Make Peace with Your Past – Enhance Your Relationships

There is no doubt that how we experience ourselves in relationships is of great importance to us. Be it within the family, with friends or coworkers we are interacting and relating to many people throughout our lives. The scenarios are many, and the situations differ but underlying all is the hope that we create something harmonious and enjoyable that enriches our lives.

In all our years listening and assisting people we have not once found a person who consciously and honestly wanted to be miserable or make somebody else so.

Nevertheless very often we feel that something is missing or not going right in the way we find ourselves interacting with other people or situations. This applies to work, school, our partners, our parents and children or close friends….. and even the relationship we have with ourselves.

Fear, anger, judgment, jealousy, hate, blame and shame, act as powerful ingredients that can poison our experience and we end up feeling disempowered.

We have learned all these emotions when we were very young and in certain situations they get triggered and activated from the archives of our unconscious. They served a purpose back then… the best way we could cope with a situation at the time, but now they don’t help us anymore, they just emphasize the negative and leave a bad taste: a silent poison.

The good news is… with the assistance of Tapping, awareness techniques and conscious rituals we can release our negative strategies and the emotions that go with them and establish functional and supportive ways to bring joy into our lives.

Mark your calendars to join us and Joanne Callahan in our all new Make Peace with Your Past, November 16-19, 2017. Space will be limited for this life-changing retreat.

Visit http://www.tfttapping.com/detox/ or email joanne@tftrx.com for details.

Rudolf and Mona Kaufman

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