There is not a day that goes by where I am not extremely grateful for my late husband, Dr. Roger Callahan’s, gift to the world, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT has been providing a healing tool to the masses for over four decades.  It is evidenced-based yet simple and safe to self-apply.

TFT has been successfully applying and using tools that were thought not possible in the past but are now becoming necessary to function in today’s world:

  • Curing fears and phobias
  • Eliminating blocks to healing and self-sabotage
  • Identifying and neutralizing toxins
  • Diagnosing and treating remotely or non-locally

These concepts and tools that Roger discovered and applied through TFT over the last 40 years were way ahead of their time.

His first discovery, that of psychological reversal, was denied by many even up to 10 years ago.  But that inner voice of self-sabotage and negative self-talk that we all have, has been shown to be the biggest obstacle to our success in life.  The ability to clearly identify what is blocking us and how to eliminate those blocks can make a significant difference in our health and the quality of our lives.

When he first “cured” a phobia the profession said “you can’t cure phobias” and the word ‘cure’ wasn’t even found in the psychological dictionary.  It is common practice today.

His understanding and teachings on the importance of the effect of toxins on our health were ridiculed.  Others even said, “only TFT has toxins”.  Now we are all learning how very important it is to be able to identify and neutralize the toxins that are all-pervasive in our environment.

We are now seeing yet another concept and tool that Roger created and used 40 years ago. It is becoming a necessity in today’s challenging and rapidly changing world to be able to offer treatment over the phone or on the internet.  He developed remote diagnosing and treating, TFT Voice Technology when the APA was saying it can’t be done.  Now professional associations are trying to show us all how to work remotely and non-locally.  We began teaching TFT Voice Technology to others in 1994.  TFT has been developed hand in hand with that concept and approach for helping others.

All levels of TFT, algorithm, diagnostic, voice technology and our newest advanced vibrational tuning, can be easily applied in individual, face-to-face sessions, or a variety of online and non-local options as individual or group events.

Training in all levels is available around the world in both live, in-person, events and on various online platforms from recorded to live.  Click here to learn about one of these options.  TFT can become a useful support tool to any practice due to the ease of learning and application remotely.

Those suffering with chronic pain are facing even more challenges during this world-wide health pandemic.  Isolation, limited pharmacy and medical services and supplies, and constant fear and anxiety are leading to increased suffering.

“To see exactly how the pandemic is impacting pain care, the U.S. Pain Foundation went right to the source, surveying 664 individuals across the country living with chronic pain. Their findings, based on early April 2020 data, show that:

  • 77.4% are facing barriers to treatment
  • 63.8% are experiencing increased pain
  • 69.7% consider themselves to be at high risk for serious COVID-19.

“Because of their risk factors, this population of patients must limit contact,” said CEO Nicole Hemmenway, in a press release. “But they also live with painful conditions that require consistent medical care in order for them to function. It’s a terrible catch-22.” PPM  Practical Pain Management. Read more

Last Saturday I led my monthly interactive webinar.  Our topic was Releasing Stress and Anxiety in Today’s World.  Prior to the class I received so many requests on how to tap for the fear of the Coronavirus, and how to boost our immune systems, that I devoted the entire hour on tapping sequences specific to this very timely topic.

I also realized the importance of sharing these tools with the millions of people around the world struggling to maintain balance within this unbalanced environment.

So, yesterday, I did a YouTube video teaching the tapping sequences to remove fear and maintain peace and calm within ourselves.

Please share it with all you know and love.  And, for those wanting additional tapping tools for supporting their immune system and well-being, we have made last Saturday’s class as an instant download for others, not regular class participants.

Click here to get access.

Last week I posted an article on our blog site that had appeared in Lynn McTaggart’s What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). It quoted a recent study showing that just two hours per week in nature, the forest or beach, provided increased health and well-being. The alpha waves in nature lead to a more balanced brain wave pattern, facilitating whole brain synchrony and a more meditative state of being.

Meditation is known to reduce stress and increase mental and physical states of well-being. The vibrational frequency of our surroundings has a profound effect on our emotional state and our ability to facilitate healing. Read more

Our upcoming Personal Healing Retreat in Costa Rica will be launching one of the first programs teaching Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga).

