Case Study: TFT’s Proven Trauma Tapping Protocol Has Many Applications

The common tapping sequence for complex trauma has been proven time and time again, both in research and worldwide humanitarian relief. Extreme childhood abuse can manifest in later life into many debilitating symptoms and emotions, like panic when driving to later life depression.

The following two cases are from our recent Algorithm practitioner graduate, Sharon Russell. These are both examples of how simple it can be to change someone’s life for the better. What a gift.


TFT-Algo Course Case Studies:

For Sharon Russell Case Study 1: Client A

Female, age 67, with history of extreme childhood abuse. Presenting with extreme panic when driving on open highways/freeways. She recently moved seven miles away from the nearest grocery store and wants to be able to drive comfortably (free of fear) on the road.

She used to have agoraphobia and conquered it years ago – all except for when driving. Tuning into ‘driving on the highway,’ she rated her SUD as a 9, which I had her write down to deal with possible Apex.

Started with the PR Karate Chop tapping, as just thinking about driving seemed to make her eyes glaze over. Did the algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt (eb – e – a – c – tf – c – if – c), since she had this phobia/panic since in her mid-20’s, and felt it must be tied into her childhood traumas. Also, she has to drive to function in life, but the panic while driving re-traumatizes her every time. Checked SUD and it had dropped to 6, so did the 9 Gamut, and repeated algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt.

Next SUD was 3. Asked her if there was another aspect to work on, and she said that just thinking that she MIGHT panic while driving was making her very uneasy – SUD of 7. So we did the same treatment while she tuned into ‘possible panic while driving.’ (PR Karate Chop spot, Complex Trauma with anger and guilt, 9 Gamut, Complex Trauma with anger and guilt).

Asked her to rate the thought, and her SUD was down to 4. She said she kept visualizing this one spot on her drive to the store, sort of like a snapshot, so we did the same tapping treatment on that. Then she said that the snapshot visual was dimmer, but it felt like a ‘haunting.’ (She didn’t know how to define that precisely, it was just the word that came to mind.) SUD was 6.

So we did the whole treatment for the ‘haunting,’ and afterward she looked surprised and said the ‘haunting’ was gone, and she had a hard time thinking about panicking while driving.

I asked her SUD, which she said was now a 1!

Finished by doing the floor-to-ceiling eye roll. Follow-up: A few days later her husband had driven her to the store. He asked her to drive home from the store so he could eat his fast-food lunch on the way home. She admitted that she expected the panic to return, but was thrilled that it did not. She said she felt just a bit ‘nervy’ (SUD of 1), but she actually drove with ease, keeping up with the flow of traffic, even driving in the fast lane!!

So, the whole TFT-algo process took about 40 minutes and a 40 year old phobia was gone! Amazing


Case Study 2: Client C

Female who describes herself as a Senior Citizen. (“Age? What’s that got to do with it? Just put down Senior Citizen.”)

Presenting with chronic recurring depression. Raised in a family where her father was often verbally and physically abusive, and her mother was extremely depressed. Said she’s suffered from depression off and on since childhood.

When she tuned in to her current feeling of depression, her SUD was 5. Since this is basically a lifelong issue, I chose to start with the PR 6 tapping. Her SUD went down one to 4.

Did the algorithm for Depression (g-50 – c) tapping on both hands. She said she now couldn’t tune into depression, so the SUD was 0. BUT, she now felt ‘spacey,’ which sounded like Environmental Toxins. She said that made sense, since there was a lot of smoke in the air from recent fires.

She tuned into breathing in the smoke and feeling ‘spacey,’ and the SUD was 6.

So we tapped the algorithm for Environmental Toxins (if – c) on both hands. Her SUD went down to 2.

We did the algorithm for Depression once more, just to be sure. She then said she could not tune into feeling depressed, exactly, but still felt ‘not right – not happy.’

Since it seemed that this had its roots in her childhood, I asked her to locate where she felt this ‘not right’ in her body. She said her chest and back of her neck, with an SUD of 6. We tapped the algorithm for Complex Trauma with anger and guilt (eb – e – a – c – tf – c – if – c).

Following that algorithm, she visibly relaxed and sighed – good sign of release! SUD lowered to 3, so we did the 9 Gamut tapping, followed by Complex Trauma with anger and guilt.

Another big sigh! Her SUD was a 2, so we did the floor-to-ceiling eye roll, tapping both hands. Again another big sigh, SUD of 0!

She looked very relaxed, with a slight smile. She said she felt at peace and even slightly hopeful!

Follow-up: She told me later that day that she was surprised to find herself singing out loud and dancing all by herself in the kitchen when putting away the dishes – What a dramatic change!!


In today’s post-pandemic world, we are all experiencing the effects of trauma, including anxiety and depression.

We realize this is such an important topic our next Well-Being webinar will provide TFT’s powerful trauma relief tools…

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I hope to see you there,

Joanne Callahan
President and Co-developer of Thought Field Therapy®

P.S. I also offer private consultations, if you can’t make the live class, where we work together to design a customized healing sequence for you, and identify your blocks to improving your health and well-being, as well as help you find the tools to facilitate your success.

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