Obsessing About How Long It Lasts – TFT And Meridian Tapping Energy

Obsessing about how long this single treatment had lasted, I had to remind myself that keeping someone better was a better treat than treating someone longer.

Like the treatment, that is a thought that lasts.

TFT and Thought Field Therapy Meridian Tapping Energy has a lasting effect.

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TFT For Healing Of Our Pets?

We’re happy to report that Ave has been consistently better ever since the treatment, including a significant decrease in the itching. How fun to be able to use TFT to bring such immediate relief to a pet!

Thought Field Therapy’s Role in the Bereavement Process

Taking the time to be with feelings of love for the one who has died and integrating the fact that person is no longer with him or her is a necessary component in reconstructing a life.

Grieving is an active process requiring our engagement.

TFT, HRV, and Tapping to Heal the Broken Heart

By David Hanson, DEH, TFT-Dx Ruby and Jack (not their real names) had been married for 63 years. They were high school sweethearts, married, raised a family, and weathered all the storms of their lives together. Ruby was now alone. Jack had passed away in his sleep almost a year before her nephew, Bob, brought […]

Tapping For Trauma Relief

Dr. Dariah Morgan has been personally trained and certified by Dr. Callahan. Dr. Morgan earned an EdD from Texas A & M in Commerce (formerly East Texas State) and has conducted successful therapy practices in both Dallas and Rockwall for many years. She is also an accomplished public speaker, seminar leader and Tibeten Yoga instructor.

Stress, Your Immune System and the Swine Flu

We were more than 40 people, most of the people, came were wearing protective masks scaring and trying to keep distance among them. The first thing we did as introduction was to treat the fear and trauma of the group, the result was incredible, and we had one of the more collaborative and participants group.

At the end of the training I ask Dr Lammoglia a well known Doctor and owner of a TV program to come to give the certificates, people were so grateful for the course and the TFT techniques that after getting their certificate most of them stayed until they were able to personally thank us and take a personal picture.

All of these people are now helping scared people all over and some of them have called to thank us for teaching TFT in this difficult moment. I teach them also that the use of TFT can improve our immunological system and many I know are still tapping for this reason.

I have not suspended my private practice and yesterday I treated a panic case related with the same fears of getting the swine flu.

As usual TFT is being a great help in time of crisis. Thank you Roger!”

Working Toward Peace, One Heart At A Time – TFT Trauma Relief

Helping people with anxiety, trauma and stress is what we do best. Giving the gift of emotional freedom from trauma is a wonderful thing.

Note: TFT was the origin of emotional freedom technique

It’s a beautiful demonstration of how using TFT to relieve the effects of trauma can open people to peace, compassion and community. What a difference it could make in areas that have been plagued by violent conflict.

ATFT Foundation In Uganda

The priests’ anguish as they silently reflected on their memories of this horror was palpable. As their fellow priests, newly trained, treated them, all watching were eased to feel it pass, like a great oppressive weight lifting from the room. Several of the those treated were transformed, explaining to us the profound compassion and forgiveness they now felt, compassion even for the rebels. This was a grace that they had longed for but had resignedly feared they would never know in this life.”

Helping Our Returning Vets

The TFT Foundation (charitable arm of the Association for Thought Field Therapy), Callahan Techniques, Ltd. and the Columbia Basin Veterans Resource Coalition and The National Veterans Foundation, provide a free, much needed trauma stress relief retreat to our returning Veterans.

30 Years Of Thought Field Therapy

This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the discovery of a revolutionary form of healing, originally called Callahan Techniques and now commonly known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT was discovered and developed by California clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan.

Overcoming Trauma – Paul’s Story.

Paul Harris took time out to do a video to tell his story of how Thought Field Therapy has helped him overcome his trauma.

Paul know a few things about fear. A horrific auto accident left him burned over 80% of my body and was pronounced dead three times.

Stress Increases Risk of Dementia

A recent study done by the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, with 506 seniors (median age 82), found that those who were calm and easygoing were 50% less likely to develop dementia than those who were prone to anxiety and stress. (Hui-Xin Wang, PhD, research scientist, Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden). Daily use of […]

Whoopi Cured Of Fear Of Flying

Virgin Atlantic offers a program called “Flying Without Fear” and Thought Field Therapy is used to help students overcome the fear of flying.

We are happy to offer a free guide to get you on the road to overcoming your fear of flying, or any other phobia that may be affecting your day-to-day life. Just sign up on the sidebar of our blog for immediate access.

Is The Fear Of Flying Holding You Back?

Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Fear of Flying program incorporates the use of Thought Field Therapy. We were honored to be given the opportunity to work with Whoopi Goldberg as part of our participation in the Virgin Atlantic Airways “Flying Without Fear” program… helping her overcome her intense fear of flying. The aviophobic actress hasn’t flown for […]

Helping Patients with Cancer

This article provides great support for those mental health practitioners who have and are helping cancer patients. HELPING PATIENTS WITH CANCER, by Richard E. Gill, Assistant Editor, The American Psychologist [emphases are added by me, RJC.] When we returned from Honolulu our mail was waiting for us. On the top of the pile was a […]