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    Experience Transformation and the Ultimate Self-Empowerment in your Personal Healing Retreat…

Join Us On the beautiful “Gold Coast”
of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean.  

Our Master Well-Being Experts Will Personally Work With You to Become
the Best that You Can Be, all in a Safe, Energetically Healing Environment

Personal Healing Retreat with
Thought Field Therapy® 

November 6-13, 2022 in Costa Rica

Over six days, our TFT experts, Master educators, and holistic wellness experts will share their unique talents and extensive training to assist you on your journey to optimum health and vitality. They will teach you the tools to continue your own healing and create the life you desire in your own home.

Dear Friends and Fellow Healers,

Whether you’re a medical professional, therapist, TFT practitioner—or simply someone who is interested in improving your health and restoring inner peace and calm, you can benefit from working directly with the co-founder, Joanne Callahan, and with our team of highly qualified integrative health professionals and tapping specialists.  Together you will work on creating balance, leading to peace and health in your life, while among the challenges of today’s world.  Learn that you can joyfully manifest your intentions and desires with ease.

Our retreat will take place in an optimal environment for maximizing healing, both aesthetically and energetically.  See what can happen when natural beauty, spiritual energy and powerful teaching come together.

We’ll spend six days focused on YOU—not only helping you heal, but also helping you begin a whole new life…one that’s vibrant and full of energy.  One that you co-create.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of requests for programs like this—and we’ve now found the ideal location and the health experts and Master Educators who can truly deliver on the promise of assessment, healing, and reawakening.

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Transcend a lingering health challenge or release chronic conditions that just won’t go away…
  • Find out what’s behind your fatigue, joint pain, malaise, or disinterest in activities you used to love…
  • Identify the source of and eliminate NEW symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, ADD, lack of concentration, brain fog
  • Wake up every morning in a joyful mental state, ready to perform at your peak potential…
  • Go through your day full of energy and passion, ready to take on life’s biggest opportunities…
  • Become an attractor to a life that is passionate, purposeful and empowered
  • Reduce or eliminate the negative effects of necessary medical interventions
  • Experience life’s beauty and adventure with like-minded friends and colleagues…

…We’re inviting you to join us in a tranquil, beautiful setting in nature – in a country called one of the “Happiest Countries in the world” – near the center of the earth’s kundalini – a high vibrational energetic location, Costa Rica.  Our team of outstanding healing experts will help you Illuminate your path and purpose.   You will take home practical tools to follow that path – achieve what you really want out of life.

My name is Joanne Callahan, CEO at Callahan Techniques and co-developer of TFT. Our first TFT Personal Healing Retreat was in a luxury boutique Hotel and Spa, Los Altos de Eros.  This year will be in another ideal location in Beautiful Costa Rica.  This breathtaking, secluded location is our home and the ideal place for a powerful healing event.

I’ve long wanted to hold retreats where we have the time to provide both TFT training and personalized treatment with relevant assessments, giving participants the opportunity to experience their own inner peace.  I have wanted to help them align their thoughts and energy with the spiritual presence already within themselves.  They will be immersed in lifestyle-enhancing modalities and go home with a plan for maintaining greater balance and inner peace.  This retreat has evolved over the last couple of years to what we believe to be the ultimate experience.

Please join us in Costa Rica, an exquisite destination on its own, and manifest the life of your dreams. The small-group format guarantees an unmatched level of personal attention to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

And we will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful Pacific ocean,  animals and adventure that are at our back door.

Join us and experience your transformation!


It’s a first-of-its-kind program that includes assessments — where are you now — with personalized application and training, with self-help tools for continued use… all within an intimate group setting.  The instruction from experts in powerful lifestyle-enhancing modalities is all provided a safe and supportive environment.   This retreat is the ultimate self-empowerment experience.


This extraordinary journey into mental, emotional and spiritual healing begins with unique assessments of your current state of being using some of the most accurate and predictive technologies known today.

  • Biological Fitness
  • Stress Levels
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Autonomic Nervous System balance

Next, we’ll help you design your own personal TFT tapping sequences to address your healing—and provide tools for you to relieve chronic conditions, frustrating symptoms and generalized stress. You’ll also quickly learn how to identify blocks to your overall life success, identify food, environmental and energy toxins that are causing harm to your body, and discover how to immediately neutralize these toxins and roadblocks using customized TFT tapping protocols.

