Online TFT Training Can Help Trauma Sufferers Exponentially – Communities Healing Themselves

TFT Trauma Online

I recently assisted our Kuwait trainer, Abeer AlOsaimi, to provide TFT algorithm level training for nearly 800 Lebanese trauma relief workers for the Nehna Haddak project supporting the survivors of the bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

I am personally reviewing all of their case studies, 3 each, for their certification at the algorithm level.  If they only did their three cases, that would mean healing support and trauma relief for nearly 2400 people, all in the space of a month.  But they are all doing so much more for their communities.  They are continuing, day in and day out to provide relief to those suffering.

One of the psychologists, RANiA FOUAD AL SOUS, wrote to me about her results and others have been saying the same thing.  She gave me permission to share her comments which are below.  This is such a wonderful example of how we can all help begin healing our world and those in it.  Online training allows us to reach much greater numbers and locations.

Thank you for giving me a chance to write about my experience using TFT to help refugees.

I work as a psychologist in a psychosocial support program in the Palestinian camps in Beirut(Borj El Barajneh- Shatila) with both Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

I work with children and their caregivers on, grief, anxiety, ADHD, anger, violence, child labor, stress, PTSD,  neglect, and abuse. I started using TFT 28/8/2020 with children and adults after attending the TFT training with trainer Abeer AlOsaimi .

I was very surprised and happy to get good instant and after feedback. This is a level up in my work. 

 Children with fear start to smile, play and use the TFT sequence when they are home and had flashbacks or in stressful situations. Spiders are not that scary as they were after only one session, and still 20 days later.  A nine-year-old abused girl who works to support her family said:” I feel my head is lighter no pain in my heart and I like this feeling.” A depressed adult with medication said: ” it is magic, I never thought I can sleep deeply, this is my third tearless week”.  A sad mother with psychosomatic pain all over her body expressed gratefully instant feeling of calmness and rest, and still feeling the same after 10 days. An angry 11 years old boy asked to take the drawing with him home so he can color it with his brother who used to hate and abuse out of jealousy. Children learn the sequences very quickly and welling to do it gladly as they experienced the relief in and after the session. 

Only one month of using TFT to help refugees at work, family at home and friends when they ask for some advice, and always getting great feedback each time.

I would thank you all for giving us this chance to start our healing process after Beirut explosion, and to be able to help the refugees in their healing process too. 

Best Regards, 

Clinical psychologist

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