In our Optimal Health and advanced New Era courses, we have an increased focus on enhancing the positive and aligning us to our goals, achieving greater well-being.

We are now using a new HRV program, the Health Body Analyzer, to measure improvements. This new system measures Vagal Tone as well as our usual parameters of heart rate variability (HRV), autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, stress levels, etc.

Recent research supports the need for positive emotions in improving our overall health and well-being. The measure of the Vagal Tone is one way to assess these improvements.

How Positive Emotions Build Physical Health: Perceived Positive Social Connections Account for the Upward Spiral Between Positive Emotions and Vagal Tone Psychological Science24(7) 1123 –1132

Bethany E. Kok1, Kimberly A. Coffey1, Michael A. Cohn2, Lahnna I. Catalino1, Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk1, Sara B. Algoe1, Mary Brantley3, and Barbara L. Fredrickson11Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; and 3Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke Center for Living Campus, Duke University


The mechanisms underlying the association between positive emotions and physical health remain a mystery. We hypothesize that an upward-spiral dynamic continually reinforces the tie between positive emotions and physical health and that this spiral is mediated by people’s perceptions of their positive social connections. We tested this overarching hypothesis in a longitudinal field experiment in which participants were randomly assigned to an intervention group that self-generated positive emotions via loving-kindness meditation or to a waiting-list control group.

Participants in the intervention group increased in positive emotions relative to those in the control group, an effect moderated by baseline vagal tone, a proxy index of physical health. Increased positive emotions, in turn, produced increases in vagal tone, an effect mediated by increased perceptions of social connections. This experimental evidence identifies one mechanism—perceptions of social connections—through which positive emotions build physical health, indexed as vagal tone. Results suggest that positive emotions, positive social connections, and physical health influence one another in a self-sustaining upward-spiral dynamic.

Joanne Callahan Explains the differences between EFT and TFT in this Interview:

Current research documents that more and more individuals are being affected by EMF radiation.  The recent article we posted about the research and protests about the new 5G networks is a prime example.  We too have seen an increase in TFT clients that are very sensitive to EMF’s.  Because of this, we have been testing and using many different types of protection over the last two decades.

We have found that Shungite, processed through our Zero Point Energy Field converter, has the strongest shielding and balancing properties of everything we have seen and tested in the last 20 years.  Our clients have seen the benefits and have shared how these products have dramatically improved their quality of life.

The shungite pyramids (+ converter) are VERY powerful!  They block the EMFs from the nearby cell phone towers.  Amazing!  I wish I had known how strong they were before I bought the WaveRider.  Now I will tell all my friends about shungite + zero point.  DR

What is Shungite? Shungite is a powerful energy stone that provides protection from harmful influences, brings grounding, energy balance and harmony. It also has a positive impact on the physical health which we have seen with HRV scans.

Are you EMF-sensitive? If you notice that after a long day of working with gadgets you feel exhausted, insecure or agitated more than usually, you could be. The disturbing symptoms of electromagnetic radiation toxic exposure include anxiety, insomnia, migraines, as well as loss of appetite and out-of-nowhere mood swings.

There are many shielding and protective crystals that you can use, but shungite is the one we use for ourselves and our clients to protect us from EMF. Shungite has proven to protect from up to 98% of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronics around you while keeping the signal intact. It makes the field biocompatible.

Find cell phone and computer protective Shungite Zero Point Energy disks here:

According to Professor Olle Johansson in the film Generation Zapped, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have increased 1 quintillion-fold over the past 10 years – that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!

EMFs cause indisputable adverse health effects

  • Research shows that official Safety Level Legislation is far from adequate.
  • There have been no safety tests involving multiple frequencies from multiple sources
  • We are all taking part in a massive experiment in contravention to the Nuremberg Code.
  • Since 1997, Authorities have ignored 37 different Appeals from all around the World.
  • France has banned WiFi from Primary schools in recognition that children, babies, and fetuses are considerably more vulnerable.

EM radiation at higher frequencies is increasing on a huge scale

  • 5G is already in use with rapidly expanding coverage expected to reach 90% by 2027.
  • The Internet of Things, promises an exponential rise in Smart technology in the home.

Telecommunications technology has undoubted benefits and realistically isn’t going to go away, so we need to adopt practices and Compensating Magnetic Oscillation (CMO) technology to reduce exposure to the minimum and mitigate the adverse effects.

In response, we have a complete line of Zero Point Energy products

We are now combining the properties of quantum physics and zero-point energy with naturally occurring minerals to create passive healing and polarity tools to support our tapping.  The first of these is a natural carbon mineral, Shungite, which has been described by Russian scientists as “We have something natural to protect life”.

There are over 20 years of Russian research supporting the healing qualities of this natural stone.  You can read about this more fully in the book, Shungite:  Protection, Healing, and Detoxification.

By placing these and other natural products into a Zero-Field converter, we can enhance and substantiate the healing qualities and frequencies of these items to support our health and well-being.  The zero-field converter neutralizes and improves the energy of any object that is placed into it.

My late husband, Roger Callahan, discovered and developed TFT through much study and work.  He believed very early on that quantum physics was key to understanding and expanding TFT.  He avidly studied the works of many in the field from Feynmann to Planck and Heisenberg.  Richard Feynman “calculated the zero-point radiation of the vacuum to be an order of magnitude greater than nuclear energy….”  Pretty powerful stuff.

As Roger did, we continue to test everything we use with TFT, by running pre and post Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures.  This is a simple and standard test to measure a current state of health and improvement due to a therapeutic intervention.

Click here to see the products we have been tested and clearly demonstrate their ability to improve our overall state of health and well-being, including having the properties to correct negative polarity states.


