New Web Site Resources – “Tools of the Trade” for TFT Practitioners


Now we have one simple place that you can go to find the “tools” that many of our TFT practitioners use for themselves as well as their clients.

We are often asked, Where can I get Rescue Cream?, or, What is a therapeutic dose of zeolite?, or, What is the model # of the voltmeter you use?, I am constantly negative, what can I do about it? These questions and more are mentioned in our special issue of the Thought Field, Tools of the Trade, also found on the web page.

Description, order information and examples are now all in one easy to find location:

You can feel confident that all of the things we recommend on this page are used and have been tested by us both on ourselves and our clients. We test them with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as well. Over the years we have searched for the best values for our systems like the HRV scanners we use and the new brainwave EEG system. This represents a valuable resource for TFT practitioners and customers alike.

While none of the so called “tools of the trade” for TFT are needed in order to effectively make improvements, there are several tools that we have used over the last three decades that can greatly enhance our skills, increase our success rate, maintain improvement and improve overall well-being.

These TFT tools are applicable to all levels of TFT users. They are a combination of both time-tested tools that Roger discovered over 30 years ago to some that are just being introduced and even some that we are currently testing.

Some of the articles and cases in the newsletter available on the Tools page will discuss the importance and offer ways of use. Click here to get a copy of the newsletter and visit our new “Tools of the Trade” web page.



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