TFT Foundation has been helping support TFT IZERE in Rwanda for nearly 16 years.  Dr. Caroline Sakai does a wonderful job of summarizing all of the progress they have been making in her recent article From the Devastation of Devisive Trauma to Reconciliation in the Fall Energy Field.

In the fall, 4th quarter salaries are coming up and the IZERE Center has also made the following request.  We need your help.  Please consider helping us with continued support.  As you can see from Dr. Sakai’s article, the Rwandans have been a stellar example of healing, reconciliation, and sustainability.

The period after COVID19 seems like a recovery time where we have to fix everything!   The basic needs here are very expensive, and poverty is there!

Here at the center, we have to work hard, providing more time to our beneficiaries!  Many families need food and basic support in addition to healing!

TFT is helping for our self-resilience and trauma healing and the resilience of our clients  We are still in extreme need of helping our people!

If it is possible TFT board could help to provide some community treatment fees.

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TFT Izere Rwanda

I am regularly asked, is TFT successful with recovering addicts?  It is a challenging area for any modality, not just TFT.  But I have seen Jim MacAninch continually help them, and share his success with the greater TFT community.  He has been working at SpiritLife, recovery center, almost four years, driving 125 miles a day to be able to provide TFT and FAST-AIDE with the clients at Spiritlife.  FAST-AIDE is an approach that is included after using TFT.  His dedication has been unmatched.

Since April and the coronavirus, he has been doing his work remotely with continued great success as indicated by the comments of CEO Louis Wagner in their newsletter.

Jim says, “The problems with individual’s finding recovery is getting greater with Veterans, First Responders and Addictions. The problems and solutions are very similar but individuals are having a difficult time working with this group of individuals.“ 

“People need to realize that TFT works extremely well with this population if they learn  how to approach them…..”

Thank you Jim for all your dedication and hard work to bring must deserved healing to this population.

I recently assisted our Kuwait trainer, Abeer AlOsaimi, to provide TFT algorithm level training for nearly 800 Lebanese trauma relief workers for the Nehna Haddak project supporting the survivors of the bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

I am personally reviewing all of their case studies, 3 each, for their certification at the algorithm level.  If they only did their three cases, that would mean healing support and trauma relief for nearly 2400 people, all in the space of a month.  But they are all doing so much more for their communities.  They are continuing, day in and day out to provide relief to those suffering.

One of the psychologists, RANiA FOUAD AL SOUS, wrote to me about her results and others have been saying the same thing.  She gave me permission to share her comments which are below.  This is such a wonderful example of how we can all help begin healing our world and those in it.  Online training allows us to reach much greater numbers and locations.

Thank you for giving me a chance to write about my experience using TFT to help refugees.

I work as a psychologist in a psychosocial support program in the Palestinian camps in Beirut(Borj El Barajneh- Shatila) with both Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

I work with children and their caregivers on, grief, anxiety, ADHD, anger, violence, child labor, stress, PTSD,  neglect, and abuse. I started using TFT 28/8/2020 with children and adults after attending the TFT training with trainer Abeer AlOsaimi .

I was very surprised and happy to get good instant and after feedback. This is a level up in my work. 

 Children with fear start to smile, play and use the TFT sequence when they are home and had flashbacks or in stressful situations. Spiders are not that scary as they were after only one session, and still 20 days later.  A nine-year-old abused girl who works to support her family said:” I feel my head is lighter no pain in my heart and I like this feeling.” A depressed adult with medication said: ” it is magic, I never thought I can sleep deeply, this is my third tearless week”.  A sad mother with psychosomatic pain all over her body expressed gratefully instant feeling of calmness and rest, and still feeling the same after 10 days. An angry 11 years old boy asked to take the drawing with him home so he can color it with his brother who used to hate and abuse out of jealousy. Children learn the sequences very quickly and welling to do it gladly as they experienced the relief in and after the session. 

Only one month of using TFT to help refugees at work, family at home and friends when they ask for some advice, and always getting great feedback each time.

