Exciting News: New TFT Healing and Meditation Center in Costa Rica

Last week I posted an article on our blog site that had appeared in Lynn McTaggart’s What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). It quoted a recent study showing that just two hours per week in nature, the forest or beach, provided increased health and well-being. The alpha waves in nature lead to a more balanced brain wave pattern, facilitating whole brain synchrony and a more meditative state of being.

Meditation is known to reduce stress and increase mental and physical states of well-being. The vibrational frequency of our surroundings has a profound effect on our emotional state and our ability to facilitate healing.

As my awareness of these facts, and my own state of being has evolved, I have sought out places that can provide natural meditative states, higher levels of vibrational energy and peace, for the locations that we host our well-being and now personal healing retreats. It is for this reason I moved to Virginia where I began our first healing retreats in the amazing Synchronicity sanctuary. Many of you have experienced the wonderful benefits of that beautiful facility. And, we plan to continue holding retreats there in the future.

However, we are constantly looking for other similar high energetic and natural locations for our healing retreats around the world. These special locations can more fully support our healing processes than a simple hotel.

At our first European healing retreat we shared a beautiful and ancient monastery location in the UK. Again, somewhere with deep meditative peace in a serene setting. Our second retreat was an amazing experience as we enjoyed a beautiful and highly energetic area in Brazil, near the heart Chakra of the earth. And, then also at Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the natural world abounded, enhancing our truly life-changing treatment and training sessions.

Then, at the end of last year, we found one of the best places in the world – for living a healthy lifestyle and supporting our healing processes.


The retreat had it all, we were engulfed in nature, mountains, jungle, forest, and beaches all with a diverse wildlife. We were located on the beautiful pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Here we held our first, updated well-being retreat, with a focus on Personal Healing meeting the needs of each individual. This was a transformative event for all that joined us. Everything supported the healing journeys of each attendee. We fell in love with the country and what it had to offer for a TFT healing center. (See what they have to say.)

What does this country and location have to offer – why have we chosen to base our new TFT center here in Costa Rica?

High Energetics – Nature – BioDiversity – Friendly, Loving People


Over the last 50 years, the kundalini of the earth has shifted from India and the Himalayas to northern Peru – just south of Costa Rica. The energy and the people here are welcoming. This energy and the loving people are reflected in the lifestyle – PURA VIDA!

The people here are accepting and inclusive of others, welcoming all nationalities and races. They are aware of and grateful for their environment, with over 25% of their land being protected in eco-preserves. Everywhere are beautiful rain forests and pristine beaches, volcanos and mountains. Nature abounds and alpha waves exist everywhere.

Costa Rica dismantled their military in 1949 and they spend that money on their educational system. Yet they are the most stable and long-lasting democracy in central and south America. World Heath Organization rates world health care and the USA is rated #54 yet Costa Rica is rated #25. Not bad. Perhaps a good place for TFT!

Early this month we moved ourselves and our TFT base of operations to the Playa El Coco, Guanacaste area of Costa Rica.

Our training center overlooks the ocean, just minutes from the beach and the Eco Diamante park for the animals and zip lines. We are surrounded by forest and just minutes from the beach. Yet, we are only 35 minutes from one of the country’s two international airports, Liberia.


I can already feel the difference in this healthy and invigorating lifestyle and am so excited to share this experience with all of our TFT community around the world.

We will begin by holding two TFT events here this year, with more planned for next year.

First will be our advanced training, Optimal Health on Sept. 7-9, 2019. For the first time we will be able to include accommodations for this small boutique group training.

Then in late November, when most of the world is missing those balmy days of summer, we will have our first Personal Healing Retreat in our new TFT Center.

We hope to have many of you visit us here as we develop more programs on the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Joanne Callahan

PS. Most of our contact details have remained the same, my email, Joanne@tftrx.com, is the same as it has been for 25 years. My cell is also the same, (760) 594-6727. We will be keeping our long-time office number (760) 564-1008 as well. It is in the process of being ported over but you can leave messages. My skype contact is also still the same: CallahanTech . And of course, our web sites are the same for both Callahan Techniques, Ltd. and the TFT Foundation and Trauma Relief Blog.


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