The Power Tools of TFT – The Source of Tapping Part 2

The first, and probably most important ‘power tool’ of TFT is what Dr. Callahan termed ‘psychological reversal’.  This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” is on how to correct psychological reversals and remove blocks throughout our multi-dimensional being.

This simple correction was actually used in a study in 1988 by Dr. Robert Blaich where it was compared with cranial sacral manipulation and another complex chiropractic procedure and the rapid tapping for psychological reversal demonstrated a 45% improvement in reading speed and comprehension over the other methods tested.  It is a wonderful tool for any student.

It can be easily integrated into or added to any current energy modality or healing practice, and is free, brief and provides you with an explanation and detailed instructions for use, whether you are a practitioner or an individual who just wants to help themselves.

In this series you will gain a deeper understanding of the development of these tools along with a glimpse into the broad clinical applications for their use. You will see how these tools can be used to dramatically improve the quality of life for those struggling with chronic problems, promote the body’s natural healing process and reduce suffering from trauma and other daily stresses.

Joanne Callahan
President and Co-developer of Thought Field Therapy®

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  1. Elizabeth Morgan
    Elizabeth Morgan says:

    I was really pleased to receive your video and started working with it straight away on myself thank you so much Elizabeth


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