Tapping Into Emotional Freedom from the Effects of Cancer

Cancer Freedom and Hope

Tapping Into Emotional Freedom from the Effects of Cancer: Part I
by Roger J. Callahan, PhD

Roger Callahan is a 23 year survivor of Colon Cancer and Joanne Callahan is a 8 year survivor of “hopeless” Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer

One of the current theories on the cause of cancer (Hamer) is that most cancers are caused by severe psychological trauma such as the death of a spouse or loved one. According to Dr. Hamer’s theory, it typically takes about a year before the developing cancer is identified.

My discovery and development of Thought Field Therapy® led to the loss of my successful psychological practice; I was in my mid-fifties at the time. This was due to the fact that I healed my current clients within a few weeks using the new powerful and rapid procedures (Callahan Techniques) I had been developing.

My wife at the time pleaded with me to give up this strange therapy I was doing. However, since I was making revolutionary discoveries in psychology, and I was successfully and rapidly curing my clients, without the need for their suffering during treatment and nothing could deter me from this mission.

My response to this request was a firm NO added by “I will go back to working on a trash truck (as I did in graduate school) before I go back to the ineffective procedures I used before my tapping discoveries.”

I did not go back to the trash truck but my income took a beating and I did have to close my office until I found solutions to my economic problem.

My previous wife left me to marry a very wealthy man. By this time, I was able to help most of my clients who suffered from terrible love pain; but I was not able to help myself. I was a complex case and the procedures I had developed up to that point did not ease my love pain and grief. It was very intense and endured for years until I found further development in my tapping protocols and the important the role of toxins in complex problems. I believe my prolonged love pain and grief was the cause of my cancer.

Whether you agree with Dr. Hamer’s theory of causation or not, anyone who develops cancer is at least severely traumatized by the shocking diagnosis. Typically, TFT is able to quickly eliminate all traces of both traumas; i.e., the originating trauma, if present, from years earlier and the trauma of receiving the diagnosis of cancer.

Tapping away the negative emotions from trauma can reduce stress, and help create a clear and calm presence in the face of this much feared and dreaded disease.

A New Theory:
In subsequent posts I will discuss my “Electric Theory of Cancer” and delve into the many ways that TFT can help improve the quality of life of a person with cancer.

Thought Field Therapy on BreastCancer.org

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