Using Tapping Therapy To Treat Trauma

Carl Totton, PsyD, works in the school district of a large city. In this video he relates how he treated 2 young men who experienced the trauma of an armed store robbery and a restaurant robbery. The trauma of having gun point to their heads devastated them to the point they could not function. In […]

Public Speaking – Overcoming My Life-Long Fear

Growing up, I was horribly afraid of my own shadow, strangers and public places. As a little child, I used to hide under my bed when company came and if we went out in public, I was stuck to my mom as a third leg. I have no clue what caused that fear and my […]

Show Your Appreciation For Our Veterans

As ATFT members, we all know how effective TFT is for eliminating the effects of trauma and PTSD as well as daily stresses of life. We have seen amazing results from Kosovo, Tanzania, Rwanda, New Orleans, Uganda and Mexico.

A Letter from My Heart

for anyone with physical, emotional or psychological problems I recommend this therapy called Thought Field Therapy. I am now 1 week and many days post-treatment, and the pain I had for ten years is not back.

NEW – Thought Field Therapy Course to Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress

When you immerse yourself in this amazing home study course, both Dr. and Joanne Callahan will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of doing TFT. They will show you exactly how you can easily and almost effortlessly tap your healer within.

Using TFT To Overcome Trauma From Accidents

TFT For Trauma Relief: Bruce Ramsay relates the story of treating a woman who saw her sister die in a car crash with Thought Field Therapy. She took a Thought Field Therapy course from Mr. Ramsay during which he treated her and she found the first relief she has felt in the years since the […]

Some Tools For Optimal Health, Peace and Calm in Today’s Chaotic World

Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus and Dr. Callahan share a joyous moment at the Optimal Health course. Dr. Callahan and I just returned from London where we shared a lovely TFT Optimal Health course with participants from 7 countries. This course expands our health from emotional and physical levels into our spiritual realm, using TFT to […]

Overcome the fear of public speaking

Whenever we say “fear of public speaking” we are talking about ALL types of speaking.

This could be speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people or just giving a small presentation at work to a small group. We are also referring to speaking socially. This could include talking to a group of people at church or at a local gathering – or it could simply mean talking one-on-one with your boss or better yet, that special person in your life.

If you experience any fear or anxiety in these types of situations your success both personally and professionally is being suffocated.

The Living Matrix

I just returned from a spectacular live screening of the Living Matrix Movie in Hollywood. It was a sold out event, with over 600 people filling the Egyptian Theatre.

I found it very exciting to watch and listen to so many forward thinking minds on the new science of healing, and, see that TFT is recognized as part of that new science.

Thought Field Therapy On ‘Your Practical Advisor’ Talk Radio Show

Business Talk Radio’s Program “Your Practical Advisor” will be interviewing, Joanne Callahan, MBA, President of Callahan Techniques, Ltd. and co-developer of Thought Field Therapy with her husband Roger Callahan, PhD. Your Practical Advisor offers practical advice to small businesses, families and individuals who call and write in with questions about the hottest topic in the […]

Managing Stress – A Daily Program Using Thought Field Therapy

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of the free Daily Stress Busting Program, isn’t it time to do so?

We just received another thank-you note from one of our customers. She just began using the Stress Busting Program and is already seeing results on herself and her family.

Thought Field Therapy Helping Survivors of Genocide

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was explained to his mother, who sought help for her son. The treatment algorithms for oppositionality (psychological reversal), anger, rage and trauma were demonstrated to the child and mother.

TFT Beats The Fear Of Flying

Since I had my kids I’ve not been the best flyer but on a recent trip to Canada (a long haul 6 flights in one week!) I used TFT algorithms to conquer my fears and to avoid jet lag.

Curing Love Pain and Other Traumas.

I have been using EFT a lot and all my children know it but I thought there might be something a little less cumbersome, so I decided to purchase the TFT Love Pain DVD.

Do You fear Public Speaking? TFT To The Rescue

If you are held back by the fear of public speaking, it not only keeps you from reaching your potential, it also can hold you back from promotions, getting a job and even enjoying social settings.

Thought Field Therapy has successfully been used to treat the fear of public speaking for years, along with helping to overcome anxiety when being in a social gatherings, job interviews, or meetings.

If you suffer from anxiety and fear of public speaking, click here to get the cure.

Dr. Caroline Sakai, TFT-VT, Shares A Story Of A Rwandan Boy

Dr. Caroline Sakai, TFT-VT, relates the story of a Rwandan boy who was so grateful for his relief from trauma through Thought Field Therapy (TFT), he tried to give her one of his prized possessions, a marble.