TFT Classic Videos: The Leezo Show With Betty White

In this video Roger Callahan demonstrates how Thought Field Therapy® can be used to overcome fear. Leeza has a phobia of frogs and watch as she overcomes this fear. Special guest Betty White.

If you are wanting to overcome your fears, the Fear Of Flying Tapping guide (which helped Who0pi overcome her fear of flying), or the Stress Busters Tapping guide can be downloaded here.

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  1. Sharon Goodlove
    Sharon Goodlove says:

    It IS hard to believe that Leeza, Betty White and the children had such huge fears and reactions to the insects and animals and then be simply and quickly cured of their phobic reaction. And, from my personal experience using Dr. Callahan’s treatment technique for anxieties and phobia — for the past 13 years — I’ve seen first hand the terrors of phobias to dogs, cats, flying birds, insects, and many, many other fears have been dissolved in just a few minutes by using Thought Field Therapy. I’m very thankful to Dr. Roger Callahan for keeping on developing his theories and how to apply them for my benefit and many hundreds others to whom I’ve been able to pass along the self-help treatment.


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