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Just stop for a minute and think about the difference we can make in children’s lives if we can quickly tap away their fears and traumas, as they occur.  Fear is a negative, contractive state which attracts more of the same.  Many suffer from this state every day and the number is increasing substantially.

They are growing up in unprecedented and frightening times. Global stress is at an all-time high: health pandemic, racism, masks, social distancing, financial insecurity, political tension… The news reminds all of us, including our children, of what we should fear every time we turn on the TV or internet.  There are so many things for them to be upset about, all painting a very scary picture for our children.

But, if we daily tap away the fear, they can feel safe.  They can go to school or out to events without fears such as speaking to adults or peers, they are free to enjoy, engage and expand, more fully reaching their potential.

I wanted to share what two of our TFT Trainers and practitioners recently shared with me.  Both are amazing, simple examples of how we can improve the lives of our children and tap away their fears.


Hello again Joanne

I wanted to share with you a lovely story.

On the weekend we went for a walk with My husband my 5-year-old and myself.  We were walking on some rocks on the beach and my son was just in front of us and all of a sudden he screamed with terror, in that quick moment we saw a brown snake slide over his foot and slithered away under the rocks.   He almost flew off the rocks he jumped so high and fast and was hysterical.

I immediately jumped off and I started tapping him immediately EB E A C.  Within a few seconds he was smiling and happy. In fact, he felt quite brave and proud of himself for his encounter and was excited to tell his big sister about it when we got home.

When we go home a couple of hours later we had strangely all forgotten about the incident.  About 5 hours later I remembered that we forgot to share the story with our Daughter and I said “Edson you forgot to tell Desiree what happened to you today”  he looked at me puzzled?  and I said remember? and made an action with my hand of a snake…he still did not remember then I said Snake and he said oh yes and proceeded to tell his sister as a matter of fact like it was no big deal.

It was quite amazing to watch.  I am forever grateful that as a parent I have these tools literally at my fingertips to use whenever I need them.

Rosanna Mosca, Naturopath/Counsellor
BHSc, ND, Dip CH, Dip Psych, TFTdx


This next case was sent to me by Marcia Tillman BSc (Hons)

I am a student from one of Roger Callahan’s “Thought Field Therapy – Algorithm Level” courses taught by Marcia Tillman.  This was supposed to be a face to face classroom course but due to covid it was taught online.  I was a bit skeptical initially, on how such a course could be transferred online, but it worked amazingly.    With Zoom’s technology, with the Breakout rooms, it worked a dream.  There was a lovely mix of theory, practice sessions with energizers thrown in the mix.  Thank you Marcia for a lovely way to be taught.  

I am a Kinesiologist and trained in Touch for Health and Brain Gym and I came on the course to add a new tool to my tool box.  I didn’t know what to expect and was very open-minded.  I came away from the course delighted to have a fantastic additional tool to add to my tool box.   Thought Field Therapy is absolutely amazing and is very simple to follow.  It is really good for people who have phobias, shyness, social anxiety, emotional issues……the list goes on.   As part of the course I had to do some case studies.  I would like to share one of them.  

One of my case studies was on my daughter who is very shy talking to adults she doesn’t know very well (e.g teachers, hairdressers etc.).  My daughter had a hair appointment and I couldn’t take her, due to a diary clash, so she had to go alone.  She is 16.   She was really nervous about going, so I asked her if she wanted to do some Thought Field Therapy around her social anxiety around unfamiliar adults.  She agreed.  So we spent no more than 15 minutes doing the Thought Field Therapy algorithm sequence, the day before her appointment.  

The next day, when I returned from my meeting, my daughter ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug!  She shouted “I did it!  I did it!  I wasn’t nervous going to the hairdressers and I really enjoyed chatting to my hairdresser!  Thank you so much mum!”  I was so pleased for my daughter and so impressed with the power of Thought Field Therapy, as this social anxiety issue (with unfamiliar adults) has been a problem for many years.  This problem has completely gone away for my daughter and her confidence has grown with it.  

I would highly recommend Thought Field Therapy Algorithm training.   It is useful as a parent, as a teacher, as a therapist or any other professional.    It is quick, simple to follow, and most importantly, instantly effective.   Thank you Marcia!

Paula, Kinesiologist UK

We can all learn these simple tools from either live events at the algorithm level with our trainers.  Both Rosanna and Marcia offer live courses:  Click here for details

Or, online with our Algorithm Certification course:  

Tapping for dogs

In a successful experience with TFT, I was retained to work with a Jack Russell Terrier who was dismissed from the Conformation Ring for growling at the judge and biting him when he examined the dog’s feet.

Could TFT cure this problem? I wondered.

After some basic obedience training using positive reinforcement, I found the pup only 80% reliable. By using TFT, I was able to break through that final 20% and he went on to earn his Championship.

I started with desensitizing handling, then had strangers handle his feet while he was on a table. When he growled at them and showed his teeth to the handler, I started TFT.

At first, the pup was not receptive to the tapping. That is to say, he resisted it. I started by tapping him in the middle of his forehead, a technique I have used for many years (prior to my knowledge of TFT) to calm hyperactive dogs. After getting his attention, I used the eyebrow, under eye, under arm, clavicle, and gamut tapping sequence.

At first he looked surprised, and then calm.

After several treatments, the pup seemed to invite the tapping as though aware it was making him feel better.

I’ve also used TFT with other dogs including, recently, two Labrador Retrievers who were rescued from very abusive homes. Both dogs were fear-aggressive, lunging, barking, snapping, then retreating. After working with the dogs for several days, gaining their confidence, I had a stranger approach the dogs to maximize their trauma. I then applied the treatment, tapping the forehead, under eye, clavicle and sternum. The dogs calmed noticeably.

