Never Too Old to Tap Into Better Health!

I am a 75 year old Catholic nun and I have a heart problem, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension and fast heart rate and a stroke. I could not walk without a walker or a cane and I am always tired and have no energy. I have no quality of life and I frequently get depressed that I cannot do anything. My doctor told me that I am a challenge to medicine. I have tried all kinds of medications for my problems but I could not tolerate most. I am just getting weaker and weaker.

My doctor called my attention to the book “Tapping the Healer Within.” by Dr. Roger Callahan. I went to buy it and starting reading. When I finished I felt that this is something that could help my problems. I called the TFT office and inquired more about Dr. Callahan. I was told that Dr. and Mrs. Callahan were in London. The secretary e-mailed Mrs. Callahan about my problems. I was touched by Mrs. Callahan’s response from London telling me to call her on her return from Europe. I had the privilege to talk to her and she said she would try to find someone nearby that could assist me.

I called her back to see if she found someone and she highly recommended Mrs. Christina Mayhew Dx, an advance coach of TFT. I connected with Christina and without delay she sent me the Thought Field Therapy Client Intake Sheet.

On June 15 she went through the lists to check my sensitivities to all the items going in and on my body, food, laundry detergent and other things. I followed her instructions religiously. She guided me on the treatment for toxin the next day. Then to my surprise, after two days I was able to walk slowly to receive Holy Communion without any help, which I could not do before. So I am very grateful to TFT.

Every two weeks, I have my blood test for Coumadin. I would bleed after the removal of the needle for several minutes. This time there was no prolonged bleeding and they were surprised. My blood pressure and pulse rate are also normal now.

My coach has more work to do with me checking the toxin. She is very good and I am very grateful for the present improvements. For me personally, I strongly feel that TFT is the answer to my challenges in my present condition. As I said we still have more to do but I am very optimistic that TFT will restore my quality of life in the near future.

So I want to thank Dr. & Mrs. Callahan for providing us a wonderful and effective harmless tool for a better life. May God bless them and my coach, Christina Mayhew for this wonderful God given gifts.

With grateful love and prayers,
Sr. Mercy, O.C.D.

Fireworks Gone Bad! TFT for Trauma.

Fourth of July in the United States is a major Holiday where were celebrate our independence and birth as a Nation. Most businesses are closed in observance of this patriotic occasion.

Major cities around the world have festivities, parades and concerts. The night ends with awesome displays of bursting color and light forms dancing against the dark backdrop in the sky. The Awe’s, Oh’s and Wow’s from the spectators can be heard echoing under the magnificent burst of light with loud pops and bangs.

For many living in the outskirts of the city or for those who choose not to travel into the crowded cities, friends and families come together and celebrate with each other at their homes. They create their own excitement and shoot off their own fireworks.

But, what happens when an exciting, fun filled evening turns bad? My 22 yr. old nephew, was in a rural area enjoying the festivities with other family members. After a day of boating and swimming, everyone sat around the campfire as several of the adults went over to the secured area to shoot off their own fireworks.

That’s when the evening turned disastrous. As soon as my nephew lit the fuse on his firework, it exploded in his face. Since it was dark, it was hard for anyone to determine how bad he was. There were several EMT’s at the party who started administering care right away. The closes ambulance was too far so they rushed him themselves to the closest hospital emergency center. His parents were 3 hours away and no one could get a hold of them.

The day after the accident.                            Healing underway

At the hospital, they had to remove various shrapnel from his forehead and eyes. He had 3rd degree burns over his face and forehead and his eyes were badly burned. They did what they could and advised getting him to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. A friend drove my nephew home so we could see about getting him additional medical attention. Since Monday was a holiday, we could not find a doctor who was open.

When I found out about the accident, I immediately called my sister-in-law and told her that I would come over to work with both of them. She was pretty shaken up when he got home and saw how bad he was. I always have my clients tap the side of their hand to clear any reversals, just in case. Next, I showed her the trauma algorithm and then had her to the anxiety algorithm. She said that there was noticeable difference in her anxiety and she felt much calmer.

My nephew was in major pain and traumatized over the ordeal. I immediately had him start tapping the side of his hand to keep his polarity out of reversal. I instructed him do this as often as possible. Since he could not move his eyes without intense pain, I used myself as a surrogate when doing the pain algorithm and the trauma algorithm. Since most of his face and eyes were badly burned and blistered, I tapped the spots on me, holding the intention for him. When it came time to do the 9 gamut sequence, I tapped his gamut spot and did the eye movements myself. He said it did help some.

In addition to TFT, I gave him Bach Rescue Remedy under his tongue and on the areas that only had 1st or 2nd degree burns. His Uncle had recently bought an “Amega – zero point field energy wand” which we started wanding his face and eyes every couple hours.

My sister finally found an ophthalmologist who could see him on Tuesday. The doctor said that his right eye was traumatized with blurry vision and the left eye had a severe burn on the cornea. The doctor prescribed a steroid drop and antibiotic to prevent infection. He told him that it could take 2-3 months to restore full vision in the eye if he even got full sight restored. The doctor told him to come back on Friday for a follow up.

I continued to work on my nephew with the TFT, Rescue Remedy cream and the “Amega” wand. We also kept after him to treat for reversals by tapping the side of the hand.

On Friday, the doctor could not believe how improved everything looked. My nephew could barely open his eyes on Tuesday. Now, he not only had them opened, the right eye was almost normal and the left eye had 80% vision restored. The scabbing on the face/forehead was pretty much gone and there was no real sign of scarring. He now only had a egg size area where the 3rd degree burn was.