Caroline Avant, who taught and shared yoga with us at our past Synchronicity and Wintergreen Resort Well-Being Retreats, has completed her education/certification in the new Energy Medicine Yoga and will be joining us in Costa Rica.

Meet Caroline and discover how EMYoga can help us heal.

Energy Medicine Yoga with Caroline Avant

Trained in Hatha Yoga, Caroline’s influences are shaped by her thirty-year personal Yoga practice and her deep dive into the exploration of consciousness including living as a Monk at the Synchronicity Sanctuary USA for eleven years. Caroline is now teaching Energy Medicine Yoga which is an integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels.

The practice includes asana poses, breath-work, meditation and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, Neurolymphatic Reflex self-massage (a unique and powerful way of working with and clearing your lymphatic system), and energy channel clearings.

EMYoga will help unlock the language of your body to amplify your healing power – mind, body, and spirit. The result is a deep love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself just as you are now, as you continue on a path toward your best self.

It is yoga . . . electrified!

We are often asked, Where should I start with TFT? Or, Which training should I take?

Because TFT has so many options for training, whether professional or for personal use, it can sometimes be confusing to the person new to TFT. Additionally, we are creating new trainings for both online and live delivery and it is not easy for our long-time practitioners to keep up with our constantly evolving and growing materials.

I have just done a brief, six-minute, video with powerpoint highlighting our trainings available both online and in-person and introducing our new training programs.

Click here to see the latest TFT Training structure.

We have just had the following message from the IZERE Center in Rwanda.  It is wonderful to have TFT’s role in their healing process be acknowledged and recognized in this way.  This is an urgent request to help us support this Unity and Reconciliation Week program.  As it is not in our planned budget, we need your support to help them provide this program and the recognition of TFT and their model of trauma relief.  They are requesting $5500. 

 “It is my pleasure to let you know that TFT and Psychosocial Diocesan Service is considered as the model service in trauma healing, Unity and Reconciliation of Rwandan people in the Northern province. Our work at Izere Center and Mutete sector is making the change in the society.  Yesterday we attended the provincial meeting and we have been requested to organize the Unity and reconciliation week which will begin at TFT Site of Mutete Sector and end at Izere Center. Many people will be invited such as: Minister of Justice, Minister of Local governance, Governor of Northern Province, the Chairperson of The National  Unity and reconciliation Commission  Mayors, Bishops, Mayors,…  Tomorrow, we have the management meeting and we will establish the important activities which will characterize that week. So, we are asking you if you should get any sponsorship or support for the success of that week.”

Tomorrow I give you all the details after the technical meeting! It is hard for us because it is the first time for our service to be chosen for the organization and heading the activities of the Unity and Reconciliation week!

 Click here to DONATE to help us support this recognition and healing of Rwandan’s with TFT.



41JQgUW1uYL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_Dr Colin M. Barron’s new book is now available on Amazon.

I am very pleased to announce Dr. Colin Barron’s new book. Dr. Barron has been a long time TFT VT practitioner and an active participant on our community. He has graciously share much knowledge over the years. And as he is, himself, an excellent and very witty speaker, he is certainly qualified to write this book. You can get your copy here.

Colin has been using TFT since early in 2000, and in November 2001 he became the first British person to qualify as a Voice Technology TFT practitioner. Colin has also gained 40 years of experience in public speaking, and did some training with the John May School of Public Speaking in London in January 1990.

Public speaking is one of the most important skills in personal and professional life. Yet too often this key ability is neglected, leading to presentations which are dull, uninspired and poorly delivered.

The Craft of Public Speaking examines some of the crucial aptitudes which are fundamental to delivering an effective presentation for listeners. These include preparation, structure and rehearsal, in addition to some of the more overlooked aspects of oration such as the use of visual aids, adding humour, and dressing for success. As well as discussing how to deliver effective live addresses in public settings, the book also covers interview techniques for TV and radio along with how to organise seminars and conferences.

Dr Colin M. Barron has delivered hundreds of lectures and presentations to audiences during a long career, giving speeches on a wide variety of different subjects over many years. In The Craft of Public Speaking, he shares the essential knowledge that you will need to become a truly successful public speaker.