lives.


Terri Smith, Owner, Peaceful Heart Yoga  Case Studies TFT-DX Certification

  1. Client A is a male (61 years old). In addition, to dealing with brain cancer, he learned last week about some heart issues. He has anxiety over this since heart issues run in his family. He has been on the Ketogenic diet since 2017 when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is supposed to reduce inflammation in the brain but now a routine CT-Scan of his heart shows high calcium score which needs to be addressed.
  • We started with the CB to relax him before we started.
  • SUD6 Problem: Anxiety over recent CT-Scan that shows high calcium score for heart.
  • Calibrate
  • Muscle Tests for specific PR levels
  • Corrected Levels 3 (tapped chin), Level 4 (tapped MF) and Level 6 (tapped collarbone).
  • Muscle Test was weak so tested alarm points
  • Tested Alarm Points- I started at the bottom and worked my way.
  • 9 Gamut Series with treatment points (EB, IF, E, A, C and Chin)
  • SUD – 4/Muscle Test strong
  • Test for Mini-PRs and corrected
  • Muscle Test was strong but SUD 2
  • Considered toxins and asked him to tap IF and side of hand and retest okay. After tapping, he said he felt better. The tapping worked. His face flushed. We could not find anything else that would affect the treatment, no watch, cell phone, computer or anything near him. Clothes were cleaned with 7th Generation and we tested for that again to be sure. All was okay. He really liked the tapping and it was the first time I could visually see his body change that dramatically.
  • Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll
  • SUD 1 – He was visibly calmer. His face was flushed when we were done and his body appeared to be less tense. While I was typing my notes, he said that what we did helped. He felt “more relaxed”. That was a big realization for him. He is very calm on the outside so being able to communicate that he is calmer on the inside was progress.
  1. Client B is my daughter with special needs. She is 27 years old and is a twin. She is multiply- handicapped and needs 24/7 care due to an infection that caused a brain bleed and hydrocephalus. She suffers from complex migraines that cause seizures. We used my husband as the surrogate. He touched her with his right hand while he thought about her migraines and I did the muscle test with his left arm. She actually was experiencing a migraine when we worked with her so it was the perfect time for us to do this. Initially, she was fidgeting but as we progressed, she fully cooperated, remained still and was really listening to everything we said too.
  • We started with the CB to relax all of us!
  • SUD7 Problem: Complex migraines/chronic pain (We did the muscle test to see where her SUD was. The first question was “Is her SUD 7 or greater?” It was strong. Then I narrowed it down by testing each number 7 and above. The number 7 was the only strong arm. We also re-tested the SUD with Dave doing the self-test with his arm. Again, 7 was the number. It was long/strong. Everything else was short/weak.
  • Calibrate
  • Arm muscle test while her father focused on her migraines/pain and touched her with his right hand. His left arm was strong when I tested.
  • Muscle Tests for specific PR – two tests, “I want to be over the migraines” was long/strong and “I want to keep the migraines” was long/strong. (Level 1 PR-tapped side of hand 15 times)
  • Muscle Test while he was thinking of the problem was weak so tested alarm points
  • Tested and treated necessary Alarm Points-
  • Muscle Test while thinking of problem strong/tested for Mini-PR – all good/strong.
  • 9 Gamut Series with above highlighted treatment points (EB, E, G, IF) While my her father touched our daughter with his right hand, I tapped his G point and IF on his left hand. She was cooperating with his touch. We did not want to alarm her with tapping on his hand/finger that was touching her. It really worked. She was paying attention and extremely calm. Usually when she has a migraine she gets hyper. Thankfully, it never progressed to that point during or after we did the tapping.
  • SUD – 1 We tested for specific SUD number. We initially asked if it was 3 or under. Then we tested specific numbers, 3, 2, 1, and was amazed when the number was 1! My husband was really surprised too. I believe he was trying extra hard to resist me and was shocked whenever his arm was weak.
  • Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll
  • My daughter is a challenge. However, tapping really worked for her. We are grateful to have something new to help her with that is non-invasive and not a prescription. She was extremely calm afterward, smiled, and never required her migraine cocktail of pills the day we practiced this. I do believe my husband staying connected with her helped a lot. Ever since our daughter has been reaching out for his hand and placing it on her arm. She must have really felt the benefits because if she did not like it she would have fought us and pushed his hand away.


