Washington DC Trip, 06/09

I’d like to send a thank-you to you and to Roger for the great work  you both do and for Tapping the Healer Within.

Since I had my kids I’ve not been the best flyer, but on a recent trip to Canada (a long haul – 6 flights in one  week!) I used TFT algorithms to conquer my fears and to avoid jet lag.

I’m so pleased to say I enjoyed each and every flight and was able to admire  the Rockies from my window seat! (I simply wouldn’t have sat there before).

On arrival and on my return I was completely free of jet lag.

I’ve been telling everyone about it since – tweeting  too!

Best to you,

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broken hearted
Love Pain put to the test.. here’s one of our customer’s story:

I bought the Love Pain DVD as my 20 year old son was absolutely distraught after his girlfriend broke it off the other day.

He was miserable and sobbing and even said he felt like he was ill.

I have been using EFT a lot and all my children know it but I thought there might be something a little less cumbersome, so I decided to purchase the TFT Love Pain DVD.

While the DVD was downloading I opened the e-book that came with it and had him sit with me while I instructed him with the tapping points.

He started out at a 10 and by the time he had gotten to the under arm point he had already felt the intensity of his grief fade.  When we were done with the protocol he was quite amazed and said “How does this stuff work?”

It had gone down to a 5.  The next round we did included the gamut and it went to a 3, and the next round with the gamut and ending with the eye roll and it went to a 1 or 2.

He felt like he was cheating so I explained that it was not cheating, what it was doing was actually clearing the intense emotions to enable him to think and operate from a more rational perspective.

Once the DVD had downloaded and he made it bigger we watched it together.  At the end he was still feeling some of the pain – I guess different aspects were coming up – so we did the protocol a few more times which bought his pain down to about a 2, having started at about a 10 – it was to do with just wanting to be with her.  He was still a bit weepy when he went to bed and I went off to bed and found that I was feeling very tearful and sad for him, so I did the protocol a few times and it just melted away.

He has continued to use the tapping and I am really pleased and relieved to say that he is feeling enormous relief.  He still feels the sadness  a bit but it is not the gut/heart wrenching sadness that he was experiencing on Sunday, which is when she broke it off.

So, a great big hug and a thank you to Roger Callahan and I guess one cannot forget accolades to ‘God’, ‘The Universe’, whatever it is that makes the sun shine and the trees grow.


Sue Basler

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By Rosemarie Solarz, Maryland

The story I am about to tell is perhaps one that a lot of people can relate to. Fear of snakes!

Having a brother that frequently brought home creepy crawlers of any kind, made my life uneasy at a very early age. Family camping trips were never fun for me, I was always fearful of us coming across one, dead or alive, and have my brother tease me by threatening to throw it at me.

Looking back now I can see the controlling effect the fear of snakes had on me.

Spring is the most difficult time for me because of my phobia. The fear of the snakes coming out of hibernation kept me from doing the things I love in the yard.

Remembering back to the times when there would be the annual field trip to the local zoo and I would chaperon.

Each time when it came time to visit the snake house, I would have to have one of the other mothers include my group with hers. I could not bring myself to even go near the place.

There are no words adequately enough to express the depth of fear I had at just the mention of the word snake.

When I was first approached to consider a new concept in treating phobias with Thought Field Therapy, I honestly was skeptical. I was told that it would not take long, perhaps five to fifteen minutes of my time, no cost to me, and painless!

I laughed it off and walked away, since I did not want to face the issue of my phobia.

Two weeks went by before I was again asked if I would like to get rid of my fear of snakes.

Finally I consented. I first asked if I had to touch one or it be in the same room I was in because if I did, no deal!

Assured there would not be any snakes involved, the process began.

I was first told to think about snakes and rate my fear on a scale of one to ten. The mere word snake set me in a tailspin. I immediately felt sick to my stomach, heart beating very rapidly, felt faint, head began to ache, sweaty palms and down right scared to death not knowing what I had done to myself. As far as I was concerned, ten was not a high enough number to express my pain.

The therapy began and it was hard for me to concentrate on the instructions I was given at first because of all my physical pain I was experiencing.

The time went by quickly, what seemed like minutes to me, took all of twelve minutes all toll for the therapy to end.

The transformation in my mind and body was unbelievable. I felt as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Or I had just awakened from a ten hour sleep, very refreshed and happy.

