As the New 5G Networks Arrive, Cell Phone and EMF Radiation Protection is More Important Than Ever.

Current research documents that more and more individuals are being affected by EMF radiation.  The recent article we posted about the research and protests about the new 5G networks is a prime example.  We too have seen an increase in TFT clients that are very sensitive to EMF’s.  Because of this, we have been testing and using many different types of protection over the last two decades.

We have found that Shungite, processed through our Zero Point Energy Field converter, has the strongest shielding and balancing properties of everything we have seen and tested in the last 20 years.  Our clients have seen the benefits and have shared how these products have dramatically improved their quality of life.

The shungite pyramids (+ converter) are VERY powerful!  They block the EMFs from the nearby cell phone towers.  Amazing!  I wish I had known how strong they were before I bought the WaveRider.  Now I will tell all my friends about shungite + zero point.  DR

What is Shungite? Shungite is a powerful energy stone that provides protection from harmful influences, brings grounding, energy balance and harmony. It also has a positive impact on the physical health which we have seen with HRV scans.

Are you EMF-sensitive? If you notice that after a long day of working with gadgets you feel exhausted, insecure or agitated more than usually, you could be. The disturbing symptoms of electromagnetic radiation toxic exposure include anxiety, insomnia, migraines, as well as loss of appetite and out-of-nowhere mood swings.

There are many shielding and protective crystals that you can use, but shungite is the one we use for ourselves and our clients to protect us from EMF. Shungite has proven to protect from up to 98% of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronics around you while keeping the signal intact. It makes the field biocompatible.

Find cell phone and computer protective Shungite Zero Point Energy disks here:

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