Chrissy Mayhew TFT-Adv.
Well Within Reach

Tapping To Overcome Fear

As New TFT Practitioners – We Had Our Own Apex Problem

By Noël Battal & Natasja Looman, Deventer, the Netherlands

First, we wish to offer our congratulations to Roger and Joanne for their ACEP Award!

In May 2010 we attended the Optimal Health course in London, England. We were very curious about Voice Technology and we were thrilled to learn that technique from Roger and Joanne! It was really a wonderful course.

At Saturday (our second course day) everybody had to practice VT over the phone in front of the group under supervision from Roger and Joanne. We had to choose a volunteer who we could call for a VT treatment. We asked our Mum in the Netherlands if we could practice on her and that was all right with her.

Our Mum had a fear of water since she was a little child (she’s now 63 years old). She only could handle water up to her knees. If the water came above her knees she would have a panic attack with hyperventilation. Walking with only her feet in the sea was okay, but when a wave came, she got frozen, her eyes got very big and she got very scared. Sitting in a boat was never an option for her, and neither was swimming. Even when she imagined that she could fall in the water, she would get a very fast heartbeat, she felt dizzy, and would start to breath very fast, and nearly get a panic attack.

We really wanted to help her with this fear, but we thought that this case was to complex and to difficult for a first VT practice as our Mum had this fear for nearly 60 years! So we asked Roger and Joanne if this case was too difficult to start with, but they say: “do not say something is too difficult, just try it! And, remember Roger’s first TFT case was also with a fear for water (Mary’s case)”.

So we called our mother in the Netherlands for a VT session and asked her to work on her fear for water. She said ”Oh if I could lose that fear…, is that really possible?” Read more

Thought Field Therapy Tapping Featured In the Daily Mail

Janet Thomson is a TFT diagnostic level practitioner and an algorithm level trainer. She has been in the media and nutrition and fitness industries for many years and has authored several books in that arena. She is a very vibrant and energetic speaker and trainer.

She does an excellent job of creating media awareness for her work and TFT and we’re pleased that she always gives recognition to Roger.

Janet was recently interviewed by the Daily Mail in the UK… in it she tells her story of How to Tap into Happiness.

When businesswoman Janet Thomson walked away from her marriage after 25 years, she was wracked with guilt. But she was able to free herself from the past with an extraordinarily simple technique – tapping.

Driving past the beautiful home where I had raised my children, I expected to be overwhelmed with emotion. There was so much to remember: My boys running endless races on the lawn.

My daughter wheeling her dolls pram up and down the drive. The summer parties. The birthdays and Christmas celebrations.

The list was endless and every memory was a reminder of what I had lost.

My home, with its six bedrooms, its pool room and breathtaking conservatory, now belonged to strangers. I had been forced to sell it after a painful divorce.

But while I could remember every detail of my former life, I was amazed to discover that I didn’t feel even the faintest flicker of emotion. Every bad feeling had evaporated.

I could look back on my old life and all the trauma of my divorce without a single tear. In fact, the only thing I felt was immense relief to know I had ‘cured’ myself of heartache.

I’d managed this not by months of soul searching and expensive therapy, but by the simplest means imaginable. I literally tapped my emotions away.

I’m no fool – I’m a successful businesswoman with a masters degree.

But I am utterly convinced that, while it may sound absurdly simple, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is an extraordinarily powerful tool.

Tapping various parts of your body while concentrating on the event that’s troubling you, you eliminate the effect of those memories.

When you have a trauma, you hold a memory of that trauma in your body in the form of a code that your body uses to re-assess the negative feelings. These codes are stored in your meridian systems – the pathways through which the body flows energy and which are used in acupuncture.

Here, Janet, 48, from Leicestershire, explains…

You can read the article on tapping here:

Tapping Away The Pain From Haiti To Rwanda

haiti trauma relief
Joanne Callahan, President, ATFT Foundation

There are currently two TFT healing and training teams, teaching local community leaders how to help their neighbors, families and colleagues how to tap away the pain of loss, trauma, grief, despair and fear.

ATFT UK Foundation’s board members, Dr. Howard and Phyll Robson, have joined a healthcare team led by Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, California, providing community outreach for many in La Vallee, Haiti. Howard and Phyll are treating many and more importantly, are teaching a group of 32 leaders, clergy, teachers and professionals in TFT trauma relief. They will leave behind a TFT skilled and caring group to continue helping others.

They will soon be traveling to outlying areas with their new TFT trainees to support them as they begin to help the many children and refugees from the devastated Port Au Prince area.

This model of teaching the local people to carry on with the healing tools of TFT has proven to be very successful in Uganda and Rwanda and we expect similar results in Haiti.

The ATFT (USA) Foundation’s trauma relief team, Suzanne Connolly, Caroline Sakai, Gary Quinn and Cyndi Quinn, have also just begun training a new group at the TFT algorithm level, and are scheduled to begin a diagnostic level training for those trained in previous years. They will also begin two follow-up studies to the work done in Kigali and Byumba in 2008 and 2009.

Haiti TFT helpsThey said they were welcomed with smiling and appreciative faces, friends from their previous trips, all telling stories of how TFT has helped their community over the last year.

Rwanda has been an excellent example of how these missions can grow to serve an entire region. The IZERE Center (Reconciliation and Peace) in Byumba, Northern Rwanda has now been successfully helping the people of their region with TFT trained therapists for a full year.

Please help us carry on this much needed work. If you wish to help or contribute with further missions to Haiti or Rwanda, please click this link to the ATFT Foundation.