TFT and Cancer Teleclass Recording Now Available

We have had many requests for a recording of our recent TFT and Cancer Teleclass. It was a very exciting call, with some new and important information about how TFT can help those with cancer. We were joined by individuals from 10 countries and the comments we have received from participants are excellent.

Dr. Callahan introduced some new research supporting the value of psychological interventions for cancer patients. He also discussed the “Electrical Theory of Cancer” and research that was done decades ago in support of this theory but largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

We learned about 16 ways that TFT can help cancer sufferers, including how important treating past traumas may be, based on Dr. Hamer’s theory of much cancer being caused by past traumas.

He talked about the importance of the use of a voltmeter for identifying negative polarities and new ways of correcting them.

The class was recorded and is now available as an MP3 file. If you wish to receive this audio file, please contact Chris – .

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  1. Linda Buckner
    Linda Buckner says:

    I am am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist certified in TFT.
    I am in need of the Cancer TFT methods for myself (diagnosed with cancer and in continuous treatment for two years) and friends. i do not have a voltmeter and am not likely to be able to afford costly devices or classes.
    Can you please send me a catalogue of information available?
    Thank you,


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