Nature versus Nurture: Can we control our response to stress?

Epigenetics and the “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. Since only 1% of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99% is directly attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment.

In the recent World Summit on Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bruce Lipton shared the latest findings on stress and how our environment and our thoughts are 99% of what contributes to our health or disease.

He says stress is recognized to be the primary source of disease and responsible for up to 90% of all doctor office visits.

“It is now known that our thoughts, whether right or wrong, actually change our biology.”

The Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Epigenetics is now saying, “What you are thinking is translated into chemistry, which will determine what you will become.”

What it represents is this: the influences of our thoughts are translated into chemistry, which leads to inappropriate or unproductive behavior and to what we call disease.”

Since our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful physical effect on our health and well-being, it is safe to say “stress matters”. We can’t just look at it as “part of life” but more how we can quickly and easily release it from our minds and bodies as it appears.

Negative thinking and limiting beliefs slow us down, keep us stuck, and stop our healing process. Our emotional blockages not only hold us back, but literally block the flow of healing energy.

Our upcoming TFT Well-Being Retreat will address stress at its source. We will begin by assessing our level of stress and overall health, then take the time to de-stress using simple self-applied tools we can take home with us.

During the retreat, we will learn how to:

  • move past our conditioning and respond rather than react
  • release the toxicity of stored emotions
  • identify and neutralize toxins and substances that trigger self-sabotage

Research has been demonstrating the incredible physiological as well as psychological effects that Tapping has on our emotions and our body. The physical action of Tapping on the meridians, calms the amygdala and the fight or flight response, balancing our autonomic nervous systems.

PLUS the identification of specific blocks and the ability to remove them has the power to release our limiting beliefs and negative thinking and replace it with positive ones.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and finished with feeling tired and sick of non-stop stress, join me for life transformative five days in our new TFT Well-Being Retreat.

And, while we de-stress and decompress you will experience one of the greatest support tools to breathe easier. We will learn to meditate with ease, using precision technology – taking all of the effort out of it, leaving us with just the benefits. Join others just like you in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to relax, renew, and transform your life.


We can now reach into our genetic programming and turn ON healing genes – achieving stunning results we didn’t even think were possible just a few decades ago.

So, if you want to experience vibrant health, if you want to be able to trust your body, to feel strong and confident, to help it heal…

Join me Sept. 11-16 in Virginia at our TFT Well-Being Retreat where the focus is on your issues that effect your ability to relax and are restricting your well-being and limiting your quality of life.

Ways We Can Help Create More Peace in 2017

From Corporations to Prisons

I am always in awe at the many ways I see TFT being used to help create a better world. It is so fulfilling to see those we have trained over the years, going on to develop projects that are having an impact on others around them; projects that can have far-reaching effects in our world for years to come.

I want to start this new year by recognizing two groups of TFT practitioners and trainers who are making a difference.


imageThe first group is our Rwandan trainers who have taken TFT into the Rwanda Prison and Correction system. They have been asked, with our support, to train the country of Rwanda’s entire prison and correction system.

Can you imagine what a model this will be for other countries around the world. The healing of an entire prison system, both the staff and inmates. The first prison training day took place in November 2016.

That first training has resulted in the following points of agreement:

1. Signing the memo of Understanding between Rwanda Correction Service (RCS) and the TFT & Psychosocial Diocesan Service

2. To provide TFT training for the board and different prisons psychologists, social workers and staff from the prison of Kigali, (1930), Kimironko, Bugesera, Musanze and Miyove (Gicumbi).

3. Creation of TFT groups in every prison and correction Center.

4. Using TFT as the model of trauma healing and bringing people to peace, unity and reconciliation.

5. Using TFT as a technical practice of eliminating toxins and drug addiction in the prisoners.

6. To provide regular training, monitoring and follow-up for the trained TFT therapists in the prison and Correction centers.

