Healing Our Children With the TFT Tapping Song

As a charitable foundation, the purpose of our foundation is to help people to heal their lives, so in turn they can help others heal.

The recent Pandemic exacerbated trauma and suffering.  Our world is suffering so much and we need to find our way again.

We are now aligned and destined to bring the world back together and foster a feeling of unity and mutual care. That is why we decided to go on a mission to Colombia and facilitate TFT Stress reduction Techniques for children living with cancer and orphanages.

We wanted to empower these children and their caregivers so that our work would continue long after our visit.

We wanted the future of humankind to be able to easily learn simple techniques that would set them free from irrational emotion.  So that they can live a happier life and fulfill their destiny from a place of balance.

We hope you will share with the children of your life. Together we can make a better world.

Yoniray Donis TFT – VT
Founder of the Self-Healing Community Foundation

Spanish Version

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