The blocking of the healing process can be caused by simple things that we all have around the house.  Something as simple as laundry detergent or cleaning products.

I know this from personal experience.  In 2001 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL).  I have been cancer free since March of 2003, with no recurrence in that time.  I did no chemo or radiation or surgery.

One of the most important things Roger and I learned while treating me was the possible role of toxins and how their presence can not only block healing but aggravate the disease state.  We found that when the cancer tumors had a positive polarity (based on the work of Harold Saxton Burr, Blueprint for Immortality) the tumors would grow but when we could keep them in negative polarity they would shrink and die.  We could measure this polarity with a simple voltmeter, which confirmed what we could identify with TFT Voice Technology testing. Read more

TFT Doing Amazing for Prisoners and Dogs.

I want to share this amazing story with all of you.  I have been so heartened to see the many TFT practitioners around the world stepping up and helping others who need assistance.  They are helping children, health care workers on the front line, and even free sessions for those struggling with stress and fear.  This great story is yet another way we can use our TFT tapping tools to assist in all areas of our lives including our pets.


By Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv
Optimal Health Trained TFT Practitioner & long time fan!

I was lucky to spend time in a rare & unusual prison program that acted as a dog fostering circuit for inmates who had earned special privileges.

The Warden of this Men’s Medium Security Prison in Florida (who no longer has his position there) never embraced the dog fostering program and “went gunning” for one particular dog.  This dog was labeled by the Warden as “extremely dangerous” because he barked when uniformed staff stood in front of his kennel.  Very, very close.  This was incorrectly termed as “aggressive behavior” and it was our job [the crew of male inmate fosterers, dog trainer & myself] to get it sorted out—FAST!

The dog trainer had me stand in front of the dog’s locked crate in the men’s barracks and we tried to de-sensitize him by having me & others & uniformed staff approach the crate and stand right in front of it.

Progress was a bit slow…so time to sneak in some TFT.

I took advantage of my physical position in front of the crate and tapped for the dog this sequence:  PR – E – G50 a couple of times in succession.  That was all I did.

The dog immediately changed, settled and seemed to take the hint.  The “problem dog” embraced the great training intervention, good care from the men & some secret TFT.  All was resolved beautifully and quickly.

There are many more dog stories from Prison to share.

The attached photo is me (in red, NOT in the prison uniform!) with the terrific final crew of men & dogs I had the great privilege to work with.

I owe them a debt of gratitude for all they taught me.

Much love,

Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv

We all have an excellent opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve in these challenging times.  People are spending a lot more time in front of their screens. But is it productive time?  Once they’re done binging on Netflix and what is in their refrigerator, what happens next?  Is procrastination getting in the way of your success?

Right now many of us have the perfect opportunity to learn that new skill, start a new hobby, plan our own business, become that creative artist we always knew was within us.

But, we are in a pandemic and a lot of people are trapped within the negative energy of fear, trauma, anger, frustration – they are suffering in many different ways.

TFT has an exceptional set of tools that we can use to help us move forward in a positive manner and even thrive under the current limitations.

I created three YouTube videos with free tapping sequences to release the trapped negative emotions and support our immune health.  You can see them here.

This weekend I will be leading a live, interactive webinar on how to deal with the traumatic aspects of our current world situation.  You can join me here.

Below I am sharing a simple case study from one of our new algorithm level practitioners about how she helped her friend eliminate her procrastination and become the painter she really was.  She shares the common tapping sequences, algorithms, she used.

Case Study:

Female Aged 47 years: Procrastination getting in the way of success.

My second case study involved a friend who had talked about how frustrated she was with herself for procrastinating. She is a painter on top of her day job and often takes on commissions for people.

Recently my friend was feeling like she wasn’t finishing any of her paintings, and sometimes she would do anything to avoid painting. She felt frustrated, and this was beginning to get her down because she kept putting off painting, something she previously loved doing.

I began by asking my friend to describe what happens when she decides to paint, she explained that she would find other things to do and avoid painting. She described feeling shame and guilt, and this was making her feel low. I asked her how this felt in her body when she thought about this, and she described having a ‘fuzzy head’ and ‘a sickness feeling in her stomach’.

