Anxiety and Stress Relief with Thought Field Therapy

There is a new, excellent article in Vision magazine talking about the benefits of TFT for anxiety and stress relief.  It is an interview with TFT practitioner Sharon Goodlove, whose is trained through the advanced, Optimal Health level of TFT which includes Voice Technology.  Sharon has been a long time practitioner and the interview is great […]

TFT and Cancer Teleclass Recording Now Available

We have had many requests for a recording of our recent TFT and Cancer Teleclass. It was a very exciting call, with some new and important information about how TFT can help those with cancer. We were joined by individuals from 10 countries and the comments we have received from participants are excellent. Dr. Callahan […]

TFT and Dolphins – An Amazing Experience

photo credit: chuck.taylor I have had a most amazing experience, so very similar to when I actually had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. One of our Diagnostically trained TFT practitioners is the owner and developer of Virtual Dolpin Therapy which she offers in her spa, La Quinta Healing Arts. Brenda Burger, uses her […]

AMOURAPHOBIA: Eliminate It and Experience Unparalleled Happiness in Your Love Relationship

I understand the phenomenon of amouraphobia, what causes it and the problems it causes in our lives, robbing many of a satisfying and fulfilling romantic relationship.

New Frontiers with TFT

We just returned from an exciting and stimulating meeting of TFT VT (Voice Technology) practitioners.  While not all were able to attend, we had practitioners from South America, Japan, Europe, and the USA.    We met in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, where we enjoyed the air, the waves and the heavenly beauty of Hawaii. We all […]

Trauma Relief for Vets

Our returning veterans need help. The VA is overwhelmed and can’t even begin to help those in need. Recently the media is trying to bring attention to the lack of …