Follow-up permission and update:  I am okay if you mention her. She is my greatest teacher, so I have been getting braver and mentioning her more lately, especially in a manuscript I am working on to help others. Both my husband and I are amazed at how well TFT works for her. I just used it on her today when she was in the middle of a meltdown. It is the only thing I can do sometimes to calm her when she has migraines.

Case Study Reflecting Today’s World
(shared with client permission)

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

A client was referred to me back in September 2020 asking for assistance with the following symptoms (a partial list) :

  • Not functioning well at work and became immobilized
  • ADD – lack of focus
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Time management and organization problems
  • Poor impulse control (binging on TV)
  • Procrastination
  • Fear of people and authority
  • Frequent headaches and migraines

In his own words: Read more

Mental health challenges are on the rise around the world.  News, politics, restrictions feed these fears daily. They are not limited to age, sex, or demographics, affecting rich and poor.  As this trend continues with the current restrictions and health challenges, it becomes more important than ever to have solutions.  At TFT, we have some simple tools that can be shared to help those struggling with their feelings and emotions.  I have placed some simple to follow videos on YouTube, and below are some examples of cases from one of our new algorithm practitioners.  See how simple it is to bring profound relief to young and old. Read more

Just stop for a minute and think about the difference we can make in children’s lives if we can quickly tap away their fears and traumas, as they occur.  Fear is a negative, contractive state which attracts more of the same.  Many suffer from this state every day and the number is increasing substantially.

They are growing up in unprecedented and frightening times. Global stress is at an all-time high: health pandemic, racism, masks, social distancing, financial insecurity, political tension… The news reminds all of us, including our children, of what we should fear every time we turn on the TV or internet.  There are so many things for them to be upset about, all painting a very scary picture for our children.

But, if we daily tap away the fear, they can feel safe.  They can go to school or out to events without fears such as speaking to adults or peers, they are free to enjoy, engage and expand, more fully reaching their potential.

I wanted to share what two of our TFT Trainers and practitioners recently shared with me.  Both are amazing, simple examples of how we can improve the lives of our children and tap away their fears.


Hello again Joanne

I wanted to share with you a lovely story.

On the weekend we went for a walk with My husband my 5-year-old and myself.  We were walking on some rocks on the beach and my son was just in front of us and all of a sudden he screamed with terror, in that quick moment we saw a brown snake slide over his foot and slithered away under the rocks.   He almost flew off the rocks he jumped so high and fast and was hysterical.

I immediately jumped off and I started tapping him immediately EB E A C.  Within a few seconds he was smiling and happy. In fact, he felt quite brave and proud of himself for his encounter and was excited to tell his big sister about it when we got home.

When we go home a couple of hours later we had strangely all forgotten about the incident.  About 5 hours later I remembered that we forgot to share the story with our Daughter and I said “Edson you forgot to tell Desiree what happened to you today”  he looked at me puzzled?  and I said remember? and made an action with my hand of a snake…he still did not remember then I said Snake and he said oh yes and proceeded to tell his sister as a matter of fact like it was no big deal.

It was quite amazing to watch.  I am forever grateful that as a parent I have these tools literally at my fingertips to use whenever I need them.

Rosanna Mosca, Naturopath/Counsellor
BHSc, ND, Dip CH, Dip Psych, TFTdx


This next case was sent to me by Marcia Tillman BSc (Hons)

I am a student from one of Roger Callahan’s “Thought Field Therapy – Algorithm Level” courses taught by Marcia Tillman.  This was supposed to be a face to face classroom course but due to covid it was taught online.  I was a bit skeptical initially, on how such a course could be transferred online, but it worked amazingly.    With Zoom’s technology, with the Breakout rooms, it worked a dream.  There was a lovely mix of theory, practice sessions with energizers thrown in the mix.  Thank you Marcia for a lovely way to be taught.  