To my utter disbelieve the fear was gone. I can not only say the word snake and not go into my usual physical pain; I can now look at pictures about them, watch movies about them and read books about them with my grandchildren.

The technique Dr. Callahan has developed for ridding phobias for people like me is so unique; I wish I had had the opportunity to have done so long ago.

I want to express to all that still suffer from some type of phobia to take a step in faith and give TFT a try. You have nothing to loose, a few minutes of your time can change your life.

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Beads and bristles
TFT Sucess Stories by Bruce Ramsey, CTS,TFT DX

I have been promising you for too long that I would share some of the success stories in my use of TFT.

Let me begin with how I got to learning TFT.

I am a retired fire fighter and suffered some major traumas in my career including a fire that occurred in a previous place of employment. I attended as a fire fighter and was witness to fire deaths of nine of my friends. As a result of that I became interested in Critical Incident Stress Management.

I began teaching that and over a period of about five years became an authorized trauma trainer and a Certified Traumatologist from Florida State University. I was asked in the mid 90’s if I thought that the training was applicable for fire fighters in a unique cultural setting- that being First Nations’ communities in Canada. Of course in the USA the terminology would be native American or Indian.

I began teaching CISM for these small and often remote communities. What I learned very quickly was that all the trauma of our society happens in small communities too-car accidents, sudden death, drowning etc. The greatest difference is that most of the communities I traveled to had a severe shortage of psychological support.

In addition, as a result of acculturation, there is also a restricted level of traditional and ritual healing.

The levels of trauma are severe to say the least. I found that the CISM training was most useful but the problem was that as we taught, individuals would be triggered to past experience and become most distressed. Some were overwhelmed, abreactive in fact.

As an ethical person I found it unacceptable to go in to a community, teach, trigger trauma and then have nothing to assist in returning someone to their previous level of functioning or better. I decided to quit teaching the CISM in native communities.

Then, serendipity.

I was in San Diego at a trauma conference and by chance sat next to Dr. Bob Bray. He asked me what I did and I told him the above story. He said why don’t you do TFT? I did not know of it so he explained. He convinced me to attend training he was doing in Montreal. I went and learned the Algorithm Level and of course was astounded. I now had a tool that I could use to help people through.

Subsequently, Dr. Callahan convinced me to take the Dx training as he said the native community also needs someone to teach TFT to them to have as a new tool in their toolboxes.

I have been using TFT regularly since. I have seen and experienced some of the most amazing results. I have hundreds of stories.

I will give you just a couple.


As a crisis responder, I was asked to put together a team to assist a remote village with a horrible loss. Two young men had gone out in the winter and gotten lost. The community organized a search and spent days combing the territory looking for the two teens. Unfortunately without success. In fact to this date they have not found any trace of the two children. The community of four hundred was devastated. Read more

M.J. by X O X O L I C I O U S
From The World Organization Of Natural Medicine Practitioners:

June 25, 2009, will go down in history as the day an American Icon took his last breath. As I watch the media regurgitating over and over the news of the untimely, unfortunate and very unnecessary demise of Michael Jackson, with an occasional flash to the suffering and death of Farah Fawcett, it takes me back many years to a specialized forensic school where daily we were given the challenge of “profiling” someone in the news. I can’t help but profile Michael and the personality that resulted in his death. At the same time I am quite saddened; not only in sympathy with the millions of mourners, but by the depth of the real truth and the knowledge that on a much less famed scale millions will bury family and friends for the very same reason.

I feel a responsibility to share truth, to give the uninformed a “heads up”, a “profile” of what killed Michael Jackson. Farah’s death is a whole different story for a whole different but no less important article, but Michaels passing can serve to save the lives of the millions that are on their way to join him in death because his personality is the personality of many millions. Michael won’t be giving live concerts but in death he can remain an icon nevertheless…..

What really killed Michael Jackson?

… I imagine we will find that Michael Jackson’s untimely demise was ultimately fed by this eternal quest for a way to deal with is chronic stress, from failure to take control of his own mind and allow logic to reign over emotion.

You see it is illogical (an emotional act) to abuse medication when the warnings are clear. Michael was witness to the death of Anna Nicole Smith from overdose, he was married to Elvis’s daughter, he had knowledge and notice and he ignored the warning. Perhaps it was a death wish, perhaps simply addiction which is my suspicion, but we will never truly know the answer to that.

He differs from Elvis, the king of rock only in the fact that he lived 8 years longer. While life for the average human is stressful, being the “King” understandably adds a few degrees of stress.

