Tapping To Overcome Fear

As New TFT Practitioners – We Had Our Own Apex Problem

By Noël Battal & Natasja Looman, Deventer, the Netherlands

First, we wish to offer our congratulations to Roger and Joanne for their ACEP Award!

In May 2010 we attended the Optimal Health course in London, England. We were very curious about Voice Technology and we were thrilled to learn that technique from Roger and Joanne! It was really a wonderful course.

At Saturday (our second course day) everybody had to practice VT over the phone in front of the group under supervision from Roger and Joanne. We had to choose a volunteer who we could call for a VT treatment. We asked our Mum in the Netherlands if we could practice on her and that was all right with her.

Our Mum had a fear of water since she was a little child (she’s now 63 years old). She only could handle water up to her knees. If the water came above her knees she would have a panic attack with hyperventilation. Walking with only her feet in the sea was okay, but when a wave came, she got frozen, her eyes got very big and she got very scared. Sitting in a boat was never an option for her, and neither was swimming. Even when she imagined that she could fall in the water, she would get a very fast heartbeat, she felt dizzy, and would start to breath very fast, and nearly get a panic attack.

We really wanted to help her with this fear, but we thought that this case was to complex and to difficult for a first VT practice as our Mum had this fear for nearly 60 years! So we asked Roger and Joanne if this case was too difficult to start with, but they say: “do not say something is too difficult, just try it! And, remember Roger’s first TFT case was also with a fear for water (Mary’s case)”.

So we called our mother in the Netherlands for a VT session and asked her to work on her fear for water. She said ”Oh if I could lose that fear…, is that really possible?”

So we started our VT session with her thinking about the water is coming above her knees. Her SUD was a 10+. We analyzed her voice and corrected her PR, after that we got a sequence with 5 treatment points. After having her do the whole holon, we asked her again to concentrate on the water coming above her knees and asked her SUD. She said “I don’t feel anything”, we thought that she was not focusing good enough so we said “Mum, please concentrate on the water” Again she said “I do, but I don’t feel anything”. So we said: “Mum, imagine the water is coming up to your head and above your head …” She said: “I imagine that, but I don’t feel anything”.

We were very confused and thought she may not be a good volunteer. Joanne stood up and said to us “Just believe her! Your mother doesn’t have an apex problem, but you do!” So we thanked our mum for being our volunteer and finished our VT session. In the evening we called her again, to check her SUD and it was still a zero. The next morning we called her again, because we couldn’t believe it ourselves! We surely had an apex problem ourselves, how could this 60 year old fear be gone in just one holon? The whole week after the VT treatment we called our mum and every time we spoke to her we expected her to say “well, the fear has come back”, but she didn’t! She too was very excited!

After one week she was on vacation with my our dad and afterwards our mum called us, she said “I have something to tell you” we thought ‘oh no the fear has come back?’ But it didn’t, she told us that her fear for heights has gone too after her VT treatment for water! For the first time in her life she was sitting in a gondola, she did it like it was very normal to her, but the surprised face of our dad reminded her that it wasn’t normal before. After ten days our apex problem finally disappeared and we realize that this technique is really amazing! We use it on a daily basis for ourselves and we practice it a lot on clients. Now we really have the feeling that we are helping people and ourselves.

We recommend it to everyone who really wants to make a difference in the world and in their own life.

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