We will explore how you can best attract what you desire into your life.  And look at why you may not be vibrating with what you want but instead with what you don’t want – or more of the same.

We’ll also train you to use these tools after you return home—not only to continue the revitalization process we begin together—but also so you can design your own tapping sequences and identify and remove toxins, blocks and stressors when they arise in the future.

Finally, we’ll introduce and allow you to experience lifestyle modalities we recommend for your unique circumstances to create and maintain balance including:

  • High-Tech Meditation with Healing Frequencies
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic detoxing materials and protocols
  • Yoga
  • Breathing techniques
  • Dietary recommendations which include some amazing eating experiences
  • Meridian balancing technology (those who have been fortunate to experience this have called it the ultimate blissful, healing experience)
  • Environmental balancing frequencies
  • How to develop an Awakened Mind brain profile – begin to function at your peak
  • Get up close and personal with the natural world of Costa Rica
  • Enjoy beach walks and a unique sailing adventure (additional optional tours)

Dear Joanne and Adrian,

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful retreat at yours. It literally transformed me!

I’m much more focused, calm (yes, for real 😅), I know where I’m going, my creativity level improved dramatically, I’m even more joyful than before and I’m super confident in all of my choices.

I’m also proud of myself for having tried all those under-and-over water activities I thought I couldn’t do before. I overcame my fear of water and claustrophobia (which I didn’t think was that much of a big deal before) while panicking underwater with a snorkeling mask. I treated myself and felt better in an instant! I thought I couldn’t swim, but I did!

On a different note, I first indulged myself with the amazing food we had every day but after 3 days realized “I’m at choice”. I started testing each food and without realizing it, after only 2 weeks I’ve already dropped a dress size! I’m super happy!

And again, although I participated in numerous training sessions with you, and watched the replay several times, I learned even more and deepened my knowledge in TFT and procedures.

I feel unstoppable!

I’m much more consistent in my meditations, more focused on my feelings. I’m living in the NOW most of the time and when I slip, I gently remind myself.

The group was amazing and I learned from each participant a great deal! The energy was strong! I had never had such a genuine feeling of belonging before.

So YES! Thank you to you both. It just could not have been better.

Nayo Chebab

Costa Rica

Day Four of Our Costa Rican Retreat and Wow!

  This is just one of the many fun and exciting adventures we enjoyed last retreat.  With TFT tapping, meditation, ancient fire rituals, yoga, jungle walks, and great food, we had a lovely and expansive week with amazing people and healing energy.

We will use new technologies that will measure your BioField and physical, emotional and mental well-being

And if you’re already a TFT practitioner, you’re in for a special treat.

Not only will you enjoy being on the receiving end for a change, you’ll discover the powerful new “tools of the trade” for use in your practice back home. You will be able to personally experience our newly developed Meridian Balancing Technology.

Experience protocols and regimens that will enhance your lifestyle and well-being

Over the years, we’ve seen the benefits of combining TFT and positive polarity dominance within our daily life.  Creating balance through common-sense health routines that enhance wellness, vitality and lifestyle.

During six days with our experts, you’ll learn to improve, enhance and maintain your overall well-being long into the future with customized protocols and powerfully effective tools.

  • Lifestyle routines that will help you regain flexibility, energy and stamina
  • Learn how to test the best foods for you, identify and avoid energy toxins, tackle food sensitivities, reduce the “silent killer” of internal inflammation, and regain your healthiest weight
  • A comprehensive yoga workout to help you balance stress, increase flexibility, improve mental acuity, increase the body’s natural cleansing lymphatic activity, plus provide so many other benefits
  • Experience vibrational healing tools that passively assist you to create balance, maintain the positive polarity healing, providing greater inner awareness and presence.
  • Experience the healing frequency proven to reduce aging factors – increase telomeres.
  • Discover what your vibrational frequency is– what are you attracting?

There are safe, simple ways to dramatically improve your health and align you with your desired goals.

Central to our program of healing and living our dreams is Thought Field Therapy®—the tapping sequences and neutralization techniques that, for more than 40 years, have been proven to bring about transformational changes in our health and our lives.

Not only will we use TFT to further assess your health, but we’ll also create customized tapping sequences to address all your chronic and recurring conditions. We’ll design a unique tapping protocol using TFT to release the stress that’s behind 95% of all illness, then we’ll address the root cause of your symptoms with additional tapping sequences that bring about true healing. Why continue living with the side-effects of harmful medications that simply mask symptoms—or endure painful procedures that can damage the body—when TFT can help your body begin the process of healing itself from the inside out?