The following article just came in my WDDTY newsletter.  I want to share it with all TFT practitioners as we are seeing more and more of EMF sensitive clients.  For more information about this newsletter go to

Radio frequency radiation from cell (mobile) phone networks can cause cancer, a major $30m study has concluded. There is ‘clear evidence’—which is the highest level of proof—that exposure to radiation from 2G and 3G networks, in particular, is carcinogenic.

Researchers from the US’s National Toxicology Program didn’t test the cancer risks of newer technologies, such as 4G and 5G or wi-fi, and so can’t be sure if they have similar risks.

Although the radiation is definitely carcinogenic, people may have to be exposed to very high levels before they developed cancer, the researchers say.

They exposed laboratory rats and mice to levels that were up to four times greater than the permitted safety levels, and above that which humans would experience. The animals were exposed to 10-minute bursts for nine hours a day for two years; during that time, the rats developed cancerous tumors in their hearts, and others also had brain and adrenal gland cancers.

The researchers say the animals developed different cancers because their whole bodies were exposed to the radiation, but in humans this would most likely occur in the brain when a cell phone is placed close to the ear.

The study took 10 years to complete, and researchers say it was far more controlled and reliable than previous studies, which, in the main, had relied on questionnaires for accessing levels of exposure to the radiation.


(Source: NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, November 1, 2018. 1930 Village Centre Circle #3-2042 Las

Dear TFT Community,

We are excited to announce our new Diagnostic Process:  Determining Specific and Individual Tapping Protocols has just been launched in French.    I just received the following details.

Joanne, I am very pleased to announce that your Paris TFT Dx online training has been launched! Hooray!

Here is the link to the Training Session:

Our English version will go live next week.  These new courses are the first online of our new, updated Diagnostic level training.  They include all of the new, tested protocols that have been added to the live trainings.  It is now possible to acquire TFT-Dx level certification online.  This helps so many more achieve this level TFT, from anywhere in the world.  The Spanish version is in translation now so watch for it to be announced later this year.

Thank you,

Joanne M Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Epigenetics and the “new” biology defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. Since only 1% of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99% is directly attributable to the environment and our nervous system’s perception of the environment.

In the recent World Summit on Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bruce Lipton shared the latest findings on stress and how our environment and our thoughts are 99% of what contributes to our health or disease.

He says stress is recognized to be the primary source of disease and responsible for up to 90% of all doctor office visits.

“It is now known that our thoughts, whether right or wrong, actually change our biology.”

The Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Epigenetics is now saying, “What you are thinking is translated into chemistry, which will determine what you will become.”

What it represents is this: the influences of our thoughts are translated into chemistry, which leads to inappropriate or unproductive behavior and to what we call disease.”

Since our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful physical effect on our health and well-being, it is safe to say “stress matters”. We can’t just look at it as “part of life” but more how we can quickly and easily release it from our minds and bodies as it appears.

Negative thinking and limiting beliefs slow us down, keep us stuck, and stop our healing process. Our emotional blockages not only hold us back, but literally block the flow of healing energy.

Our upcoming TFT Well-Being Retreat will address stress at its source. We will begin by assessing our level of stress and overall health, then take the time to de-stress using simple self-applied tools we can take home with us.

During the retreat, we will learn how to:

  • move past our conditioning and respond rather than react
  • release the toxicity of stored emotions
  • identify and neutralize toxins and substances that trigger self-sabotage

Research has been demonstrating the incredible physiological as well as psychological effects that Tapping has on our emotions and our body. The physical action of Tapping on the meridians, calms the amygdala and the fight or flight response, balancing our autonomic nervous systems.

PLUS the identification of specific blocks and the ability to remove them has the power to release our limiting beliefs and negative thinking and replace it with positive ones.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and finished with feeling tired and sick of non-stop stress, join me for life transformative five days in our new TFT Well-Being Retreat.

And, while we de-stress and decompress you will experience one of the greatest support tools to breathe easier. We will learn to meditate with ease, using precision technology – taking all of the effort out of it, leaving us with just the benefits. Join others just like you in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to relax, renew, and transform your life.


We can now reach into our genetic programming and turn ON healing genes – achieving stunning results we didn’t even think were possible just a few decades ago.

So, if you want to experience vibrant health, if you want to be able to trust your body, to feel strong and confident, to help it heal…

Join me Sept. 11-16 in Virginia at our TFT Well-Being Retreat where the focus is on your issues that effect your ability to relax and are restricting your well-being and limiting your quality of life.

Dear TFT Community,

The TFT Foundation has had a board member position become vacant.  Mary Lou Dobbs has left the board and we thank her for all her contributions and support over the last few years.

The board has a vital need for someone with fund raising skills.  If you or someone within the TFT world have these skills or interest, and would be willing to join our board, please email me,

tappingwinterIf you haven’t read the most recent issue of Tapping For Humanity, please take a quick look.  I am confident anyone with humanitarian interests would be pleased to work with us.  You can download your issue here:  Click here to download your issue of Tapping For Humanity .

Thank you for your help in filling this position.

Joanne Callahan, MBA
President, Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

Creating Peace One Heart at a Time – Please visit the site –  – watch the video, share it with everyone you know and help us begin to create PEACE amidst a chaotic and traumatized world.


Chris Trautner

Christine (Chris) Trautner passed away on November 17, 2015.

Chris had retired last June with a diagnosis of COPD. According to her husband, Andy, Chris had lost consciousness a day before and never regained it but lapsed quietly Tuesday night.  She is survived by her husband Andy, their two beloved Aussies, Bandit and Brandie, and her sons and Rusty and Tom and daughter Angie and 7 grandchildren.

Please hold her and her family in your thoughts and blessings. She served so many of us in the TFT community for many years. We will miss her tremendously.