What are the “Tools of the Trade” for Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioners?

tftnewsaugWhile none of the so called “tools of the trade” for TFT are needed in order to do an effective job, there are several tools that we have used over the last three decades that can greatly enhance our skills, increase our success rate, maintain improvement and improve overall well-being.

Tools of trade is a term generally used in bankruptcy law to determine what property a person would commonly use for the purpose of making a living, as items that are tools of trade are separately exempt from attachment with an additional amount above that normally given for a person’s property.

The TFT tools that I share in our latest newsletter (you can download it here) with you are applicable to all levels of TFT users.  They are a combination of both time-tested tools that Roger discovered over 30 years ago to some that are just being introduced and even some that we are currently testing and not even available to the public. 

One of more of these tools can be beneficial to everyone:

  • Individuals – those just using TFT for themselves
  • Those who are using it for themselves and sharing it with family and friends
  • Practitioners at all levels of TFT to improve their results with clients
  • Algorithm – helps to sustain results, eliminate blocks
  • DX – improve diagnostic process
  • VT – enhance creativity and intuition
  • Trainers – create a much improved teaching environment, facilitate learning

I have broken the tools down into general categories. Then I will offer a brief explanation about them and where you can find them.  We have teamed up with some of the companies and carry them on our web site for those who have difficulty locating them (they are linked in this newsletter).  However, they are nearly all available in the market place.

Some of the articles and cases will discuss the importance and ways of use.  I link these after each tool so you can read up on the one’s that interest you.

Tools for use associated with Reversals, Self-Sabotage and Negativity as well as Toxins

  • •Voltmeter – see “For Better or Worse….” By Amanda Moser
  • Rescue – “For Better or Worse….” , article on Aging
  • Zeolite – “For Better or Worse….”
  • Homeopathic Cell Salts – one of Roger’s original corrections for psychological reversal
  • HRV – see my comments

Tools for improving skills, balance and intuition

  • High Tech Meditation – articles by Julie Cowley and Mary Cowley
  • HRV – “The Intuitive Heart” by Rollin McCraty, PhD and Doc Childre
  • NOW CD – neutralizing environments for trainings – my comments

Tools for improving overall health and well-being

  • Progurt (probiotic) – comments by Norma Gairdner, HD, TFT Adv
  • High Tech Meditation – articles by Julie Cowley and Mary Cowley
  • Free Intro Course on the internet 8/23
  • HRV monitoring and/or new measures for self monitoring now available – my comments

Download the complete newsletter by vising here.


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