7. Implementing the projects of teaching TFT to the prisoners and treating them with TFT using their groups.

imageThis will be a proven model for healing in the prisons and correction systems of any country. If this can be implemented in a country such a Rwanda, it can be used anywhere to begin healing at a much-needed level of humanity.

You can help us make this project happen. We are raising the funds to support this project throughout Rwanda. Please help the TFT Foundation and contribute to this project. It can be so far-reaching, demonstrating what can be done in any country.

Click here to contribute. 


imageAt the other end of the spectrum, a group of our TFT Practitioners and Trainers in Sao Paulo, Brazil have developed a project: Corporate Consciousness “A New Vision, A New Society and a New Era”.

The Corporate Consciousness® Program arose from an ideal created by a group of partners and professionals that are aligned with the same value, life purpose and mission, whose integrated vision seeks the well-being of as many people as possible, as well as communities, corporations, intuitions and society as a whole in a conscious world and better to live.

imageThis project addresses:

· Corporate Consciousness
· Emotional Consciousness
· Mental Consciousness
· Environmental Consciousness

They use many of the tools we, as TFT practitioners are familiar with and use, tapping, scale of consciousness, yoga and High Tech Meditation.

imageOne of the founders, Suzane Mayumi Iamamoto, has been my translator when I am in Brazil for the last couple of years. She took the time to translate their project summary and three recent, successful case studies with Brazilian companies. It is amazing what they are doing and how many lives they are enhancing. You can learn more about their project at

Where Can You Acquire the Tools to Help Create Peace In Your World?

The above individuals all were trained and greatly inspired with the results they found they could deliver in their world. They could actually help transform others, from individuals to companies and communities up to an entire country. We can all do the same.

Join us at our next Optimal Health training, the same TFT skill level that the Brazilian team share. Or, join us for a Boot Camp and learn what they are teaching in the Rwandan prison system.

We can all learn and then share our skills to make our world a better place. Let these individuals inspire us all.

Optimal Health     Boot Camp

Help TFT Be Recognized as the Model Service in Trauma Healing in Rwanda

We have just had the following message from the IZERE Center in Rwanda.  It is wonderful to have TFT’s role in their healing process be acknowledged and recognized in this way.  This is an urgent request to help us support this Unity and Reconciliation Week program.  As it is not in our planned budget, we need your support to help them provide this program and the recognition of TFT and their model of trauma relief.  They are requesting $5500. 

 “It is my pleasure to let you know that TFT and Psychosocial Diocesan Service is considered as the model service in trauma healing, Unity and Reconciliation of Rwandan people in the Northern province. Our work at Izere Center and Mutete sector is making the change in the society.  Yesterday we attended the provincial meeting and we have been requested to organize the Unity and reconciliation week which will begin at TFT Site of Mutete Sector and end at Izere Center. Many people will be invited such as: Minister of Justice, Minister of Local governance, Governor of Northern Province, the Chairperson of The National  Unity and reconciliation Commission  Mayors, Bishops, Mayors,…  Tomorrow, we have the management meeting and we will establish the important activities which will characterize that week. So, we are asking you if you should get any sponsorship or support for the success of that week.”

Tomorrow I give you all the details after the technical meeting! It is hard for us because it is the first time for our service to be chosen for the organization and heading the activities of the Unity and Reconciliation week!

 Click here to DONATE to help us support this recognition and healing of Rwandan’s with TFT.



NEW Book: The Craft of Public Speaking

41JQgUW1uYL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_Dr Colin M. Barron’s new book is now available on Amazon.

I am very pleased to announce Dr. Colin Barron’s new book. Dr. Barron has been a long time TFT VT practitioner and an active participant on our community. He has graciously share much knowledge over the years. And as he is, himself, an excellent and very witty speaker, he is certainly qualified to write this book. You can get your copy here.

Colin has been using TFT since early in 2000, and in November 2001 he became the first British person to qualify as a Voice Technology TFT practitioner. Colin has also gained 40 years of experience in public speaking, and did some training with the John May School of Public Speaking in London in January 1990.