You may also have conditions which aren’t acute or life-threatening, but which are simply annoying, irritating, embarrassing or limiting to your lifestyle.  Our TFT protocols will immediately go to work eliminating those conditions, too—rapidly and reliably.  Learn how to overcome bad habits and make healthier choices each day

We’ll develop customized tapping sequences for you, and we’ll also train you in the TFT algorithms and treatment combinations so you can continue your health and vitality for a lifetime—addressing any medical condition or health concern whenever it arises.

We’ll even give you simple, objective self-testing techniques—including educating you in how to test for toxins and how to neutralize them…all using the power within you to heal.

Actively choose what is in your highest good.  Learn how to resonate with what you want rather than what you don’t want.

For Example:

  • What if you could know ahead of time, that what you were about to eat, or drink was going to trigger a migraine or an anxiety attack or another depressive episode? Do you think you would be able to make a better choice?
  • Do you vibrate or resonate with what you desire or what you do not desire?  How can you tell what frequency you are vibrating at? What is it you are attracting?  Are you aligned with your intentions and desires?
  • What if that business meeting was turning out to be a disaster because the woman next to you had a perfume that was so strong you couldn’t think? If you could quickly and easily neutralize its effect – would your business meeting be more productive?
  • Do you know that something is holding you back – you just aren’t reaching your potential? If you could identify that block and eliminate it, you could soar to new heights.
  • Can you let go of those worrisome thoughts and that continual train of repetitive negative self-talk?  What exciting things could your mind create if it had the space?

Private, individual teaching and healing sessions and educational group demonstration sessions are included in this unique and life-changing 6-day program. And be assured, you will return home with unique and customized tools for using TFT (and all the other modalities we’ve talked about) to achieve optimum health, vitality and well-being in your life.

No matter what level of TFT knowledge or training you have, there will be tools and material to enhance your skills. We will include the latest research about current health challenges and mandates.  Our facilitators are the leaders in TFT, developers in purpose-specific technology, and educated in the time-honored ancient wisdom traditions of the Veda and Tantra, the basis of the High Tech Meditation we use.   They are creating new protocols and developing ever-improving applications of TFT. Each participant will be learning based on their own personal needs and experience level.

Roy Martina, MD

Judy Israel, RN, PhD

Join Sunde, TFt-Dx

Your exciting, successful and healthy life is so much closer than you think

At this unique, Personal Healing Retreat, Nov. 21 – 27, 2021you’ll not only learn to release the stress, and flow with your life, you will learn how to identify and eliminate blocks to your overall health and success—you’ll discover how to experience innate joy, inner peace and become a magnet for what you desire!

But you must decide soon to join us. We have very limited housing accommodations so we can only accept 8 people into the program.  This will ensure every participant will enjoy the utmost in personal attention.

Get away from the “busy-ness” of life and focus on you

Health and well-being is a gift you can give to yourself. If this has been a rough year for you—if ever-changing laws, career stress, health concerns, relationship conflicts, and other stressors have overwhelmed you…or if the success you desire seems to be always out of reach—this retreat can offer a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual turnaround for you.

We have an extra bonus gift in-store when you register today.

It’s our intensive audio short-course, Fast Track to an Awakened Mind, designed to help you achieve the ideal brain state for manifesting your greatest desires!  “Mastery is the ability to achieve peak brain wave function and maintain it at will”.  Anna Wise.

A study has identified lack of concentration and brain fog as two of the most rapidly rising symptoms and because the ability to focus and concentrate our intentions and thoughts is key to what and how we manifest, this short-course will help you quickly develop the brain-wave profile of an awakened mind. We will practice this throughout the retreat and address the problematic symptoms.

In the early 1970’s, researchers discovered that the brain-wave patterns of high-performance people—artists, composers, dancers, inventors, mathematicians and scientists—not only featured heightened creativity and bursts of peak experience, they were also the same brain-state that yogis and swamis lived in. Imagine being able to maintain that heightened state of awareness and, as a result, being able to create opportunities to effortlessly achieve your loftiest goals!  You can begin to resonate with your desires.