I suggested we begin getting rid of all the blocks to her getting her painting done. I started by asking her if she could visualize herself getting her paintings finished, which she could so I felt confident this would help. I asked my friend to visualize herself successfully painting while imagining removing all the blocks to this. We then tapped the 5 PRS : Side of hand, under nose, under chin, middle finger, outside eye. Partway through the tapping I asked her to focus on the affirmation ‘I am successfully finishing my paintings’.

I then chose the following algorithm of procrastination and also included shame and guilt, as she had talked about these two feelings when she thought of how procrastinating made her feel. I asked my friend to focus on her reluctance to finish her paintings and hold this in mind while we tapped. I asked her to provide a SUD score based on how she felt now when she thought of procrastinating. She gave me a score of 9. We then tapped the following:

e , a , c, + ch + if , c 9G       e , a , c, + ch + if , c

I asked my friend how she felt after this, she still felt the frustration of procrastination but less so, she gave me the SUD score of 5. I then decided to do the first PR (tapping the side of the hand for 20 seconds) we then repeated the algorithm above, and I reminded her to focus on the reluctant feeling to finish her paintings.

I again asked her to rate the feeling and describe how she felt in her body. She felt much more relaxed, and her stomach felt settled and her head less fuzzy. She gave me a SUD of 2. I thought about stopping at this point since we had brought the score down significantly, however, I felt it would be worth trying the next psychological reversal to see if we could lower her score more and rid of her all the fuzziness in her head, we therefore tapped collarbone breathing, and repeated the above algorithm again.

After this I asked again how she felt, this time she couldn’t give me a score as she felt relaxed in her body and thoughts, and positive about painting again. We therefore finished with the Floor to Ceiling eye roll. During this she repeated an affirmation about finishing her paintings successfully.

I suggested my friend continue with the 5PRs at home a few times a day, focusing on letting go of all blocks to painting and using a positive affirmation of successfully finishing her paintings. I also suggested she use the above algorithm to practice at home regularly or when she felt she was beginning to procrastinate.

The next day my friend emailed me a painting she had finished. She had practiced both tapping practices in the morning, and then gone on to finish one of her paintings later in the day. She said she felt focussed again and was determined to give herself the space to paint and would carry on using the tapping to help her move forwards with her painting.

During our morning walk, on our lovely beach near our home in Costa Rica, we took our morning swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. Occasionally, there are jellyfish present and I experienced some stings from them. The stings are mild and create, what I thought would be a mild reaction, itching and stinging of the skin area touched. Adrian experienced the same symptoms.

After swimming, we continued our walk. Shortly thereafter, I experienced a very rapid heartbeat, to the extent of becoming light-headed. I immediately tapped for it and it reduced somewhat. However, it did not stop. So, we sat down on the sand and I began testing.

Most often, atrial fib and rapid heartbeat are aggravated by toxins so I tried to see what I may have used or eaten that morning but came up with nothing that was a toxin. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, still with rapid heartbeat, I remembered the jellyfish stings. I tested it and sure enough, it was a toxin. I immediately tested and used the toxin treatment.

The rapid heartbeat then slowly stopped. Within about 2 minutes all traces of the atrial fib were gone. Now, had I not had the tools to do the testing and neutralization, I could have rushed off to the emergency room, undergone all kinds of tests, and then been offered medication to handle it.

NOTE: I am relatively sensitive to insect bites and this kind of reaction, and highly allergic to bees. Adrian had no reaction to the jellyfish.

While I am certainly not advocating that you not use emergency medical attention when needed, I feel it is a blessing to be able to test and identify then neutralize this kind of effect. I do believe we all should have that kind of control and power for self-healing.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Joanne Callahan

When Dr. Roger Callahan began developing TFT and tapping, he studied many fields and combined the knowledge he gained from all of those fields to develop this natural healing system.  Robert O Becker’s book The Body Electric was one of his favorite and early studies.  I still have his copy, marked excessively with notes and comments on testing he did from what he learned.

Even then, Dr. Robert O. Becker (1985) wrote of how the immune system is weakened by manmade electromagnetic fields (EMF) via the induction of “subliminal stress”: Read more

Below is an excerpt of an article that recently came to me from Metagenics Institute where I obtain my supplements.  It is particularly relevant for us in the TFT world as it is addressing stress, the topic of our upcoming webinar.  The studies show the deleterious effects of stress on our systems and that meditation and acupuncture (using the same meridian system as TFT) are beneficial.

