The Effects from EMF’s and cell phones

I have been speaking of the effects from EMF’s and cell phones for some time now.  I attended a presentation by Dr. Beverly Rubic and she had some amazing research.

Below is a slide of the effects of a cell phone on our brains.

Here is an article below that came from WDDTY today. 

Wi-fi and cell phone waves are reducing male fertility

About the author: Bryan Hubbard

The electromagnetic waves from wi-fi and cell (mobile) phones are reducing male fertility, a new study has discovered.

Sperm motility—the ability of the sperm to move and fertilise an egg—is almost halved by the waves, and men who keep a cell phone by their body for two hours or more every day could be the most affected.

Japanese researchers tested sperm taken from 51 men attending an IVF clinic, and samples were placed next to a wi-fi router—which simulates having a cell phone in a pocket—for periods of 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and 24 hours.

Differences in sperm motility started to appear after the two-hour mark, and these samples had just 29 percent motility compared to 53 percent seen in samples that had not been exposed to the radiation.

Interestingly, the sample that had been protected by a wi-fi shield had a 44 percent motility, which suggests a shield can protect against most of the damage caused by the waves.

After 24 hours, 23 percent of the sperm exposed to the waves had died compared to 8 percent of the unexposed sample and 18 percent of the shielded sample, the researchers from the Yamashita Shonan Yume Clinic discovered.

In response to this new research, I am offering a special discount on our cell phone shields, 2 or more for $20 each.  They have been treated with our zero field converter and are the best protection we currently know of and have studied.

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Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

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