Help support the TFT IZERE in Rwanda

TFT Foundation has been helping support TFT IZERE in Rwanda for nearly 16 years.  Dr. Caroline Sakai does a wonderful job of summarizing all of the progress they have been making in her recent article From the Devastation of Devisive Trauma to Reconciliation in the Fall Energy Field.

In the fall, 4th quarter salaries are coming up and the IZERE Center has also made the following request.  We need your help.  Please consider helping us with continued support.  As you can see from Dr. Sakai’s article, the Rwandans have been a stellar example of healing, reconciliation, and sustainability.

The period after COVID19 seems like a recovery time where we have to fix everything!   The basic needs here are very expensive, and poverty is there!

Here at the center, we have to work hard, providing more time to our beneficiaries!  Many families need food and basic support in addition to healing!

TFT is helping for our self-resilience and trauma healing and the resilience of our clients  We are still in extreme need of helping our people!

If it is possible TFT board could help to provide some community treatment fees.

Click here to download our report

TFT Izere Rwanda

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