I have also used TFT many times briefly when working with students in classes. As I approach the pups, I signal them with the calming signals and then tap them on the forehead, under the eye, and on the sternum or clavicle, whichever is easiest to find. The only times I do not feel successful are when the owners interfere with or are not willing to try the treatment.

I believe TFT works when the dog is confident in the person applying the treatment. It should not be tried with a dog who is frightened of everyone and who has no “ally” in the room. In this situation, I find that dogs are not receptive to treatment and it is very difficult to tap the appropriate spots. —Lee Wells

TFT and Horses

While visiting a friend’s farm recently, the farmer’s daughter shared with me the story of her 7-year-old mare, who was extremely fearful of people—and especially hostile to men. The horse had been mistreated by its previous male owner. By now, it needed veterinary treatment to trim its hooves—which were overgrown and causing the horse extreme discomfort.

Unfortunately, the local veterinarian is a man and couldn’t get near the horse, even to examine it. Not wishing her mare to be sedated, the farmer’s daughter shared with me her dilemma.

Could TFT help calm this anxious horse, I wondered?

I explained briefly about TFT, then asked the daughter to stroke the horse’s forehead, and tap gently under its eye. I then asked her to tap behind the horses foreleg (as close to where I imagined the arm point would be), then tap the horse’s chest—as close to the collarbone as she could get.

Since it was impossible for me—a man—to get near the horse initially, I asked the daughter to tap out the algorithm instead. As she tapped away to my instructions, I could see the horse calming down from a distance. I entered the field and slowly walked to the animal, repeating the algorithm where the daughter left off.

In just a few minutes, the mare was almost asleep.

I asked the farmer’s daughter to walk away and leave the field. By then, she was extremely surprised to find the horse calm, receptive and unaffected by her departure—particularly when the mare had not been bridled in any way, nor had I used any treats.

Later, as I walked about the field, the horse followed me, nudging me in the back—her fear of people (and men, in particular) completely resolved. Even another male visitor to the farm that afternoon couldn’t change the anxiety-free state of the mare.

Of course, the veterinarian was able to treat her hooves with ease. But getting her to hum a tune while tapping was a different matter entirely! —Brian Ewart as told to Ian Graham

The TFT Foundation’s teams, USA and UK, have just returned safely from a very rewarding and successful trip to Uganda.  They trained local Ugandans to heal trauma, fear, grief and other sufferings, as well as helped many Ugandans directly.

When you do these missions, it is heartwarming to receive a letter from our host, Fr. Peter, thanking us and sharing the many healings they are already experiencing.

Here is an excerpt of his letter.


Dear Joanne,

I greet you and Dr. Callahan so much in the name of Jesus. I am very grateful to you and the foundation for sending us such a wonderful team of five people. They were very excellent. They did not only have a Mastery of the content and matter of TFT, but they also showed us a lot of love, concern and care. They were able to integrate with us very well. It was very easy for people to ask them questions, and the responses were perfect and out of love.

Everything, the training of catechists and the PTSD study went on perfectly. You really sent us excellent people. Our prayer and request is that, they should be the very people to come to Uganda next time. We already miss them so much. I am really very grateful. We did not have a single problem with any of them at all. Thanks a lot.

The catechists who were trained mastered the TFT Algorithm level and have already started treating people with very good results.

Many people were healed during the stay of the team you sent us in Uganda. The catechists were getting amazed and surprised at the very many healings. I am so much impressed, and the bishop is so much impressed. I will promote TFT till I die, and I thank God for revealing TFT to you and Dr. Callahan. May God bless you abundantly.

We have plans that if possible on your part, there could be a follow up next year of the trained catechists and the PTSD study, and the same persons are followed up. We are planning a National training of TFT within two years if you and the bishop allow us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Greetings to Dr. Callahan  I remain yours in Christ,

Fr.Peter Mubunga Basaliza

Also, notice he has invited us back next year for a follow up to the study and further training for local communities.  This work further validated our model for large scale trauma relief and has helped reduce the suffering of many Ugandans.

If you would like to help us continue this work, click here to donate.

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

We’d like to share a video from the Fly Fearless program in the UK, that uses TFT to overcome the fear of flying.

We’ve had great success with those suffering from this phobia.. including Whoopi Goldberg.

17 participants on the Fly Fearless flight take to the air after their seminar, which included a Thought Field Therapy.

See how they do…

The video was done by Michael Comyn of Fly Fearless in Ireland

Virgin Atlantic also has a fear of flying program in the UK – you can register for the Flying Without Fear here.

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In this video Roger Callahan demonstrates how Thought Field Therapy® can be used to overcome fear. Leeza has a phobia of frogs and watch as she overcomes this fear. Special guest Betty White.

If you are wanting to overcome your fears, the Fear Of Flying Tapping guide (which helped Who0pi overcome her fear of flying), or the Stress Busters Tapping guide can be downloaded here.

Sometimes humor helps!

This clip is a lighthearted look at the common fears and anxieties many of us share when giving a presentation or a speech.

Can you relate to this video?

If you are held back by the fear of public speaking, it not only keeps you from reaching your potential, it also can hold you back from promotions, getting a job and even enjoying social settings.

Thought Field Therapy has successfully been used to treat the fear of public speaking for years, along with helping to overcome anxiety when in a social gathering, job interview, or a meeting.

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Paul Harris took time out for this video to tell his story of how Thought Field Therapy has helped him overcome his trauma.

Paul know a few things about fear and trauma… a horrific auto accident in 1989 left him with burns to over 80% his body – and he was pronounced dead three times.

Paul tells his story of how the burns affected his life and how one of our TFT practitioners,  Chrissy Mayhew,  helped him get over 20 years of his post traumatic stress: