The following article just came in my WDDTY newsletter.  I want to share it with all TFT practitioners as we are seeing more and more of EMF sensitive clients.  For more information about this newsletter go to Radio frequency radiation from cell (mobile) phone networks can cause cancer, a major $30m study has concluded. […]

While it sounds hard to believe, so did tapping under the eyes to cure a phobia. Since the early 1980’s the feats of TFT have been hard to believe and have held up over time. TFT is a constantly evolving healing modality, and now we have added a new level of healing and use of […]

Dear TFT Community, We are excited to announce our new Diagnostic Process:  Determining Specific and Individual Tapping Protocols has just been launched in French.    I just received the following details. Joanne, I am very pleased to announce that your Paris TFT Dx online training has been launched! Hooray! Here is the link to the Training […]

Author and Journalist Lynne McTaggart, who mentioned TFT in the Living Matrix, has an excellent publication, WDDTY, What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You. I have received their emails for many years and often find very relevant information to our practice of TFT and healing. Below is one such article: Schoolchildren suffering memory problems from using their […]

We are often asked, Where should I start with TFT? Or, Which training should I take? Because TFT has so many options for training, whether professional or for personal use, it can sometimes be confusing to the person new to TFT. Additionally, we are creating new trainings for both online and live delivery and it […]