Ways We Can Help Create More Peace in 2017

From Corporations to Prisons

I am always in awe at the many ways I see TFT being used to help create a better world. It is so fulfilling to see those we have trained over the years, going on to develop projects that are having an impact on others around them; projects that can have far-reaching effects in our world for years to come.

I want to start this new year by recognizing two groups of TFT practitioners and trainers who are making a difference.


imageThe first group is our Rwandan trainers who have taken TFT into the Rwanda Prison and Correction system. They have been asked, with our support, to train the country of Rwanda’s entire prison and correction system.

Can you imagine what a model this will be for other countries around the world. The healing of an entire prison system, both the staff and inmates. The first prison training day took place in November 2016.

That first training has resulted in the following points of agreement:

1. Signing the memo of Understanding between Rwanda Correction Service (RCS) and the TFT & Psychosocial Diocesan Service

2. To provide TFT training for the board and different prisons psychologists, social workers and staff from the prison of Kigali, (1930), Kimironko, Bugesera, Musanze and Miyove (Gicumbi).

3. Creation of TFT groups in every prison and correction Center.

4. Using TFT as the model of trauma healing and bringing people to peace, unity and reconciliation.

5. Using TFT as a technical practice of eliminating toxins and drug addiction in the prisoners.

6. To provide regular training, monitoring and follow-up for the trained TFT therapists in the prison and Correction centers.

7. Implementing the projects of teaching TFT to the prisoners and treating them with TFT using their groups.

imageThis will be a proven model for healing in the prisons and correction systems of any country. If this can be implemented in a country such a Rwanda, it can be used anywhere to begin healing at a much-needed level of humanity.

You can help us make this project happen. We are raising the funds to support this project throughout Rwanda. Please help the TFT Foundation and contribute to this project. It can be so far-reaching, demonstrating what can be done in any country.

Click here to contribute. 


imageAt the other end of the spectrum, a group of our TFT Practitioners and Trainers in Sao Paulo, Brazil have developed a project: Corporate Consciousness “A New Vision, A New Society and a New Era”.

The Corporate Consciousness® Program arose from an ideal created by a group of partners and professionals that are aligned with the same value, life purpose and mission, whose integrated vision seeks the well-being of as many people as possible, as well as communities, corporations, intuitions and society as a whole in a conscious world and better to live.

imageThis project addresses:

· Corporate Consciousness
· Emotional Consciousness
· Mental Consciousness
· Environmental Consciousness

They use many of the tools we, as TFT practitioners are familiar with and use, tapping, scale of consciousness, yoga and High Tech Meditation.

imageOne of the founders, Suzane Mayumi Iamamoto, has been my translator when I am in Brazil for the last couple of years. She took the time to translate their project summary and three recent, successful case studies with Brazilian companies. It is amazing what they are doing and how many lives they are enhancing. You can learn more about their project at www.conscienciacorporativa.com.br

Where Can You Acquire the Tools to Help Create Peace In Your World?

The above individuals all were trained and greatly inspired with the results they found they could deliver in their world. They could actually help transform others, from individuals to companies and communities up to an entire country. We can all do the same.

Join us at our next Optimal Health training, the same TFT skill level that the Brazilian team share. Or, join us for a Boot Camp and learn what they are teaching in the Rwandan prison system.

We can all learn and then share our skills to make our world a better place. Let these individuals inspire us all.

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