From Trauma to Peace – Making the Impossible Possible

Exciting news! The TFT Foundation’s documentary From Trauma to Peace is completed and there is a all NEW trailer:

The film is undergoing color correcting, subtitles and credits now and will be submitted to film festivals the first of September.  DVD’s will be available in the next month or so.  Note: There is still room for a couple of sponsors credits so if you would like your name on the film credits contact .

Earlier this month, Suzanne Connolly, Joanne Callahan and Prosper Ishimwe, their Rwandan translator and TFT trainer, had the privilege of spending a week in Hawaii. They were working on the final shooting, editing, and translations of the documentary, From Trauma to Peace, Making the Impossible Possible.

Of course it was a privilege for them to be able to do this in beautiful Maui (the location of their Emmy Award winning documentarian, Bob Stone, and his editing studio) but the greatest privilege was the opportunity to watch and hear story after story told of the horrors suffered by Rwandans and the transformative healing that has taken place in their lives since learning TFT.

The Rwandans have forgiven.   And, through the healing power of TFT, they have not only forgiven, they have transformed themselves from survivors to happy, productive and loving people.

The documentary shares the work the TFT Foundation has done in Rwanda since 2006. The research that has been completed, the trainings of TFT leaders, and the humanitarian relief are all compelling. The stories of each life, family and community that can now smile, laugh, love one another and be productive again will melt your hearts as it has ours. It deeply conveys the great need for trauma relief in our world.

The documentary has ended up as a feature length film. There was too much impactful footage to cut it down. Whose heart wrenching, triumphant story would we eliminate?

The completed film will be ready the end of next month for submission to film festivals and the printing of DVD’s.

Later, toward the end of the year, the TFT Foundation will produce a shorter version, 56 minutes, for PBS. This is a vital story and must be told in every way possible. The TFT Foundation will explore all distribution channels; film festivals, PBS and DVD sales.

If you have ever wanted to contribute to “peace” on our planet, here is a powerful and proven way to do so. Join us in getting this film out to all who are or may have experienced trauma in their lives. If you wish to send your intention of peace out to the world, a donation in the next 30 days will put your name on the DVD as a contributor. And, there are still a couple of places for sponsor level donations for credits on the film itself.

These contributions will go toward the distribution of the film and DVD, and sharing the important message; Together we can create peace through a proven model for large scale trauma relief and it is available to all. To DONATE go to the foundation site, or you may email, if you wish to join us at the sponsor level.

Dr. Callahan’s legacy lives on in the healing of traumatized people the world over.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make this possible, helping with the research, the humanitarian relief and the filming. We are grateful for those of you who have taken your time to review and provide feedback during our post-production phase. We believe we have a powerful film that we can all be proud of.

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