Click here for the complete article.

What is stress?

An integrated definition of stress states that it is a constellation of events, starting with a stimulus (stressor) that precipitates a reaction in the brain (stress perception) and results in the activation of the physiological fight-or-flight systems in the body (stress response).1

Stress is a fact of life. We all face stressors of some sort in our day-to-day lives; whether psychological, physiological, or physical. We have evolved with stress, and many of us have learned techniques to manage various stressors, so it makes sense to explore the biological ways in which stress impacts our health.

Research has shown that varying degrees and durations of stress affect each of us differently, and short-term stress (lasting from minutes to a few hours) may actually benefit our immune health; in contrast, weeks, months, or years of stress can be detrimental to our health.2

Physiological stress

Many of us are familiar with the “fight-or-flight” response—you may envision an emergency situation like being chased by a lion or needing to react quickly to another dangerous situation. You may even feel your heart racing just thinking about such a scenario. This is the effect of the sympathetic nervous system: stimulus (lion) plus reaction in brain (stress perception), creating a fight-or-flight response in your body (stress response).

In a perceived threatening scenario, where the sympathetic nervous system response is stimulated, norepinephrine and epinephrine potentiate increased arousal, alertness, focus, and core temperature. At the same time, pain thresholds, cardiovascular output, respiratory rate, and blood flow to the brain and skeletal muscles also increase.5

Interestingly, a review of the science suggests that acute stress activates the immune system. Immune activation may be critical for responding to the immediate demands of a stressful situation, especially if the situation results in wounding or infection.

While short-term stress can be an immune stimulator, the same is not true of long-term physiological stress.1 Long-term stress suppresses, or dysregulates, innate and adaptive immune responses.

Psychological stress

Just as we all have differing genetic and biochemical composition, we also have varying responses to stressors. There are significant individual differences in stress perception, processing, appraisal, and coping.6 Sometimes there may be a crossover between the mind and body, as in the fight-or-flight response. The stimulus may be stressful mentally and require physical action.

But what about psychological stress that poses no pressing physical danger? Perhaps a stressful work project requiring a few long days and nights? Or the droning on of work, relationship, or other emotional woes? There are many lifestyle factors that may come into play when individuals experience long-standing mental stress. Financial and social support factors have been studied, as well as nutritional intake, sleep quality, and lifestyle decisions (exercise frequency, alcohol consumption, drug use, etc.).5 All of these factors play indirect roles in stress-related immunosuppression; however, many direct effects on immunity have also been demonstrated.5-7

Lifestyle approaches for stress management

While the side effects of stress are far-reaching, (shown in detail in the full article) there are some lifestyle-related activities that can help quell the effects of life’s worries. One method, supported by considerable evidence, is the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Meditation represents a mental training framework for cultivating the state of mindful awareness in daily life.

Regular aerobic exercise, acupuncture, breathing exercises, and progressive muscular relaxation also help individuals to manage stress.27

More studies are needed to explore the physiological benefits of mindfulness and other stress-management techniques, but there is hope for finding a preferred tactic to support all personality types and stressors.

Join us on our Live Video classes and discover how TFT can help you overcome stress:

Tapping Therapy for Well Being



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Whitney Crouch, RDN, CLT

While it sounds hard to believe, so did tapping under the eyes to cure a phobia.

Since the early 1980’s the feats of TFT have been hard to believe and have held up over time. TFT is a constantly evolving healing modality, and now we have added a new level of healing and use of the meridian systems. Combined with our new 5 PR’s and resonance testing, we have just initiated it with our VT Conference and Advanced workshop attendees. This new protocol will be a cornerstone of our new Personal Healing Retreats, the first of which will be in December in Costa Rica.

