The Warden Tried To Blame It On A Dangerous Dog! TFT Helped Win The Day

TFT Tapping First Responders

TFT Doing Amazing for Prisoners and Dogs.

I want to share this amazing story with all of you.  I have been so heartened to see the many TFT practitioners around the world stepping up and helping others who need assistance.  They are helping children, health care workers on the front line, and even free sessions for those struggling with stress and fear.  This great story is yet another way we can use our TFT tapping tools to assist in all areas of our lives including our pets.


By Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv
Optimal Health Trained TFT Practitioner & long time fan!

I was lucky to spend time in a rare & unusual prison program that acted as a dog fostering circuit for inmates who had earned special privileges.

The Warden of this Men’s Medium Security Prison in Florida (who no longer has his position there) never embraced the dog fostering program and “went gunning” for one particular dog.  This dog was labeled by the Warden as “extremely dangerous” because he barked when uniformed staff stood in front of his kennel.  Very, very close.  This was incorrectly termed as “aggressive behavior” and it was our job [the crew of male inmate fosterers, dog trainer & myself] to get it sorted out—FAST!

The dog trainer had me stand in front of the dog’s locked crate in the men’s barracks and we tried to de-sensitize him by having me & others & uniformed staff approach the crate and stand right in front of it.

Progress was a bit slow…so time to sneak in some TFT.

I took advantage of my physical position in front of the crate and tapped for the dog this sequence:  PR – E – G50 a couple of times in succession.  That was all I did.

The dog immediately changed, settled and seemed to take the hint.  The “problem dog” embraced the great training intervention, good care from the men & some secret TFT.  All was resolved beautifully and quickly.

There are many more dog stories from Prison to share.

The attached photo is me (in red, NOT in the prison uniform!) with the terrific final crew of men & dogs I had the great privilege to work with.

I owe them a debt of gratitude for all they taught me.

Much love,

Rudy Hunter, TFT-Adv

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