Michael awoke every morning and went to sleep every night a victim of his fame, and at great mental cost which led to his physical demise. We witnessed over his last years, through the child molestation trials and financial failure, the demise of Michael Jackson. We witnessed a complete transformation from the innocence of “I’ll be there” to a figure we came to know as “whacko Jacko”. His personal transformation from the King of Pop to Whacko, was certainly the result of his emotional distress, perhaps from his inability to find himself in adulthood, but his death can be directly attributed to his failure to take control of that stress, and to those that enabled him.

So who really killed Michael Jackson?

Regressing for a moment to the first paragraph of this article, we discussed that fact that man has searched for a magic pill to control stress since time began. Even though we have yet to find it, human greed combined with a true desire to advance medicine have provided a deadly cocktail for those who choose to use and abuse it, but still the stress lingers waiting for us to take responsibility, to face our demons. I would first and foremost lay the blood of Michaels death on the “powers that be”, on the government and States that permit the pharmaceutical companies to advertise to an unwitting public that the latest dangerous chemical is the answer to all problems, and to lavish rewards on the doctors for prescribing them. This greed for the almighty dollar with carefully orchestrated advertising has turned the American people into a nation of Sheople, looking to medicine to solve all their problems, never mind personal responsibility.

Next I would have to lay Michaels blood on those who enabled him, they too acted out of greed. The high paid medical “professionals” knew the dangers, they knew right from wrong but they didn’t just say no. Lastly, I would have to submit that none of this would have mattered and Michael would likely be alive today if he had taken responsibility for managing his stress without chemicals.

Michael paid the ultimate price because the government chooses to ignore the millions that perish from dangerous drugs. He paid the ultimate price because society has been taught that dangerous drugs are the first choice for all human ills, and, he perished due to the irresponsibility and greed of the very enablers that he undoubtedly paid very well to help him kill himself. Michael’s death was by his own hand, facilitated by a very broken society. Beloved Michael has been exonerated, he has paid the ultimate price for his part. If we are to cast blame on his enablers, let us cast it fairly and levy charges against all the above.

The rest of the article here…

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We just received a report from a TFT practitioner on the front lines that they are having amazing successes with TFT and helping with stress reduction with the troops.

He requested 500 wallet sized trauma relief cards and other easily transported support materials.  Dr. Roger and Joanne Callahan sent them out immediately, so pleased to be able to support our troops with these simple self-help procedures.  He requested materials that he could use for rapid treatments and self help tools for our troops serving in harms way. Will keep everyone updated…. Caroline Sakai, PhD, TFTdx, VT

Ildiko Scurr, TFT-Dx Shares How TFT is Used For Trauma

Terry Shares His TFT Experience With Accident Trauma Treatment

TFT meridian energt, EFT, thought field Therapy, Rogeer Callahan

By Mark Steinberg, PhD.

How long does Thought Field Therapy treatment last? This seems to be an obsession among many people we talk to, skeptics and seekers alike.

Here is a good example:

Last February, I treated a 16-year old for OCD symptoms, using diagnostic face-to-face TFT. This adolescent had seriously disabling symptoms. He felt that there were good times to leave his house and bad times. If he missed the narrow window of good times, he could not leave his house. He was in grave distress.

Obviously, this condition seriously impacted his life. Ironically, he functioned very well outside of his obsessive compulsiveness. He was an excellent student and a first-string quarterback on his high school football team. His OCD included numerous restricting rituals, such as checking many things repeatedly and counting ritualistically.

After one TFT diagnostic treatment, his SUD went to a 1. He was giggling and flushed. I asked him to get upset about his problem, and, of course, he could not do it. Seeing how relaxed and jovial he had become, I needled him a bit to test the limits and validity of these results.

Oh, come on, I prodded. Isn’t it obvious that certain times are bad, and you should avoid leaving during those times?

That’s ridiculous, he laughed. I know I was like that, but not anymore. I can leave at any time.

We were both impressed by the dramatic and rapid results.

I didn’t see him for a year, and found myself thinking about him. Figuring that his problem was pretty severe, and that he might need more help, I called him to find out how he was doing, and to let him know that I could now treat him with Voice Technology.

To my amazement, he said he was doing fine, his problem of only leaving the house at certain times and checking things and counting had completely disappeared, and he did not need any treatment.