Public speaking is one of the most important skills in personal and professional life. Yet too often this key ability is neglected, leading to presentations which are dull, uninspired and poorly delivered.

The Craft of Public Speaking examines some of the crucial aptitudes which are fundamental to delivering an effective presentation for listeners. These include preparation, structure and rehearsal, in addition to some of the more overlooked aspects of oration such as the use of visual aids, adding humour, and dressing for success. As well as discussing how to deliver effective live addresses in public settings, the book also covers interview techniques for TV and radio along with how to organise seminars and conferences.

Dr Colin M. Barron has delivered hundreds of lectures and presentations to audiences during a long career, giving speeches on a wide variety of different subjects over many years. In The Craft of Public Speaking, he shares the essential knowledge that you will need to become a truly successful public speaker.

Make Peace with Your Past – Enhance Your Relationships

There is no doubt that how we experience ourselves in relationships is of great importance to us. Be it within the family, with friends or coworkers we are interacting and relating to many people throughout our lives. The scenarios are many, and the situations differ but underlying all is the hope that we create something harmonious and enjoyable that enriches our lives. Read more

Assistance to the Kumamoto Earthquake


Dr. Niki Hearty, Hospital, President
Department of Psychiatry, Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine (200 inpatients)

Apr. 14 9:26pm – Magnitude (M) 6.5 earthquake.  Everybody thought it was the main quake, but it was actually the foreshock. After the foreshock, nobody anticipated there would be another larger quake, but there was.

A day later, 1:25 AM of the 16th, the main quake, M 7.3 occurred.

Many houses and buildings collapsed.  Many people were frightened of having another big quake, so they slept in their cars. They experienced hopelessness after they cleaned up all the mess in their houses and then an even much worse quake came, creating more destruction. Read more

TFT Trauma Care – Partners Program – in Japanese University

Japanese Association of Thought Field Therapy (JATFT) has a program for trauma relief, the TFT Partners program is one-day workshop where the JATFT provides certification for volunteering human services. The program is based on the TFT Foundation’s Rwandan community treatment model and allows anybody who would like to help others to join the program. Read more

Urgent Plea for Matching Funds

22’nd Commemoration of Rwandan Genocide Healing and Mourning 100-Day Period.

Celestin Mitabu, TFT Kigali Trainer and Director of Rwandan Orphans Project is leading national Radio programs, where even a Rwandan Ambassador called in for help.  He is working tirelessly to share TFT Trauma Relief with his country.  He has trained University students, the Red Cross teams and many others to assist with the monumental task of healing during the commemoration 100 days.

He urgently needs the funds to continue this work for the last half of the mourning period.  Just look at the pictures to see all he doing to share healing with TFT.

We have a pledge of three, up to $500, donations each for matching funds.  Please help us raise the matching $1500 to send to him.  He has the first ever national radio shows to teach TFT, is the first one to train Red Cross volunteers and is training teams of university students to help their fellow Rwandans.  The people benefitting include the handicapped, the orphans, the prisoners, and families everywhere.

Click here to DONATE.  If 100 us each gave $15 we would have the full $3000 needed to continue this healing through the last 50 days of the mourning period.  Anyone contributing over $25 will receive a copy of the DVD, From Trauma to Peace.  There is no better way to share the healing power of TFT.

donate for Rwanda


Happy Birthday with Gratitude and Love


Today, May 8, was Roger Callahan’s birthday.  He was born in 1925.

As I remember him with love and gratitude, I think of the hundreds of thousands over the years who have benefitted from his work.

Right now in Rwanda, thousands are being healed from the genocide as they are in their 100 day mourning period.  I have received reports from Byumba and the IZERE Center about the many they are helping.  TFT Kigali has just sent me pictures of the thousands they are helping in Kigali.  Our foundation team in Paris helped many after their recent bombings, as did our Redlands team following the San Bernardino shootings.

Everywhere we look, we see the need for this powerful healing modality.  Please take a minute and join me in sending love, light and gratitude to all, in his memory.

Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.