Tapping Away Our Children’s Fears

Just stop for a minute and think about the difference we can make in children’s lives if we can quickly tap away their fears and traumas, as they occur.  Fear is a negative, contractive state which attracts more of the same.  Many suffer from this state every day and the number is increasing substantially.

They are growing up in unprecedented and frightening times. Global stress is at an all-time high: health pandemic, racism, masks, social distancing, financial insecurity, political tension… The news reminds all of us, including our children, of what we should fear every time we turn on the TV or internet.  There are so many things for them to be upset about, all painting a very scary picture for our children.

But, if we daily tap away the fear, they can feel safe.  They can go to school or out to events without fears such as speaking to adults or peers, they are free to enjoy, engage and expand, more fully reaching their potential.

I wanted to share what two of our TFT Trainers and practitioners recently shared with me.  Both are amazing, simple examples of how we can improve the lives of our children and tap away their fears.


Hello again Joanne

I wanted to share with you a lovely story.

On the weekend we went for a walk with My husband my 5-year-old and myself.  We were walking on some rocks on the beach and my son was just in front of us and all of a sudden he screamed with terror, in that quick moment we saw a brown snake slide over his foot and slithered away under the rocks.   He almost flew off the rocks he jumped so high and fast and was hysterical.

I immediately jumped off and I started tapping him immediately EB E A C.  Within a few seconds he was smiling and happy. In fact, he felt quite brave and proud of himself for his encounter and was excited to tell his big sister about it when we got home.

When we go home a couple of hours later we had strangely all forgotten about the incident.  About 5 hours later I remembered that we forgot to share the story with our Daughter and I said “Edson you forgot to tell Desiree what happened to you today”  he looked at me puzzled?  and I said remember? and made an action with my hand of a snake…he still did not remember then I said Snake and he said oh yes and proceeded to tell his sister as a matter of fact like it was no big deal.

It was quite amazing to watch.  I am forever grateful that as a parent I have these tools literally at my fingertips to use whenever I need them.

Rosanna Mosca, Naturopath/Counsellor
BHSc, ND, Dip CH, Dip Psych, TFTdx


This next case was sent to me by Marcia Tillman BSc (Hons)

I am a student from one of Roger Callahan’s “Thought Field Therapy – Algorithm Level” courses taught by Marcia Tillman.  This was supposed to be a face to face classroom course but due to covid it was taught online.  I was a bit skeptical initially, on how such a course could be transferred online, but it worked amazingly.    With Zoom’s technology, with the Breakout rooms, it worked a dream.  There was a lovely mix of theory, practice sessions with energizers thrown in the mix.  Thank you Marcia for a lovely way to be taught.  

I am a Kinesiologist and trained in Touch for Health and Brain Gym and I came on the course to add a new tool to my tool box.  I didn’t know what to expect and was very open-minded.  I came away from the course delighted to have a fantastic additional tool to add to my tool box.   Thought Field Therapy is absolutely amazing and is very simple to follow.  It is really good for people who have phobias, shyness, social anxiety, emotional issues……the list goes on.   As part of the course I had to do some case studies.  I would like to share one of them.  

One of my case studies was on my daughter who is very shy talking to adults she doesn’t know very well (e.g teachers, hairdressers etc.).  My daughter had a hair appointment and I couldn’t take her, due to a diary clash, so she had to go alone.  She is 16.   She was really nervous about going, so I asked her if she wanted to do some Thought Field Therapy around her social anxiety around unfamiliar adults.  She agreed.  So we spent no more than 15 minutes doing the Thought Field Therapy algorithm sequence, the day before her appointment.  

The next day, when I returned from my meeting, my daughter ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug!  She shouted “I did it!  I did it!  I wasn’t nervous going to the hairdressers and I really enjoyed chatting to my hairdresser!  Thank you so much mum!”  I was so pleased for my daughter and so impressed with the power of Thought Field Therapy, as this social anxiety issue (with unfamiliar adults) has been a problem for many years.  This problem has completely gone away for my daughter and her confidence has grown with it.  

I would highly recommend Thought Field Therapy Algorithm training.   It is useful as a parent, as a teacher, as a therapist or any other professional.    It is quick, simple to follow, and most importantly, instantly effective.   Thank you Marcia!

Paula, Kinesiologist UK

We can all learn these simple tools from either live events at the algorithm level with our trainers.  Both Rosanna and Marcia offer live courses:  Click here for details

Or, online with our Algorithm Certification course:  

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