Rwanda Interviews After TFT Trauma Relief Treatments

Interviews with teachers and orphans of the 1994 Rwanda genocide after treatment with Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Click here to Donate to this worthy cause, and the ATFT Foundation:

Our Newly Trained Rwandan Therapists

Our newly trained therapists are a remarkable group as are our translators. We have priests and teachers and directors of orphanages, directors and teachers of secondary schools, policemen, businessmen, and clinical psychologists (with their degrees but they tell us it’s hard for psychologists to find work in Rwanda.)

Overcoming A Snake Phobia

The technique Dr. Callahan has developed for ridding phobias for people like me is so unique; I wish I had had the opportunity to have done so long ago.

I want to express to all that still suffer from some type of phobia to take a step in faith and give TFT a try. You have nothing to loose, a few minutes of your time can change your life.

The Latest From Rwanda

a Major in the Rwandan Army who spoke of how needed this treatment was for the soldiers of Rwanda. He stated that once, people were afraid when they saw a soldier but now soldiers are seen as the ones who are working for peace. A Police Officer from the military also attended as well as a top Government official.

Treating Crisis In First Nations Communities

Your gift to all of us is truly wonderful. As a result of your scholarship, I have never accepted a single payment for TFT. I do get paid for teaching but I have made the commitment that since you gave it to me, it really is my privilege to pay it forward. I have used it thousands of times to help others. All that is due to you.

Pink Therapy Embraces TFT

I’ve no idea how much contact TFTers have had with gay people, but I’ve been asked to share a little of my work here in the UK. I’ve spent almost 30 years (pretty much my entire professional career as a therapist) specialising in working with gender and sexual minority clients and about a decade ago […]

TFT And The Art of Healing.

The Energy Psychology Modality That Heals by Lorraine Blum, L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX Energy Medicine has been around a very long time. Reiki, an Energy Modality first discovered in Japan thousands of years ago and TFT Dx is a more recent Energy Modality used here in the United States to heal those suffering […]

Did Stress Kill Michael Jackson?

From The World Organization Of Natural Medicine Practitioners: June 25, 2009, will go down in history as the day an American Icon took his last breath. As I watch the media regurgitating over and over the news of the untimely, unfortunate and very unnecessary demise of Michael Jackson, with an occasional flash to the suffering […]

Tapping The Source – Thought Field Therapy Tapping

Now that we’ve come to the 30 year mark of Thought Field Therapy, it’s interesting to see how Dr. Roger Callhan’s tapping technique has evolved to become a major part of the alternative healing community.

Powerful Tools to Incorporate Into Your Practice

Those doing the Boot Camp had already spent the previous day eliminating fears, anxiety, long held trauma, grief and found that they did not need any more convincing than what their eyes and bodies had already witnessed. Everyone wanted to get on with learning the next level of extraordinary techniques in helping people heal and feel better.

Stress and Trauma Relief on the Front Lines with TFT

We just received a report from a TFT practitioner on the front lines that they are having amazing successes with TFT and helping with stress reduction with the troops. He requested 500 wallet sized trauma relief cards and other easily transported support materials.  Dr. Roger and Joanne Callahan sent them out immediately, so pleased to […]

Obsessing About How Long It Lasts – TFT And Meridian Tapping Energy

Obsessing about how long this single treatment had lasted, I had to remind myself that keeping someone better was a better treat than treating someone longer.

Like the treatment, that is a thought that lasts.

TFT and Thought Field Therapy Meridian Tapping Energy has a lasting effect.

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TFT For Healing Of Our Pets?

We’re happy to report that Ave has been consistently better ever since the treatment, including a significant decrease in the itching. How fun to be able to use TFT to bring such immediate relief to a pet!

Thought Field Therapy’s Role in the Bereavement Process

Taking the time to be with feelings of love for the one who has died and integrating the fact that person is no longer with him or her is a necessary component in reconstructing a life.

Grieving is an active process requiring our engagement.

TFT, HRV, and Tapping to Heal the Broken Heart

By David Hanson, DEH, TFT-Dx Ruby and Jack (not their real names) had been married for 63 years. They were high school sweethearts, married, raised a family, and weathered all the storms of their lives together. Ruby was now alone. Jack had passed away in his sleep almost a year before her nephew, Bob, brought […]

Tapping For Trauma Relief

Dr. Dariah Morgan has been personally trained and certified by Dr. Callahan. Dr. Morgan earned an EdD from Texas A & M in Commerce (formerly East Texas State) and has conducted successful therapy practices in both Dallas and Rockwall for many years. She is also an accomplished public speaker, seminar leader and Tibeten Yoga instructor.