I would thank you all for giving us this chance to start our healing process after Beirut explosion, and to be able to help the refugees in their healing process too. 

Best Regards, 

Clinical psychologist

How a Small Man with a Large Dream and a Large Heart Helped Change His Country

“Come and help us—we need you to come,” the voice on the phone demanded.  Alone in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, I was taken aback. I was leaving Kigali in two days. “We will send a car for you,” came the voice at the other end. “Wait! Who are you?” “I am Father JMV from the Diocese of Byumba. You trained a Brother who teaches up here when you taught the tapping in Kigali. You must come.” Read more

Japanese Association of Thought Field Therapy (JATFT) has a program for trauma relief, the TFT Partners program is one-day workshop where the JATFT provides certification for volunteering human services. The program is based on the TFT Foundation’s Rwandan community treatment model and allows anybody who would like to help others to join the program. Read more

22’nd Commemoration of Rwandan Genocide Healing and Mourning 100-Day Period.

Celestin Mitabu, TFT Kigali Trainer and Director of Rwandan Orphans Project is leading national Radio programs, where even a Rwandan Ambassador called in for help.  He is working tirelessly to share TFT Trauma Relief with his country.  He has trained University students, the Red Cross teams and many others to assist with the monumental task of healing during the commemoration 100 days.

He urgently needs the funds to continue this work for the last half of the mourning period.  Just look at the pictures to see all he doing to share healing with TFT.

We have a pledge of three, up to $500, donations each for matching funds.  Please help us raise the matching $1500 to send to him.  He has the first ever national radio shows to teach TFT, is the first one to train Red Cross volunteers and is training teams of university students to help their fellow Rwandans.  The people benefitting include the handicapped, the orphans, the prisoners, and families everywhere.

Click here to DONATE.  If 100 us each gave $15 we would have the full $3000 needed to continue this healing through the last 50 days of the mourning period.  Anyone contributing over $25 will receive a copy of the DVD, From Trauma to Peace.  There is no better way to share the healing power of TFT.

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Nightmare of TraumaThought Field Therapy has been used to overcome traumas around the world.

The new book on Though Field Therapy and Trauma provides the latest and most up-to-date procedures and theory for TFT.

Roger J. Callahan, PhD, founder and developer of Thought Field Therapy, includes information on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the important role of toxins, the healing system and much more. He gives the reader step-by-step instructions on how to Stop the Nightmares of Trauma.

You can get the book here, or if you would like a sampler from the book, click here.

You can also listen to Joanne Callahan’s Interview on WAMS Talk radio here:

Joanne Callahan Radio

Trrauma to Peace - How Tapping HelpedWatch and hear story after story told of the horrors suffered by  Rwandans and the transformative healing that has taken place in their lives since learning TFT. The Rwandans have forgiven.   And, through the healing power of TFT, they have not only forgiven, they have transformed themselves from survivors to happy, productive and loving people.

The documentary shares the work the TFT Foundation has done in Rwanda since 2006. The research that has been completed, the trainings of TFT leaders, and the humanitarian relief are all compelling. The stories of each life, family and community that can now smile, laugh, love one another and be productive again will melt your hearts as it has ours. It deeply conveys the great need for trauma relief in our world. Reg. Price $24.95

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One of our TFT Foundation board members, Mary Cowley, wrote a wonderful description for the documentary.

Read more

Exciting news! The TFT Foundation’s documentary From Trauma to Peace is completed and there is a all NEW trailer:

The film is undergoing color correcting, subtitles and credits now and will be submitted to film festivals the first of September.  DVD’s will be available in the next month or so.  Note: There is still room for a couple of sponsors credits so if you would like your name on the film credits contact .

Earlier this month, Suzanne Connolly, Joanne Callahan and Prosper Ishimwe, their Rwandan translator and TFT trainer, had the privilege of spending a week in Hawaii. They were working on the final shooting, editing, and translations of the documentary, From Trauma to Peace, Making the Impossible Possible. Read more