Adrian Alexander, the developer of the technology describes it as follows:

We have created a positive polarity application through the use of the meridian system – which has 14 meridians. Out of the 14, 12 meridians represent the negative polarity and are energetically dominant or more active than the opposing 12 meridians that represent the positive polarity. We apply this principle of balance by creating, with the use of audio technology (positive polarity application) of specific audio vibrational frequencies that we use directly on the meridian points. That means we are simply using the two sides of the body containing the same meridians on the left side and the right side to allow us to apply this balancing technology and create balance not only in our physical body but effectively in our multidimensional being, from dense to subtle.

Through research and testing, we found that we can make this technology more effective if we utilize a specific frequency that not only creates balance through the meridian system but has been proven to spike the production of the hormone telomerase – thereby enhancing anti-aging (Cosic, Cosic and Lazar, 2015).”

Immediately following the VT Conference some of our long-time practitioners at the advanced level joined us to experience this new technology. Their comments ranged from “This is good”, “I feel great!”, “….my experience was very similar to how I feel after a meditation. I felt very relaxed, grounded, focused and energized (balanced and sustained energy)“, to detailed descriptions:

From the beginning of the session, I experienced immediate opiation followed by rejuvenation and a sense of well-being. I maintained, with ease, the opiation and high meditative state throughout the session and for a good 24 hours following the session. – AA

Immediately after the treatment I felt good. During it, as I mentioned, I experienced some very cool visual phenomena that I hadn’t expected, and a feeling of glowing happiness.

About an hour or two later I wondered if there was “Anything in my system, physical or etheric, that was resisting the treatment.” Testing this I found that there was. I corrected these three things and began to feel a tremendous energy level. I felt as if I could climb tall buildings and go faster than a speeding train all in a positive and happy way. I was doing a lot of driving and enjoyed a couple of hikes along the Blue Ridge. – Roger Ludwig, TFT-Adv

I had a nice after dinner Meridian Balance session. It was a nice feeling while they did it and it carried over. I never had it before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to sleep about 10 PM with a set alarm for 5 AM. I had a long drive of ten hours back to Canada.

The next morning on my way down from the mountain (Wintergreen Resort-where the Advanced workshop was) I had a sensational feeling of total understanding. Everything was suddenly clear, I could even see the trees breathing. It was an emotional high I wish to experience again. It lasted for a whole day. I want MORE… – Chuck Mezei, TFT-Adv

If you haven’t heard about the anti-aging effects of telomeres or telomerase you can view this brief article in Science News: Hidden secret of immortality enzyme telomerase Can we stay young forever, or even recapture lost youth? Date: February 27, 2018 Source: Arizona State University


Dr. Niki Hearty, Hospital, President
Department of Psychiatry, Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine (200 inpatients)

Apr. 14 9:26pm – Magnitude (M) 6.5 earthquake.  Everybody thought it was the main quake, but it was actually the foreshock. After the foreshock, nobody anticipated there would be another larger quake, but there was.

A day later, 1:25 AM of the 16th, the main quake, M 7.3 occurred.

Many houses and buildings collapsed.  Many people were frightened of having another big quake, so they slept in their cars. They experienced hopelessness after they cleaned up all the mess in their houses and then an even much worse quake came, creating more destruction. Read more

weight loss through EFT

by Fränzi Ng, Ed.D., TFT-Dx, RCT •

I was sitting on the sofa with my 5-year old reading stories when he suddenly exclaimed in amazement: “Mommy, how do you do that?!” He was pointing at my tummy.

There it was, sticking out like a soccer ball, plump and solid.

Unfortunately, it was not due to another pregnancy or bad posture. No, my son simply pointed out the obvious: mommy had a gut.

For some reason, I was not able to reciprocate my son’s enthusiasm and admiration.

Instead, I felt embarrassed to see myself like that. However, I was not ready to do anything about it. Not yet.

The life-changing insight did not come until about a month later when my husband and I were sitting in an elegant Vancouver restaurant, enjoying a sumptuous lunch buffet. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks – or a barrel of liposuction fat:

“I cannot go on living like this! I cannot go on pretending that every meal is an all-you-can-eat feast, and he or she who eats the most, wins. I don’t think this will be good for my waist line!”

What waist line?

It was on this late December morning that I found the resolve to change my ways with food. My desire to be slim, fit, and healthy was over 40 lbs. slowly and steadily. It is a personal transformation that changed my life in many wonderful and sometimes surprising ways. Read more