He said, I guess the treatment really worked. As an afterthought he added, Or maybe I just matured.

I was pleased, but dumfounded. (Nothing like an apex to end a conversation!)

Obsessing about how long this single treatment had lasted, I had to remind myself that keeping someone better was a better treat than treating someone longer.

Like the treatment, that is a thought that lasts.

TFT and Thought Field Therapy Meridian Tapping Energy has a lasting effect.

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Pets and TFT - EFT GaryI was visiting a friend a couple weeks ago and she was explaining how her 7-month-old puppy, Ave, had been having diarrhea off and on for a while, and consistently for the last 3 days. She was even waking my friend a couple times a night to be let out so she could relieve herself. Her appetite was not good for days at a time and hadn’t eaten much at all the last couple days. The puppy was also scratching herself a lot.

Needless to say, my friend was very concerned.

So we decided to experiment with using TFT on Ave. I found a massive reversal at the outset and discovered her collar was toxic. We took the collar off and corrected the reversal, my friend acting as surrogate.

Being a chiropractor with excellent knowledge of the body who also practices TFT, she suggested a few things to test, which first led to the discovery that Ave was being weakened by bacteria. At this point the puppy got up to vomit some undigested food, after which we used the 7-second tx for the bacteria.

The next area that tested weak was Ave’s kidneys, which we treated with a tapping sequence. And finally, we did a tapping sequence for her stomach. Ave immediately stood up, walked to her bowl and ate everything in it!

The next morning Ave’s stool was normal. My friend continued to test her puppy and did the 7-second tx for bacteria one more time two days later.

We’re happy to report that Ave has been consistently better ever since the treatment, including a significant decrease in the itching. How fun to be able to use TFT to bring such immediate relief to a pet!

Thank you, Dr. Callahan!

Mary L Cowley, PhD, TFT-VT
The Center for Extraordinary Living

By David Hanson, DEH, TFT-Dx

Ruby and Jack (not their real names) had been married for 63 years. They were high school sweethearts, married, raised a family, and weathered all the storms of their lives together.

Ruby was now alone. Jack had passed away in his sleep almost a year before her nephew, Bob, brought her to my office at the funeral home.

Bob was a funeral home employee working in the sales department. He had seen me work many times with patrons of our establishment in helping them past the grief that was paralyzing their lives. He had seen me direct others through “that tapping therapy you do” and wondered if I could help his aunt who – almost a year after losing her beloved husband – still cried at the mention of his name.

Ruby was a plump little woman whose face was kind and care-worn. But just talking about her deceased mate brought up a level of emotional discomfort that was impossible to miss.

Bob was concerned that her grief was so significant that it was beginning to impact her health and functioning.

After talking with her for a very short time, I took her HRV. Her SDNN was only 23. Not a very good score. Then, we started the treatment. I asked her to rate the level of her emotional discomfort. Even if she had not said so, the look on her face when I moved her into that thought field showed she was a 10. The tears welled in her eyes and her face contorted in an attempt to stifle her impulse to cry.

I applied the TFT treatment. In just seconds there was an improvement – a dramatic improvement. The tears dried up, her face relaxed and both her nephew and I noticed a new countenance settle over her. Even she looked surprised.

“What did you just do?” she asked me. I didn’t answer her question.

Rather, I asked, “How is the feeling now when you think of Jack? Is it better, worse, or the same?”

A slight smile crept across her face and she said, “I’m almost afraid to say this, but I actually feel sort of happy and lighter somehow.” Her nephew looked at me out of the corner of his eye with a disbelieving look. He was still skeptical. Read more


This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the discovery of a revolutionary form of healing, originally called Callahan Techniques and now commonly known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT was discovered and developed by California clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan.

The first person Dr. Roger Callahan treated with this method was Mary, a woman in her 40s who had a severe phobia of water. According to Mary and her relatives, she had had this phobia ever since she was an infant.

Water was so terrifying to Mary that she could not take baths in a full tub of water and was terrified every time it rained. She often had nightmares of water getting her. And, although she lived in California, she could not go to the beach, because the very sight of water caused her unbearable anxiety.

Dr. Callahan had been working with Mary using a wide variety of conventional psychotherapy techniques for a year and a half with very little progress. Even though he had tried every technique available at the time, all he had been able to do for her was get her to the point where she could sit on the edge of his swimming pool and reluctantly dangle her legs in the water. Even this filled her with anxiety. Read more