Well being

The pieces of your life have been shifting and adjusting over the last 18 months.  Now they can begin to finally fit together and you will also find that:

  • You can maintain peace within a chaotic world
  • Change can be experienced with excitement and confidence
  • Your life is instilled with a newfound passion
  • New opportunities are faced with optimism
  • The doors of creativity seem to open wide
Costa Rica

Here’s what is included in your retreat fee:


You’ll not only get to learn from our experts in a group training and treatment format, but each practitioner and wellness expert will be scheduled to meet with you personally—and privately—to discuss your health concerns, and if desired, facilitate your spiritual and meditative journey.


You’ll receive comprehensively written guides to the protocols you’ll discover at the retreat.  Additionally, you’ll receive TFT training materials, diagrams, charts and more that will help you continue the tapping procedures you learn—long after you’ve returned home.


These daily guided High Tech sessions will help you create and maintain inner peace and balance.  You will be immersed in the healing frequency proven to facilitate anti-aging.


This is our newest, high technology healing and vibrational session for rapidly creating maximum balance.


Ground your body with our yoga classes guided by our master instructor.  All-level yoga, level 2 yoga, and chair yoga


These individual bodywork sessions are customized to your own personal needs, to provide healing and relaxation.


Basque in the gently tropical sun, aboard a well-equipped catamaran where you are likely to see dolphins, whales, sea turtles as you snorkel, swim and sail up the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


Enjoy Playa Coco for a local experience.


Of course, we’re expecting to create a life-changing experience for you at this unique and personally structured retreat. At the end of the first day, if you don’t feel the retreat will meet your needs, and wish to leave, please let us know and we’ll refund your retreat program fees—100%. (Your travel costs to the retreat facility are not reimbursable.)


Full room and board (double occupancy) is included so you can focus on achieving total well-being.  In the ample free time we’ve built into the program, be sure to stroll through the beautiful, restful and restorative gardens and pathways—the last day, you are invited to take an optional tour of the breathtaking landscape of the Costa Rican, jungles and wildlife, beaches or volcanoes.  For further information on this option, contact joanne@tftrx.com.

Achieving health and well-being is what we’re gathering together to do. So it’s no surprise that healthy, balanced and delicious meals are included in your 6-day retreat package—including breakfast, lunch and dinner.   (Please let us know if you have previously diagnosed food allergies. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.)


Bring a friend and save even more! Living well and knowing that those you love are experiencing equal well-being is a wonderful thing. That’s why we encourage you to bring a spouse, partner, friend or colleague. When you do, we’ll extend to both of you a substantial 20% discount off our per-person retreat fee (double occupancy).

Registration is limited due to the unique size of this Venue.

Only eight spaces are available at this life-changing personal healing retreat. This limited attendance ensures our experts can personally address your needs and spend time creating customized plans for you. Not only that, but we want to be certain we can truly help you and that you’re familiar enough with TFT (and your own health limitations) to understand and use the technologies and processes we’ll make available.

To ensure this retreat is a “good fit” for all of us—as well as for our other attendees—we ask that you complete a simple application containing brief health and wellness questions to be reviewed by our experts as a condition of registration. (Regrettably, not everyone who applies will be a good fit.)

Transform your health in a truly restorative healing energy amid nature in an astoundingly beautiful location.

Embark on an unforgettable experience with us in Guanacaste, Costa Rica where our participants feel rejuvenated and relaxed while enjoying paradise. Situated in an outdoor setting overlooking the Costa Rica jungle and Pacific Ocean it offers an array of unique amenities for your indulgence.

Go ahead, treat yourself to the best area in Costa Rica, after all, don’t you deserve it?

Complete check-in details, suggested attire and travel information will be provided upon registration and acceptance into the program.

Apply today to join us

Personal Healing Retreat with
Thought Field Therapy® 

November 6-13, 2022 in Costa Rica

Cultivate emotional well-being and greater physical health and vitality.  Move beyond the mind’s noise into peace and expanded awareness.

Apply today and we’ll respond promptly, confirming whether this 6-day retreat format is a “good fit” for you.

Don’t miss this greatly reduced investment in your health.  Experience Costa Rica with us.

Register Today and Save $1,000 off!

Only $2,975


For more information email Joanne Callahan, joanne@tftrx.com or call 760-564-1008

Wellness Retreat Application


* Cancellation Policy: If you find you must cancel, you may cancel anytime prior to 30 days prior to the event and receive a refund (if you have paid with a credit card, you will receive your refund less the credit card fees). If less than 30 days prior to the event, you may transfer your registration to any other scheduled healing event.

NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any training event if necessary.