I am a Kinesiologist and trained in Touch for Health and Brain Gym and I came on the course to add a new tool to my tool box.  I didn’t know what to expect and was very open-minded.  I came away from the course delighted to have a fantastic additional tool to add to my tool box.   Thought Field Therapy is absolutely amazing and is very simple to follow.  It is really good for people who have phobias, shyness, social anxiety, emotional issues……the list goes on.   As part of the course I had to do some case studies.  I would like to share one of them.  

One of my case studies was on my daughter who is very shy talking to adults she doesn’t know very well (e.g teachers, hairdressers etc.).  My daughter had a hair appointment and I couldn’t take her, due to a diary clash, so she had to go alone.  She is 16.   She was really nervous about going, so I asked her if she wanted to do some Thought Field Therapy around her social anxiety around unfamiliar adults.  She agreed.  So we spent no more than 15 minutes doing the Thought Field Therapy algorithm sequence, the day before her appointment.  

The next day, when I returned from my meeting, my daughter ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug!  She shouted “I did it!  I did it!  I wasn’t nervous going to the hairdressers and I really enjoyed chatting to my hairdresser!  Thank you so much mum!”  I was so pleased for my daughter and so impressed with the power of Thought Field Therapy, as this social anxiety issue (with unfamiliar adults) has been a problem for many years.  This problem has completely gone away for my daughter and her confidence has grown with it.  

I would highly recommend Thought Field Therapy Algorithm training.   It is useful as a parent, as a teacher, as a therapist or any other professional.    It is quick, simple to follow, and most importantly, instantly effective.   Thank you Marcia!

Paula, Kinesiologist UK

We can all learn these simple tools from either live events at the algorithm level with our trainers.  Both Rosanna and Marcia offer live courses:  Click here for details

Or, online with our Algorithm Certification course:  

The blocking of the healing process can be caused by simple things that we all have around the house.  Something as simple as laundry detergent or cleaning products.

I know this from personal experience.  In 2001 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL).  I have been cancer free since March of 2003, with no recurrence in that time.  I did no chemo or radiation or surgery.

One of the most important things Roger and I learned while treating me was the possible role of toxins and how their presence can not only block healing but aggravate the disease state.  We found that when the cancer tumors had a positive polarity (based on the work of Harold Saxton Burr, Blueprint for Immortality) the tumors would grow but when we could keep them in negative polarity they would shrink and die.  We could measure this polarity with a simple voltmeter, which confirmed what we could identify with TFT Voice Technology testing. Read more

TFT Doing Amazing for Prisoners and Dogs.

I want to share this amazing story with all of you.  I have been so heartened to see the many TFT practitioners around the world stepping up and helping others who need assistance.  They are helping children, health care workers on the front line, and even free sessions for those struggling with stress and fear.  This great story is yet another way we can use our TFT tapping tools to assist in all areas of our lives including our pets.


By Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv
Optimal Health Trained TFT Practitioner & long time fan!

I was lucky to spend time in a rare & unusual prison program that acted as a dog fostering circuit for inmates who had earned special privileges.

The Warden of this Men’s Medium Security Prison in Florida (who no longer has his position there) never embraced the dog fostering program and “went gunning” for one particular dog.  This dog was labeled by the Warden as “extremely dangerous” because he barked when uniformed staff stood in front of his kennel.  Very, very close.  This was incorrectly termed as “aggressive behavior” and it was our job [the crew of male inmate fosterers, dog trainer & myself] to get it sorted out—FAST!

The dog trainer had me stand in front of the dog’s locked crate in the men’s barracks and we tried to de-sensitize him by having me & others & uniformed staff approach the crate and stand right in front of it.

Progress was a bit slow…so time to sneak in some TFT.

I took advantage of my physical position in front of the crate and tapped for the dog this sequence:  PR – E – G50 a couple of times in succession.  That was all I did.

The dog immediately changed, settled and seemed to take the hint.  The “problem dog” embraced the great training intervention, good care from the men & some secret TFT.  All was resolved beautifully and quickly.

There are many more dog stories from Prison to share.

The attached photo is me (in red, NOT in the prison uniform!) with the terrific final crew of men & dogs I had the great privilege to work with.

I owe them a debt of gratitude for all they taught me.

Much love,

Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv