The research on TFT and other energy psychology methods continues to grow.  We have compiled many studies on our TFT Foundation Resource Library page, , both scientific and anecdotal since the mid 1990’s   Recently, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) updated their research section and John Freedom and David Feinstein created a Quick Facts.  This is an excellent resource for you to share with clients and colleagues.

Click here to download the list


I am excited to announce the online-first Systematic Literature Review which includes three randomized Thought Field Therapy studies.  Other intervention modalities in the review were various forms of CBT, various forms of psychoeducation, interpersonal therapy, and narrative exposure therapy. Criteria for being included in the review were that it had to be a mental health intervention conducted in a low or middle-income country by professionally trained laypersons. The trial had to be a randomized controlled trial. Our definition of layperson was that they were not already working as a medical or mental health worker such as a doctor, a nurse, a community health worker, or a professional mental health field.

The studies using Thought Field Therapy interventions compared favorably: High effect sizes, short training, and only one treatment.

Eventually, this paper will appear in an in-print edition of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. In its present form, it is still amendable to further editing and formatting.

Mental health interventions by lay counselors: a systematic review and meta-analysis – Scroll down to Systematic Reviews

We sincerely thank Suzanne Connolly and Jenny Edwards for their dedication and hard work on this work.


Dear TFT Community,

I want to share an amazing, well-done video, from our TFT IZERE Center friends in Rwanda.  The TFT Foundation has been working with them since 2006 when we began treating the orphans from the genocide. There have been several studies resulting from our work there and much improvement and healing with the people of Rwanda.

Our first video, From Trauma to Peace, documented this early work. This new video brings us up to date on their inspiring progress, the progression of the TFT programs including working with the Rwandan Corrections System. Take 5 minutes of your time and watch this inspiring video, share it with others and see how you can join this successful healing program.

TFT IZERE RWANDA, to heal a nation!

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Are you living the life of your dreams and achieving all of your desires, or, do some things always seem out of reach?  Do the people and opportunities that come your way reflect your true desires or just the way it has always been?

As I shared with you in weeks one and two, there are some power tools in TFT, the original source of ‘tapping’, that we can all use, no matter what healing modality we are currently using. This week’s video in our series “The Power Tools of TFT” teaches us how and when to use ‘collarbone breathing’ to assist in maintaining balance and peace within our chaotic lives, and align ourselves with what we truly desire.  By aligning ourselves to our desired state-of-being or end goal, we smooth the path to that goal and transcend what we perceive to be ‘in the way”.

This brief, 3-minute procedure is actually a set or group of 40 treatments that Dr. Callahan developed when he was working with George Goodheart, DC in the early years of applied kinesiology (AK).  I will share this brief history with you as well as teach you applications for your life now.

The collarbone breathing can be easily integrated into or added to any current energy modality or healing practice, and is free, brief, and provides you with an explanation and detailed instructions for use, whether you are a practitioner or an individual who just wants to help themselves.

In this video, I describe what collarbone breathing is and how it was painstakingly developed over 30 years ago.

If you find you would like more in-depth application of these tools and how to combine them for the most effective tapping protocols for your self, family or your clients, then join us on our monthly Well-Being webinars.  Following the first two power tools videos, we will learn how we are attracting what is currently in our lives and how we can change that course. Click here to join us: March 13 – Are You Attracting What You Desire?  What is your vibration level?

Yours in well-being,

Joanne Callahan

There have been numerous recent reports from around the world about the increase in suicides of our youth, especially in those under 18.  The lockdown, isolation, school closures and loss of loved ones are all contributing factors and is continuing.  Children’s Health Defense  reports on this sharp rise in an article on 2/3/21.  They give links to the various literature.

They share a November report by the CDC that analyzed emergency room visits in children under 18 during the pandemic. Results showed that although the number of overall emergency room visits fell during 2020, the number of mental health-related visits increased. Data analyzed from the CDC’s National Syndromic Surveillance Program from Jan. 1 through Oct. 17, 2020, and compared to the same period in 2019 showed a 31% increase in mental health issues among adolescents 12 – 17-years-old.

The article talks about the need for increased study, partnership with governments and healthcare providers, and for parents to help their children be able to honestly and without fear communicate their emotional concerns. Parents need to play a more proactive role in their children’s well-being.

Children learn from example. If they regularly witness their loved ones in a state of anxiety, anger, or fear, they are likely to absorb that energy and exhibit similar behavior. Adults used to be better equipped to deal with these negative emotions but many are losing their resiliency with the on-going pandemic conditions.  Children are even more likely to break under the same pressures.  However, if they experience their parents handle things maturely and in a positive frame of mind, they will be more secure and confident.

While we all ‘know’ parents, guardians, educators – those entrusted with the health of our children –  should provide an environment of trust that encourages their wards to share with them their deepest fears and insecurities, many are just too overwhelmed with negative emotions to do so.

What can we do in the world-wide TFT community to help this crisis?  We can do it from a grassroots level, in our homes, with our families and children, one loving soul at a time?  There are proven and specific tapping tools to heal the trauma around us, diffuse the powder-keg emotions and express compassion and acceptance of our children and loved ones.  The TFT Foundation’s trauma relief blog provides these tools for FREE, in 15 languages.  The most common and powerful tapping protocol is for releasing trauma, anger and guilt.  It can be safely shared with anyone.

In addition to this resource, we now have a monthly well-being program.  Our primary focus is timely topics such as eliminating anxiety and fear and the negative emotions we are struggling with to lifting our mood and that of our children. We will approach it from the perspective of our current reality. And, you will have the opportunity to have solutions to your personal concerns, what is disturbing or blocking you in your life right now.

In this class, we will help you stop living merely as a reaction to your environment and respond from the higher place of compassion and love.  As we release the contracted energy, we can expand our vibration to one of joy and love that we can share with others.  We will share tools for quieting our overactive mind and emotions bringing us more patience and resilience.

And, since it is Valentine’s Day next weekend, we will cover some ways to help our relationships whether they be our life partner, children, extended family or at work.  Relationships are often the source of our anxiety, anger and fear.  Let’s turn those feeling into compassion, love and understanding.

Think about how much happier and relaxed you and others around you could be if you responded rather than reacted to life:

  • Paying attention to your loved ones, listening with intention
  • Showing acceptance, with words and thoughts of kindness
  • Feeling forgiveness and compassion for others
  • Creating a safe environment for yourself and family

As we can all see, the need to release and diffuse our negative feelings is vital.  Our children’s lives depend on it.  Join us Feb. 13: Releasing Anxiety, Fear and Anger

I am regularly asked, is TFT successful with recovering addicts?  It is a challenging area for any modality, not just TFT.  But I have seen Jim MacAninch continually help them, and share his success with the greater TFT community.  He has been working at SpiritLife, recovery center, almost four years, driving 125 miles a day to be able to provide TFT and FAST-AIDE with the clients at Spiritlife.  FAST-AIDE is an approach that is included after using TFT.  His dedication has been unmatched.

Since April and the coronavirus, he has been doing his work remotely with continued great success as indicated by the comments of CEO Louis Wagner in their newsletter.

Jim says, “The problems with individual’s finding recovery is getting greater with Veterans, First Responders and Addictions. The problems and solutions are very similar but individuals are having a difficult time working with this group of individuals.“ 

“People need to realize that TFT works extremely well with this population if they learn  how to approach them…..”

Thank you Jim for all your dedication and hard work to bring must deserved healing to this population.

The recent bombing in Beirut left many dead, injured, and traumatized.  The after-effects of this kind of event can be far-reaching and long-lasting.  Sharing TFT’s trauma relief tapping sequences can begin the healing process and dramatically improve the quality of life of all those affected.

Our TFT Algorithm and Diagnostic level trainer, Abeer AlOsaimi, from her healing center, Nafas Center, in Kuwait has done just that, begun the healing process for so many.  They provided TFT algorithm trainings for nearly 800 Lebanese professionals in conjunction with the Organized Psychological Support Campaign “Nehna Haddak” in Lebanon.   These professionals are in turn starting to heal their communities.

I am amazed at the case studies being submitted for their certification process.  They are helping fear, anger, panic, PTSD from the bombing for so many victims.  Some of the victims are still in the hospital, others are living in the community, without homes or family.

Below is an example of the difference the simple TFT trauma algorithm can make in the lives of those who have suffered trauma.  Mireille Youssef, Clinical psychologist, gave me permission to share her cases.  We sincerely hope that this will help inspire others to share these healing tools. Read more

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created a “panic-demic” of epic proportions fueled by chaos, confusion, conflicting information, and politics interfering with scientifically-based health and safety policies and procedures.   Even generally very calm individuals with no prior history of anxiety or panic attacks are experiencing symptoms which are exacerbated by uncertainly and reality-based concerns.

Prolonged high anxiety with being in a red alert state over extended time can deplete the neurochemicals in our brains and bodies that help regulate mood and affect memory and functioning.  Along with the major changes in our lifestyles, work, income, and basic existence, this can readily lead into irritability, fatigue and depression.

Yet our best defense against falling ill or having more severe symptoms is to do all we can to keep our bodies and minds calm and healthy, so our natural immune boosters can be working more optimally.  They are put on hold when we are in fight or flight panic mode as all our energetic resources are channeled into our fleeing or fighting, and not into healing and repairing our cells and tissues, and keeping us well.

Anger, frustration and rage over what is going on feeds into the negative cycle and is exacerbated when we don’t have a constructive channel for our high charge of boiling over energy, and hearing and talking about it without solution focus compounds the problems for our bodies and minds.  Besides the virus, the angst and anxiety can also be contagious and infect those with whom we’re complaining endlessly.  Blaming others keeps us in the victim powerless position that fuels more anxiety and despair, so we need to take responsibility for our own well-being and work on what we can control or contribute toward.

So we need to stop to reflect, get centered (tap on the karate point), and take some slow deep diaphragmatic breaths. While keeping up with the changing guidelines, restrictions and developments, we can start looking at what we can do to maintain and improve our health and well-being, and how we can contribute to making a difference.

We can work on an attitude of gratitude for what we do have and can appreciate (I feel grateful for example to have running water and ample soap and sanitizing agents and availability of telehealth and medical care and shudder to think of the hazards for the homeless and impoverished in our country and in undeveloped countries around the world).

We can tap down our overwhelm, anger/frustration, panic/anxiety, worry, and fatigue/depression with Thought Field Therapy (TFT):


For overwhelm:   tap on the side of the hand 10-15x

For anger, frustration:  tap 5-10c each on the tiny finger, outside edge of eye, liver, under collarbone

For panic, anxiety:  tap 5-10x each  on the eyebrow, under eye, under arm, under collarbone

For worry:  tap 5-10x each under collarbone, under eye, under collarbone

For fatigue, depression:  tap on the gamut spot 30-50x, under collarbone 5-10x


Besides doing all the points mentally by focusing on the points in our minds, we could also tap other points along the same meridian.

Suggestions for alternative tapping points for those we commonly use on the face:

Eyebrow—Bladder Meridian———>> BL 10 at the base of the skull on the back of the head

With elbows out massage or tap the base of the head

Under eye—Stomach Meridian—–>> ST 11 at the base of the neck above the collarbone

Under nose-Governing Vessel——->> DU15 at the base of the skull on the back of the head

(same as bladder meridian)

Under lip—Central Vessel————->> RN 22 at the  collarbone notch

Outside edge of eye—Gall Bladder—->> GB12 at the base of the head by the ear

Repeat as often as needed to get calmer and to be able to shift perspectives and think more constructively about what could help.  We could do what we can to support our struggling overwhelmed first responders on the front lines fighting Coronavirus daily at great risk and sacrifice—doctors, physician assistants, nurses, medical staff, EMT, first responders and more.

Some creative people have been working on making masks, shields, gowns, and protective gear to help.  Others have been making or purchasing takeout meals from struggling to stay afloat restaurants,  to boost the nutrition and show gratitude and appreciation to our front line fighters of the Coronavirus who are putting their lives at risk daily, and making huge sacrifices from their personal and family lives.  Some are putting together care baskets for those in greater need.  Others are sharing inspiring songs, stories, cartoons and art to provide support or humor to help cope with the grim and harsh realities.  Many are reaching out to make amends, communicate with friends and family who have not been in contact for years, even decades.  While being physically more distant, many are more socially connected through social media and video meetings.

Much progress has been made by many in utilizing the new technology that was formerly too daunting or intimidating, and may not have been attempted unless the critical needs arose for alternative solutions.  Many more are learning to be creative and think outside the box with innovative solutions.

Despite the marked changes in our lives, regular routines to create a new normal can be stabilizing and helpful.  Establishing a new routine, taking regular breaks during the day, and making breaks for meals and fresh air/sunshine and exercise are vitally important.  Regular tapping breaks can be helpful and a fun relaxing way to go through some of the basic energy tapping algorithms is by following along with the tapping and choreography of the Aloha Tapping Song, composed by Chanel Sebala-Bumanglag.

Keep healthy, calm and safe!

Caroline E. Sakai, PhD

Many people are experiencing low moods, discouragement, and even depression during this time of imposed isolation and quarantine. I have been asked by numerous people to provide a simple set of tapping tools for lifting our mood. I have done a brief YouTube guiding us through TFT tapping to first align us to our desired goal, then release the blocks to that goal, and finally to release the low mood or blue feelings.

Please feel free to share this video with anyone struggling with their mood during these uncertain times.

By Edna-Pereira, Brazil

Last Friday 03/20/2020 I had an insight and in my mind, I figured it out how we could help. I called Marina Haniuda also a TFT Voice Technology therapist, my course partner (TFT) since Boot Camp in 2018, who became like a sister to me as we have already shared a lot of learning together, including ways to help others from a distance. She had even seen me during a gallbladder crisis where I couldn’t even apply the trauma sequence.

I asked her “do you want to join me in this endeavor? Let’s do this together?”, and she immediately accepted.

So we agreed to ask for a list of the names and photos of these helping professionals at the hospitals, and yo treat them. We thought as we do not know them, we would do our vibrational tuning by the photo and name.  We would make sure we have permission and then we would be able to test and treat them.

Next, I called Adriana coordinator of Projeto Despertar and we agreed that she would start sending the names and photos and that we would immediately start treating them with TFT to relieve the tension of them all.  Almost immediately she sent over 10 names and photos. They were and still are going through deep despair and each day the situation multiplies.

On the next day, we started receiving many names and then we agreed to ask for help in the TFT WhatsApp group of Voice Technology Brazil, asking who could help and had experience with remote treatment as we would not have direct contact with the patients.  We gathered a group of around 15 people.  And practically every hour I distribute the photos and names.

Even those who had no experience in this way of treating asked for explanations, and we managed to do a wonderful job.

This Sunday afternoon 03/22/2020 we have already treated more than 60 people. We started to screen people who were afraid, people who were terrified / panicked, people with suspected contamination and people infected.

Our thought is that if we manage to prevent a “contaminated” person from contaminating dozens of others, we can help a lot. That is why as soon as the names arrive it is a type of “emergency” for me, I will immediately look for who is available, because as we manage to boost the immune systems to neutralize the virus, the sooner we do the work, many lives can be saved.

The reports of those who have already been treated move us all the time, as well as those of therapists who can visualize a smile on the one who has just been treated.

The treatments have been done within the protocols of advanced level TFT, the question of permission is always implemented.

Today 03/20/2020 Joanne Callahan gave us some additional ways to ensure the authorization or not to treat each one of those people.

Overall we treat the toxicity in people who have the virus (using our advanced level TFT tests), for both the virus and other identified toxins. If the tapping needs to be repeated, they are assisted by each therapist involved in the “Project”  who act as angels for the person he / she accepted to help because he / she will give support by doing daily tests and giving continuity in the treatments, that is, actually doing the treatment for him/her.

When everything started: In January 2020, we started a partnership with a project called “PROJETO DESPERTAR” (AWAKENING PROJECT) within Hospital São Paulo and Escola Paulista de Medicina / UNIFESP (São Paulo-Brazil) where integrative practices are applied. Just for knowledge “Escola Paulista de Medicina” is the largest and most important Medical University in Brazil.

It is a project organized by a nurse who is also “Reikian” who, on a daily basis, observed the need to help more effectively her colleagues who felt unmotivated by the pressures inherent to the profession. She searched for small spaces inside the Hospital and installed care rooms. In the same place, different professionals from different lines of therapy attend Reiki, quick massage, E-ma sound, Biokybernetik and recently TFT.

They do, I mean, we do about 500 calls a month normally. Among those attended are all the staff of the Hospital and the College/UNIFESP.

By recommendation of a TFT Voice therapist, Rodrigo Carmona de Paula, who belongs to the Project since the beginning with other practices, at an online meeting of the Voice group, told us about the possibility of joining a group of therapists and volunteering at that clinic/Projeto Despertar (Awakening Project).

I was particularly delighted with the idea and we organized a group wich includes Leandro Percário, Instituto TFT Brasil, we are ten (10) at this moment. Since the first appointment, we felt that we had a lot to do there to help, cases of severe depression, and even suicidal thoughts among many others. It would be a great challenge and learning.

We served until 03/10/2020 when activities had to stop due to COVID 19.

In the meantime, I contacted the Project coordinator several times and she told me that they were more “scared” every day with terrible crying crises. It started to distress me in a way that I thought there must be some way to help “now”, we could not wait.

Nowadays we are finding people who work at Hospitals posting at their facebook page their fears, so I started also “inbox” sending them a video that I did myself (in Portuguese) with Joanne’s new specific sequence for Coronavirus’ fear.

Join us TFT’S FAMILY, also with more ideas to help.


By Edna Pereira – Voice Technology Therapist
São Paulo – Brazil